Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1528: Time rewound, physical Noble Phantasm


Rin cried out.

The railgun was fired so it was already too late.

Rin watched as the orange laser flashed across the courtyard. Bazett stomped forward as if unafraid of the orange laser.

The floating ball of magic sword with a lead stump pointed forward. Her runed gloves touched the lead ball.

"Gouging Sword of the War God, Fragarach!"

Bazett aimed the counter weapon at Mikoto. The tip was pointed at Mikoto as she smashed her fist into the stump of the magic ball.

The world fell silent.

The magic ball shot forward with impossible speed, no, it flew at superluminal speeds.

It was faster than Mikoto's railgun.

The piercing laser charged through the railgun and into Mikoto.


Time froze as the world went still.

The railgun froze in the air.

Mikoto's expression also froze.

It felt like minutes elapsed before time returned.

Railgun disappeared and Mikoto stopped there like a doll frozen in time.


The used ball of lead fell to the floor with a heavy thud.

It lost its luster and looked like just a piece of charred metal.

"What happened?"

Hinagiku gasped.

Rin also turned pale.

"She's gone."


Bazett looked at Hinagiku.

"One down..."

"One down?"

Hinagiku turned to the sound of the new arrival.

"Who are you talking about?"

Bazett looked to see white flames rising from Mikoto's body.

Rin and Hinagiku lit up when they saw the white flames.

The white flames engulfed Mikoto.

Then, a figure emerged from the white flame storm.

His black hair and coat fluttered with the whoosh of the flames. His red eyes were like ominous amber stars in the night sky.

He held a ball of white flames while hugging Mikoto.

Mikoto finally woke up as she gasped. For her, it was like he appeared suddenly.



Hinagiku cried out.

"In the nick of time..."

Rin sat on the ground with limp legs. That was too close.

"That was close..."

"What happened?"

Bazett asked with an incredulous look. She couldn't believe that Mikoto escaped that instant-kill counter.

"Fragarach failed?"

Wu Yan stared at Bazett with frosty eyes. He stored his white flames away.

Rin can see that Wu Yan must have picked up danger from Mikoto's auto-SOS spell so he came just in the nick of time.

Bazett almost killed Mikoto.

That much was enough to induce a fury he hasn't felt in a long time. His eyes turned golden with rage.


Hinagiku and Mikoto knew this was his silent anger seething at the surface.

They knew why and they didn't question him any further.

"What... is that?..."

This is the first time Wu Yan revealed his True Ancestor eyes in front of her.


Bazett felt an instinctual urge to back off. She subconsciously jumped back. She also raised her guard although something within her told her it won't be enough.

"Who... What are you?"

Wu Yan stood there silently. Then, a wave of intense pressure swept across everyone.

It felt suffocating and serene at the same time, like the calm before the storm.

He addressed Hinagiku and Mikoto.

"Are you two okay?"

"We're fine..."

They murmured.


Wu Yan turned to face Bazett.

"Retreat first, I will handle this."


The two retreated to the sides.


"What was that?"

Rin recovered from her stupor.

"Fragarach, one of the few remaining existing Noble Phantasms. It is also a Mystic code."

"A Noble Phantasm humans can use, eh?"

He continued.

"Its effects?"

Rin resisted the urge to tell on Bazett but she answered anyway.

"If the opponent uses a trump card, it will trigger the Answerer effect, it will rewind time and stab the opponent in the heart and rewrite destiny. It materializes the destiny where 'the opponent is killed before he/she fires the trump card'. It also negates the opponent's trump card one time."

"Time rewinding and piercing the opponent's heart. It also negates trump card?"

His eyes were calm as he listened to the details. Then, their hearts throbbed...

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