Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1533: Mystery, top, and bottom

To prevent Kuro from appearing on Bazett's radar, she was told to stop using Archer's powers.

Kuro agreed.

Kuro said she is happy with her current life, she can live without Archer's powers.

Plus, she has limited Wish-granting powers which made it so that she can manipulate reality to a limited extent, basically skipping the means and routes to arrive at a desired end.

While she is weak without Archer's Projections. She can still warp and do other small feats that will make it nigh impossible to catch or pursue her.

However, Wu Yan started taking Kuro to and fro school at Hinagiku and Mikoto's behest.

At school, he is going to ask Miyu and Illya to keep an eye on her.

He also laid down SOS magic and defensive barriers on Kuro in case she ever needs them. He can also respond immediately if something happens.

These are the countermeasures for now.

Nobody can say what Bazett will do for sure.

If she knows about Kuro, she will come after her.

Bazett is just too annoying to deal with.

She is someone who Wu Yan can fight. But, his comrades can't do the same.

At the start, they also had a hard time catching Kuro.

Kuro also obediently listened when they told her what Bazett can do. She would rather be around Wu Yan than risk running foul with this violent lady.

Wu Yan studied the Holy Grail magic formation when he got back from school.

Now, it's almost time to fetch Kuro from school again.

Fuyuki City, Homurahara Academy, Elementary School division.

Ding dong

The bell chimed as students ran out of the school. School is out and they'll be damned if they're the last ones out.

Wu Yan recalled something.

Kuro wanted to kill Illya to replace her and enjoy her normal life.

Her reason was simple but understandable.

She was born to be an instrument for the Grail. But, she got sealed months into her life inside Illya's deep psyche.

For close to a decade, she watched Illya live the life she wanted.

This is a form of torture in itself.

She wanted to insert herself into Illya's life.

But, her way was too radical.

Kuro would sometime unintentionally murmur her desires in her sleep. She would creep into Wu Yan's bed so he knew.

She murmured for her mama.

Like any child her age, she missed her mum.

Wu Yan and his ladies knew Kuro always wanted her family.

But, when they talked to her about it, she denied missing them.

Illya's mum sealed Kuro away.

Kuro couldn't hate her but she couldn't bring herself to get close to the one who sealed her away.

Illya and Irisviel probably didn't think her sealed consciousness would develop into another personality.

Irisviel just wanted her child to live like a normal kid.

In any case, it was nobody's fault.

Maybe he should try to get her to meet her family.


Someone cheery called out to him. This jolted him out of his stupor.

He looked ahead to see Kuro prancing over.

Miyu and Illya tagged behind her. Their four friends also followed the two young girls.


Kuro-chan glomped his arm.

"Sorry, I made you wait, Onii-chan."

"It's fine."

He smiled.

"I just came anyway."


Miyu asked gingerly.

"Why are you here?"

"Oh? I didn't tell you two?"

He beamed at them.

"Starting today, I am in charge of sending Kuro to and fro school."

Miyu asked in a hushed tone after thinking about it.

"Is it because of the Mage association?"

He nodded.

"Please, I am not a kid."

Kuro grumbled although she is still happy.

The four kids behind them started whispering. Suzuka, the girl with the glasses was doubtful.

"Miyu's onii-chan came for Kuro? Isn't it supposed to be Miyu?"


He scratched his cheek.

"Kuro is living at my place due to certain circumstances."


The girls gasped.

"Kruo-chan isn't living with Illya? She is with Miyu?"


Miyu mumbled.

"I am not with Wu Yan-nii..."

"Wait, you're not?"

The four looked at her.

"Kuro is Illya's cousin but she is living with Miyu's brother. Miyu is Wu Yan's sister but she isn't living with him? Hmm..."

Nanaki was suspicious too.

"Now, this is a mystery..."

"Hey, Illya..."

Tatsuko looked at Kuro who is happily rubbing her face on Wu yan's arm.

"Illya, you didn't bully Kuro and force her out right? It looks like she ran off with Miyu's brother to me."

"I bullied her?!"

Illya's eyes widened.

"She is the one who bullied me!"

The four girls who should be her friends started gossiping.

"I thought Kuro is the top and Illya is the bottom. Maybe Illya is a closet top?"

Illya shrieked.

"I am not a top nor am I a bottom!"

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