Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1525: CQC expert, her terrifying punch


Hinagiku got slugged in her abs. She crashed against a tree. The tree snapped in half due to the force with which she hit the tree.

Mikoto panicked.


She ran over to her while helping her up.

Bazett's punch wasn't fooling around.

She can shatter ground and destroy iron walls with her fists.

That strength made her tantamount to a female Berserker.

Anyone hit by it would be knocked out either mentally or knocked out of this realm of existence.

Hinagiku and Mikoto can tank hits from Berserker because they had the Moving Church to protect them.

That is known as the ultimate barrier spell. Even then, Berserker's punch couldn't be fully mitigated as they still felt the hits.

But, they weren't using Moving Churches.

Hinagiku should have been knocked out cold.

"I am fine..."

Despite getting hit cleanly, Hinagiku got up with a slightly pained look. Even Bazett didn't expect her to come out unharmed.

She rubbed her abs before lifting her clothes to reveal the muscle beneath.

There is a complex magic formation on her abs. It slowly spun before dissipating.


Bazett analyzed.

"A protection spell?"


Hinagiku bitterly laughed.

"He protected me again."

Wu Yan, Hinagiku, and Mikoto had their levels suppressed so they couldn't fight at full power. This means they can't guarantee their safety as well.

Wu Yan drew emergency protection spells on them to give them temporary protection.

These formations made them incredibly durable. Even Berserker can't punch their lights out.

Bazett's power still couldn't be fully mitigated. Hinagiku felt slight pain from the hit.

Bazett can punch on Berserker's level.

Wu Yan wanted to give them true Moving Churches. That would guarantee their safety.

Moving Church (true) can replenish mana on its own without needing constant mana input by Wu Yan as with the incomplete version. It is the perfect barrier spell for mobile fighters.

But, he needed items he couldn't find in this universe so he can only give up on that notion for now.

Plus, he would need a lot of time to finish the rituals needed for True Moving Church. Its complexity is on par with the Grail War.

It's not the best but his protection spells are able to absorb 90% of the damage of Bazett's hits.

"I see..."

Bazett mused out loud while looking at Hinagiku who was heaving slightly.

"This fight is shaping up to be more trouble than I envisioned."

"Well, you're not easy to take down that's for sure."

Hinagiku snapped back. She looked at Bazett's bleeding shoulder.

"Unlike me, you don't look like you have protection spells."

Bazett tore her suit open and she applied an emergency bandage to her wound without flinching in pain.

Hinagiku and Mikoto knew they were up against a serious opponent.

She isn't afraid to use her life to bait an enemy in for a fatal attack.

She traded an injury to hit Hinagiku. Otherwise, she couldn't have landed a hit.

They're fighting someone who isn't afraid to take hits as long as she can get hits in.

She also looked like she wouldn't mind fighting kids to get the Class cards.

"I see, so it's hustling time!"

Mikoto started channeling lightning as clouds streamed above them.

The storm clouds brewed into a mighty storm that swirled like a bluish-white maelstrom of the heavens.


Bazett snorted.

She readied her fist.

"Let's see you smash this!"

Mikoto set the raging storm on Bazett.

The sound of whistling thunder didn't faze Bazett.

"It sounds nice."

Bazett's Runed Gloves started shining again.

"But, useless against me."

She smashed her fist into the swirling storm clouds.

For just a brief moment, the space distorted.



Her verdant fist caused an explosion when it hit the storm clouds.

Mikoto and Bazett were blown away at the same time.

"No freaking way..."

Mikoto just couldn't believe it.

"She actually blocked the storm with her fists? Is she even human?"

"I am not like you."

Bazett said.

"I only have my fists. I don't have fancy magic or sword skills."

Bazett shot at Mikoto like a cannonball after she said that.

"Just my fists!"

Bazett unleashed an uppercut at Mikoto.

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