Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1527: The only way to beat the enemy

Bazett is a female berserker.

As a sealing designation Enforcer. She is someone who devoted herself to hunting down fugitive magi who are powerful in their own rights.

She had runes that enhanced her durability, strength, and speed. As an all-rounded fighter, her fists were her only weapons.

She is so specialized and capable that she can defeat Heroic Spirits on her own.

These spirits were superhuman mythical figures who can't be harmed by conventional weaponry.

Even if she is only 1 or 2 levels above Mikoto and Hinagiku, they were disadvantaged in a fight against someone who isn't afraid of dying.

She meant what she said.

She is going to fight to end like a savage beast.

Bazett looked at her stab wound. She looked at Mikoto.

"Thanks for the electrocution, you cauterized my wound."


Mikoto wiped the cold sweat away.

"Pain wouldn't faze you, I doubt blood loss would stop you, right?"


She tore more of her tattered suit away.

"Bleeding can be stopped with proper muscle control and nerve dulling."

"Are you even human?"

Hinagiku bitterly smiled.

"Is fighting all you know?"


Bazett admitted.

"It is."

Bazett stepped forward.

Almost subconsciously, the two ladies backed off.

"What now?"

Hinagiku asked.

"It looks like she won't quit no matter what."

"Worse yet..."

Mikoto bit her lips.

"She seemed like she can go for more rounds than this. If we run out of energy, we should surrender, not that she would let us anyway."


Hinagiku asked.

"How do we beat her?"

"Beating her won't do it. We need to make sure she stays down."

Mikoto balled her palms into fists.

"We need to kill her. We have no choice."

Kill her?"

Hinagiku turned grim.

"Must we?"

Mikoto also struggled against her conscience.

Killing is a taboo for them, it's hard to get past that threshold of morality.

Even if they're up against a female berserker.

There is no choice other than stopping her heart.


Mikoto sighed.

"She is like Berserker and just as annoying too."

"I agree...."

Bazett replied.

"I am only after Class cards, tell me about them or give them to me. I don't want to fight unless I have to."

This means Bazett didn't think she can kill them easily as well.


Hinagiku inhaled deeply.

"The Class Cards are important to us."


Bazett nodded.

"Then, the tango continues..."


Mikoto took out a coin.

She nocked the coin on her finger as lightning surged around her. Her lightning turned the coin into a shimmering bullet.

Bazett knew she was up against a killing technique.

"That's your killing blow!"

Bazett's eyes shone brilliantly.

"This is where we decide the fight!"

Bazett raised her fists. Her fists also had sparks.

Then, the canister opened in the living room.

A lead ball-like object flew into her hands.


Luvia turned pale.

"She is going to use that move..."


Rin rushed out.

"I told you not to use ultimate moves or Noble Phantasms!"

Mikoto forgot about the warning.

Crackle crackle

The lightning forced Hinagiku to back off.

Meanwhile, Bazett raised her lead ball against Mikoto.

The ball emitted an iridescent light.

The Fragarach continued rising in light intensity as a weird power came into being.

Bazett aimed her fist at the floating shining ball of lead.

Her hands lit up as the runes echoed with the ripples of power the lead ball emitted.

"My attacks will reach you first."

She growled.

The enchanted ball spun rapidly as it continued to emit magic power.

A sharp tip appeared from the ball. It looked like a blade came out of the ball of lead.

Mikoto felt an ominous feeling.

Now isn't the time to cancel her move.


Mikoto shot her coin.


The laser shot forward.

Rin came running out of the mansion.


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