Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1529: 1 v 1, you want to take me down with you?

Fragarach, the sword that uses time as its blade.

The Answerer, the sword that strikes first.

Bazett's Noble Phantasm is a legendary sword from the Age of Gods. It isa physical Noble Phantasm.

It looks like a stone ball but its power couldn't be ignored.

It doesn't need to be infused with magic. The downside is that it needed to wait for an opponent to use his/her trump card first.

It is like an anti-trump card instant kill counter. The moment an opponent fires his/her ultimate skill, Fragarach will trigger and end the opponent first.

This is the Answerer effect.

It is only a side effect if one analyzes Fragarach's true ability.

Rewinding time and screwing with causality.

That is Fragarach's nature.

It rewinds time when an opponent uses a trump card. Then, it kills the opponent with a precise blow to the heart.

Since the opponent will be dead, the enemy's ultimate move is also cancelled by cause and effect.

This is what it means to be an anti-Noble Phantasm counter.

Rin told Mikoto not to use her final moves on Bazett.

The Answerer effect can only take place once the enemy uses his/her final move.

It is Bazett's trump card against foes she can't take down with brute force. It can force an opponent who heavily relies on trump cards to fight without them and this is what gave her the edge over most opponents.

"No way..."

Mikoto and Hinagiku gasped.

Her augmented gloves that were imbued with runes, fighting skills, and tenacity made her a walking female tank. It was like she was an army in and of herself.

She fought while ignoring the damage they inflicted on her.

Killing Bazett would almost inevitably require the opponent to use his/her ultimate moves.

She would then use Fragarach to seal the opponent's fate.

She would only fare badly against all-rounders like Caster who has many moves but almost no ultimate moves. Other than that, she can pretty much fight anyone and win.


Bazett chimed in.

"It works by bending time, destiny, and causality to stab the opponent in the heart once someone uses an ultimate move."


She looked at Wu Yan.

"I was sure Mikoto got hit. How did you block Fragarach?"

"Yeah... How?"

Rin, Mikoto, and Hinagiku wanted to know.

Wu Yan's white flames could burn time.

He used that flame to burn the rewound time, rendering it useless.

He burned that timeline away while the point of divergence is still being solidified.

The White Flames is a natural counter to Fragarach.


Wu Yan continued.

"Your Fragarach can piece people's hearts once activated, right?"

Bazett nodded.

"Of course."


He looked at her.

"Try it..."

He manifested a card.

"Let's see who can kill each other first."

The card turned into a long stick of light. Then, when the light faded, he held a red spear.


RIn, Mikoto, and Hinagiku gasped.

"A Class Card?"

Bazett analyzed.

"You obtained the cards, huh?"

"You want them?"

He swung his spear to the side.

"Then, kill me and get your hands on all 6 cards!"

"6 cards?"

Bazett turned serious.

"Good, you're my target now."

She looked at the red spear in his hand.

"That's the Gae Bolg, right?"

"You know your stuff."


Bazett laughed.

"This isn't my first time going up against that spear."

"Not your first time?"

He looked at Rin.

Rin bitterly shook her head.

"She collected the Lancer card."

"I see."

He thought about it.

"This sounds like it will be an epic fight."

"Fragarach and Gae Bolg messes with causality..."

Bazett frowned when Wu Yan pointed that out.

"Although the activation is different. The end effect of destroying one's heart remains. There is no dodging and there is no blocking. We will both end up hurt dead at the end of this."

Bazett frowned.

"Are you threatening to die with me?"

Everyone started holding their breaths.

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