Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1526: The battle-born berserker


The sound of someone cutting through the air reverberated in the courtyard.

Mikoto watched as the fist in her field of vision steadily expanded.

"I won't let you hit me so easily."

She blocked it with an iron wall.

The electrified wall looked like a counter-barrier that would electrocute those who laid their hands on it.

Bazett rammed straight into the electrified iron wall as if she didn't see anything in her way.


She hit the wall as lightning climbed up her fist and electrocuted her.

Crackle fwish

She endured the lightning with smoke coming out of her.

She flinched for only a second.


Bazett ignored the lightning circulating around her. She made her fist heat up to melt a hole in the iron wall.

"What the heck?!"

Before Mikoto can cry out in shock, the fist pierces the pillar to hit Mikoto on her chest.


Mikoto felt her face twitch in pain. She steadied herself.

"Don't look down on me!"

Crackle boom

She summoned a lightning bolt to counter Bazett.


Bazett moaned in pain for a second.

Even if she isn't afraid of death, she has no defensive runes.

She must be able to tolerate the pain.

Bazett was enraged.


She growled. Punching one more time, she wanted to end Mikoto.

Before she can punch, someone grabbed her hand mid-wound-up.

Bazett remembered something.

"Hey, don't forget..."

Hinagiku's arm rippled with the special effects of her defensive rune countering Mikoto's lightning.

"I am here too."

Hinagiku slashed Bazett on the back.


She cut open a big wound on her back.


Bazett's mind went blank for a second. Then, anger took over her.


Bazett made her fists emit a brilliant green flash.

It temporarily blinded them.

She then punched the two with all her might.

Boom boom

The two were shot into the distance by those hits.


Mikoto and Hinagiku saw white for a second.

Their faces went pale.

Bazett stood there smelling like burnt meat and bleeding all over like a victim of an old slasher film.

The three faced off as Hinagiku and Mikoto cornered her. Bazett panted in fatigue and pain.

Hinagiku and Mikoto were battered but not injured.

Bazett suffered electrocutions, cut wounds, and a punctured shoulder, she's not in a good shape.

Hinagiku and Mikoto ganged up on her.

1v1 would result in a loss for Mikoto and Hinagiku.

They're not happy to gang up on her.

She has no defensive runes and she can only rely on her punches.

The level gap isn't that big.

However, her berserker-like fighting style is something the two will admire but never learn.

That's like trading HP for HP in a fight.

They're lucky Bazett didn't use her tactic to kill them.


Bazett spat out blood as she scanned the two.

"So young and so powerful. You forced me into this state. Not bad, I will give you that..."


Mikoto heaved as she smiled.

"You speak as if you have this in the bag."

"We can see who are in better positions..."

Hinagiku panted.

"We are only slightly hurt. You're heavily wounded, I don't think you can hold on for long."

"Wounded? You mean I can't fight when I am bleeding like this?"

Bazett scoffed.

"Are you dreaming or something?"

She tore her torn suit away, revealing her injured shoulder and blood-splattered torso.

Bazett blushed like she wasn't hurt in the slightest.


They gasped.

"I just dulled my sense of pain, don't be so dramatic."

Bazett clenched her fists.

"This level of injury is nothing. Even if I was mortally wounded, I can still fight at my peak."

"Of course, even in death, I can fight."

Bazett's cold words made Hinagiku and Mikoto turn cold.

Who is this monster?

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