Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1516: The leyline underground, big underground hole

"You mean the dragon vein is still in chaos?"

He gasped.

"I thought we collected all the cards, why is it acting up again?"

"I want to know the answer too."

Rin said.

"If I knew I wouldn't need to come here and could avoid an encounter with you."

"I see, the Tohsaka are the guardians of the dragon veins here."

He scratched his cheeks.

"Anyway, maybe you caused this because of your wreckless drawdown of mana last time during the duel against us?"

"No way."

Rin denied but she isn't entirely sure.

"I am the guardian family here so I can get away with borrowing some of the mana here. I know my limits, there is no way I would do anything stupid."

"Hmm, so you say..."

He shrugged.

"I hope it's your mess this time. At least, cleaning up would be easier."

"Gosh, you're noisy!"

Rin quickened her steps.

"I know what I am doing, okay?"

"Hey, wait up."

"I don't know my way around here. You wouldn't like me if I get angry, I might destroy the entire mountain range here."

"Don't threaten me with changing the geography!"

Rin shot back.

"Also, why are you here?"

"Well, no use lying so I will be frank with you."

He said.

"I think there is something here that I can use to create Class cards."

"Create class cards?!"

Rin stopped. Wu Yan bumped into her when she abruptly turned around. He also subconsciously grabbed her milkers.


Rin lifted her purse as if she would swat him down if he tried anything funny again.

"Let go! You damned wolf!"

Rin tried to smack him with her purse. Of course, he dodged.

"You bastard."

Rin huffed.

"You said you would cool it if I smooched you."

"Hey, that was force majeure."

He backed off.

"And, you turned around abruptly."

"It's because you said something dumb!"

Rin glared at him.

"Explain yourself."

"I told you, it wasn't my fault."

"Not that."

Rin couldn't believe the nerve of this guy.

"I am asking you why you said there might be a way to make Class cards here."

"Oh, that."

He continued.

"It's long but we should probably save that for another time."


Rin turned her head the other way.


Like a kid who successfully pranked another kid, Wu Yan grinned.

He just couldn't stop messing with the Tsundere mage.

I will think about how to make her the kisser instead of the kissee next time.

He placed his hands behind his head before continuing.

There is a barrier on a certain path on the mountain.

It's a warding barrier to keep people away.

Due to that, this pathway is full of leaves, branches, and more importantly, very quiet. It's so quiet one couldn't even hear birds or other living beings.

Then, they reached the path's end with a cliff facing them.

On the cliff, there is a hole that can barely fit a human adult. It's dark inside as expected of caves.

"We're here."

Rin cautioned him.

"That's the pathway heading down."

It's where the main dragon vein of Fuyuki city lay.

It's also the location of the Greater Grail magic formation.

She knew about this place because she supervised and cared for this location.

"Let's go then."

The two entered the cave.

It's dark even if the light from outside leaks in.


"Hey, where are you touching, buster?!"

"No, I am just moving along the cavern wall..."

"Why is your hand on my... Gosh!"

"hmm, soft, I wonder what is this?"

"You... I am getting angry."

"Don't start casting explosive gemstones in here, okay?"

As they fought, the pathway became wider. Now, it could fit a dozen people easily.

They reached the Ryuudou cavern at last.

"Man, this place is huge."

It was about the size of two football fields.


Rin said.

"Now, where is that method, you're talking about?"

"It's my first time here!"

He rolled his eyes.

"Moreover, I said might, there is a chance this won't work too."

He leaped up and touched the ground with his right hand.

Kuro said the formation is here.

Magic power seeped into the ground.


The magic circle expanded out.

"So, is this it?"

Rin asked.

"You're trying to find it near the dragon vein?"

"I thought only the Tohsakas can sense the dragon vein in detail."

She kneeled down near him. Then, she took out a stand. She had a job to do, and can't waste precious time on the wolf.

She placed the stand properly before taking out an archaic piece of paper.

Rin took out a thick book before dangling a gemstone.


Rin inhaled deeply.

"Let's start."

As she chanted, the book flashed and the old piece of parchment lit up.

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