Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1532: Are you a dead apostle?

"Why didn't you let me go after her?"

Wu Yan voiced his disapproval.

"I can use warp skills to get that barbaric lady. It would have been so easy."


Rin eyed him.

"What will you do?"

"Spear her one more time!"

He said without hesitation.

"She has no more resurrection runes. She also can use 8 more Fragarach Orbs at most. My Gae Bolg is an efficient Noble Phantasm with minimal mana usage. I can swing my Noble Phantasm hundreds of times."

"Honestly, I didn't think it was possible."

Luvia chimed in.

"I didn't think there was someone who could force that berserker woman into retreat."


Hinagiku sighed.

"I am amazed that we drove her away."

"Man, she is like Berserker except she has brains and brawns."

Mikoto grumbled.

"We would have run away if Yan didn't intervene."

"That's why I said I wanted to finish her off."

Wu Yan mumbled.

"Why did we have to let her go?"

"If we did kill her, it would attract more trouble."

Rin rubbed her temples.

"Killing an Enforcer, especially someone as powerful as her..."


Luvia placed her cup down.

"There are many Enforcers in the Mage's Association. If a bunch of them came at you, even if they're weaker than Bazett, it would still be a mess, right?"


"But, It just doesn't feel right to let the violent girl run off like that."

"Why are you frustrated?"

Rin shook her head.

"You made her waste two Fragarachs and her Resurrection runes. She can only make 10 of those things a year so I imagine it would be costly and time-consuming to make one of those. You basically waste nearly 3 months of effort for her."

"Against that brute, you came out unscathed. Even the Mage's association would be shocked to hear your results."

"In any case, she knows she can't fight you. At least, until her next preparations are complete, she can't come after us."

"The Class Cards."

Rin rubbed her head again.

"Bazett knows he has 6 cards. She is going to target them. She also knows we lost the Archer and Lancer card."

"Those people are going to give us hell once she reports this."

Luvia said with a grimace.


"Worse yet, she is probably going to go after the seventh card."

Rin growled.

"If she encounters Kuro then it would be bad."


"Looks like we need to tell her to lay low."

"So many problems!"

Rin shrieked in stress.

"When is this going to end?"


"At least, before we get the Eighth Card, I don't see the light at the end of the tunnel."


Rin hammered her palm.

"Since she is after the cards, she should be going after the Eighth Card too, right?"

"No, she doesn't know about the Eighth card."

He rubbed his chin.

"The Mage Association only knows about disturbances in this city, they can't pinpoint the location, only the admin of this city knows the location."

"She is going to be fixated on the seventh card (Kuro) rather than the Eighth card."

"But, won't Kuro be in danger?"

Hinagiku said with a worried tone.

"If she knows Kuro is the Seventh card, she would stop at nothing to kill her."

"Yeah, we need to tell Kuro to stop using Archer's powers for now."

He pursed his lips.

"Well, if she does go after Kuro, I don't care what the Mage's Association will do, she will die!"

"Only you can say something like this against Bazett."

Rin bitterly laughed.

"You sure kept a tight lid on your abilities."

Rin said. Meanwhile, Wu Yan pulled out a chair.

"If you have a question, just ask, don't keep it to yourself."


Rin continued.

"Are you a Dead Apostle?"

Luvia stopped sipping her tea too.

The air turned still.

Dead Apostles are vampires, the enemies of mages and humanity.

They need to feed on human blood to sustain themselves. To the general populace, vampires are figments of imagination, but mages know them to be human-hunting supernatural creatures with longevity, superhuman regeneration, and abilities.

Only those who know and face them know the deadliness of Dead Apostles.

This is why they assumed Wu Yan was a Dead Apostle.

He survived a direct blow to his heart and he had golden eyes. No humans can do that.

Wu Yan denied it.

"I am not a Dead Apostle."


Rin didn't entirely believe him.

"I am related to them."

He answered.

"But, they are far below me."

"Far below?"

"Dead Apostles are emergency rations for True Ancestors who preyed on them. Dead Apostles are like the familiars Dead Apostles make out of humans, mere food."

He scratched his cheeks.

"You don't lump yourself in with food, right?"

"True Ancestor... Dead Apostles..."

Rin continued.

"Wait, are you..."


He grinned.

"You will know in the future..."

Rin and Luvia exchanged a look.

Meanwhile, Hinagiku and Mikoto chuckled at the sides.

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