Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1535: Reunion, abandoned once

It's night time...

People started heading home as the streets lit up. It looked like a peaceful night in an average town.

The stars lit up the skies too with nary a single wisp of cloud in the sky. The moon and the stars worked together to form a shiny silver river in the sky. It was a sight for sore eyes.

Families gathered in their courtyards to enjoy the night view. There was nothing better than eating a fulfilling dinner, having a nice bath, and then chilling with friends and family under the beautiful night.

Two people walked hand in hand as they proceeded down a path.

"Hey, Onii-chan..."

Kuro said with a frown.

"Where are you taking me?"

It's almost time for bed but he doesn't appear to be leading her home where Hinagiku and Mikoto will be waiting with a warm bath.

Kuro is still a kid and she has school tomorrow.

She already knows the routine and knows she must be in bed by that time. She is smart so Wu Yan, Hinagiku, and Mikoto don't have to spend a lot of time teaching her.

In the day, Kuro would ask Hinagiku and Mikoto to bring her out into the city during the holidays but they rarely journeyed at night.

She tried asking Wu Yan but he laughed it off without addressing the situation.

Naturally, she was frustrated by his secretive behavior.

She knows Wu Yan wouldn't do her dirty. Hence, she followed him like an obedient child.


He told her to wait.

"You will know soon enough."


She continued following him.

After passing through multiple alleys, they arrived at a passage.


She looked around.

"This is the path we use to go to the park, are we going to the park?"

"Well, yes, one of us."

He shook his head.

"You are."


She floated a question mark.

She looked in front as the children's playground entered her vision.

After entering the compound, she asked.

"Onii-chan, what are we going to do-"

She froze.

A dimly lit figure slowly approached them. She was waiting for them.

She was an extremely beautiful woman.

Her porcelain white skin and glossy white hair made her look like a fairy of the night. Her cool look felt warm somehow.

She was wearing a dress that was a rare dress code for the people of Fuyuki city. Even without touching, one could tell her skin was perfectly healthy and smooth.

The fairy-like woman approached them.

Her red eyes gave her foreigner identity away. Kuro recognized her immediately.


She backed off with a shocked look.

Even when she was on the verge of disappearing, she didn't panic like this.

Kuro couldn't believe her eyes.


That fairy woman was Illya's mum, she is also Kuro's mum.

Irisviel Einzbern.

She sealed Kuro's psyche away.

Now, she stood before Kuro.


Kuro backed off.

"W-Why is she here?"

"The man next to you sought me out."

Irisviel looked at Kuro warmly. She already treated Kuro like her daughter.

She is her mother anyway.


She turned around like a broken doll.


"Yes, it was me."

He nodded.

"You wanted this, didn't you?"


She inhaled deeply to grab onto her breaking reality.

"I heard about your story."

Irisviel beamed at her.

"Come, let's go home, Illya..."


Kuro denied her.

"No, I have no home!"


Irisviel approached nonetheless. Her smile faded.

"I know you hate me. But, I have so many things I want to tell you."

"We're not that close!"

she snapped. She pulled back as if she wanted to avoid Irisviel. She raised her voice.

"You finally pity me? I don't need your pity!"


Irisviel stopped. Her red eyes wavered.

"If you're like Illya then you would know I am not like that."

"I don't care!"

Kuro waved her hands.

"You abandoned me before, left me to perish on my own, you denied me my life! Why are you here?! To bring me home?!"


Wu Yan pressed her shoulder down.

"Your mum isn't the one to blame. You know that, calm down..."

Kuro slapped his hand away. This was unlike her.

"You brought me here because you want to ditch me and make the person who abandoned me take me back, right?!"

He said nothing. His calm and caring eyes made Kuro feel guilty.

She knew Wu Yan wouldn't do that.

She is just lashing out because she is extremely emotionally unstable.

"I hate you all!"

Kuro ran off.


Irisviel tried to chase but Wu Yan blocked her off.

"Please, go back for now."

He shook his head.

"Kuro is more agitated than I thought. Leave it to me."

Irisviel wanted to say something but taking another look in the direction Kuro ran off in, she nodded.

"Please, help..."

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