Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1524: Fists versus iron sand

Bazett emerged from the cloud of dust.

Hinagiku and Mikoto stared at her.

Bazett Fraga McRemitz: level 77

The opponent is above Mikot and Hinagiku's level.

However, if both unleashed their true powers, Bazett won't stand a chance.

Nonetheless, the mission required them to fight at depowered states. Anyway, 1v1 her is going to be tough.

"Let's gang up on her."

Hinagiku suggested.

"We need to finish this quickly."

Mikoto is competitive but that only applies when the situation calls for it. When teamwork is needed, she will put her pride aside.

"One question."

Bazett said.

"You two are related to the class cards, right?"

The two didn't answer.

"I see..."

Bazett revealed her killing intent.

"I won't hold back!"

Bazett's gloves lit up as the runes inscribed on them turned green.


When she stomped, she created a minor earthquake.

Using the recoil, she shot at Hinagiku and Mikoto.


Mikoto spread her arms wide.

She summoned dozens of iron spiral spears from the ground.

Hinagiku also turned into a blur as she zipped around like a meteor. She came for Bazett's flank.

With spears in the front and a sword at the flank, Bazett stomped one more time.


This time, she made a slab of rock come out of the ground by slamming her right foot down.

The iron spears pierced the wall but not before shattering against it.

Hinagiku landed on Bazett like a bolt of pink lightning. She tried to stab Bazett's shoulder.


She connected but it didn't feel like flesh to her. It was like she hit iron.

Bazett held the blade with her gloved hand.

"Bare hands?"

Hinagiku gasped.

"Don't lose your focus in combat."

Bazett lifted her other fist.


A wave of iron wall 8 meters high rolled toward Bazett. The iron sand wave also had spikes in it.

This won't be fun iron shower if someone gets engulfed by it.

The iron sand wave bulldozed Bazett.


Bazett smashed at the iron wall with an annoyed look.

She projected a giant green fist.


She punched the iron sand wave apart with that magical fist.


Her fists smashed apart the fluid iron sand wave.

"No way..."

Mikoto and Hinagiku couldn't believe it.

"Talk about destructive powers..."

Bazett turned back to face them. She tried to punch Hinagiku.

Hinagiku knew getting hit by one of these punches would be the end of her.

It's like getting hit by a Berserker Class Heroic Servant.

Hinagiku spun her blade to drive Bazett away. She grits her teeth as she tried to evade the punch at the last second.


The punch was intercepted by iron whips.


Bazett was rooted in place.


Hinagiku dodged her fist and did another lunge at Bazett's shoulder.

"Don't even think about it."

Bazett got into another punching stance.

Bazett is going to risk her shoulder for a quick jab at Hinagiku's stomach.

There is less than a meter's distance between the two. There is no dodging this.

Hinagiku pierced Bazett's shoulder.


Bazett bled as the crystalline sword went into her shoulder.


Bazett struck her green fist into Hinagiku's abs.



Hinagiku flew into the distance before crashing against a tree.

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