Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1517: The object clogging up the dragon vein


“gemäß der Anordnung des Admins”

Zum blut, zum pergament

Rin chanted her spell in german.

Then, she cast a glistening jewel onto the ground, lighting up the cavern.

Rin continued chanting after this.

Not far from her, Wu Yan used magic to probe the magical signatures in the ground. He was deciphering the Grail System used for the Fuyuki city Grail Wars.

Kuro had a point.

The formation here made it easy to see what the Holy Grail War was about.

He dove deeper.

A complex magic formation appeared in his mind.

He was looking at the Grail System running the Grail War.

This is the magic circle that gathered magic power, served as the catalyst for Heroic Spirit summoning, and the execution formula for the Grail’s advent.

Given enough magic power, he can start a Grail War by himself if he can decode this.

Granted, this can only be used in universes where the Root existed along with Heroic Spirits.

At his current stage, starting a grail war by himself is too early. This accounts for his nigh limitless magic power reserves.

After all, this formation needed 6 decades of magic power accumulation from a similarly nigh-infinite dragon vein of magic power.

This is why Kuro told him it is more realistic to use the Grail’s magic formation as a catalyst to connect to the Throne of Heroes and infuse class cards with Heroic Spirits than to connect by Wu Yan’s own self.

This also supported the theory that the card creator used the Holy Grail as a catalyst to do the same thing.

He sensed the magic circle sucking in magic power and then storing it.

He is unsure whether the magic power accumulation is done but even if it is, he won’t initiate the Grail War.

The wish-granting Holy Grail might be enticing but he knew there was a catch to it.

The Grail War also drags many people into it, he has never heard of anyone making out of the Grail War happily. There is always a price to be paid.

It is a free-for-all between dozens of individuals fighting and killing to get their hands on the Holy Grail.

Rather, he feels like this magic circle should be eradicated.

Kuro’s fate would end in misery seeing as she was born to be the sacrifice for the Grail.

He resisted the urge to eradicate the magic circle. Instead, he continued analyzing it after steadying his mind.

This is crucial to his Class Card creation project.

He also referred the 103,000 grimoires in his mind to decode this formation.

With Impeccable Memory, he can remember every intricate detail of this formation without issue.

Wu Yan removed his hands from the ground after finishing up the analyzing and storing process.

He sighed in relief before standing up.

“Alright, I am done memorizing the formation. I will continue the decoding process at home.”

He said before Rin gasped.

“How is this possible?!”


Wu Yan sensed trouble in her tone.

“What’s wrong?”

He asked.

“Did something happen?”

Rin didn’t answer him. She looked at the old paper in front of her.

A burnt motive started spreading on the paper. It looked like someone was magically drawing on the parchment.

“A map of the leylines?”

Wu Yan asked.

“Why? Something happened to the dragon veins?”

Rin pointed at the bottom left corner.

There is a square there. It looked like there is a blockage in one of the dragon veins there.

“A blockage?”

He mused out loud.

“So, that’s the source of the chaos in the dragon veins?”

“Is there such a standard cuboid blockage?”

Rin asked a rhetorical question.

“No, that’s more annoying than a blockage.”

He frowned.

“What do you mean?”

“It is a subspace superimposed on our realm.”

Rin bitterly laughed.

“It is like the inverse side of this world. And, it is sucking the magical energy of the leyline there.”

“Wait, this sounds familiar.”

He called out.

“A Mirror World!”


Rin bitterly laughed.

“We’re dealing with a Mirror world here.”

“No, that’s impossible!”

He looked at the cards he had.

“I have them all. Kuro has the last one. Why is there another Mirror world?”


She looked at the square on the map.

“Whoever told you seven cards mean you’re done with Mirror Worlds?”

“Isn’t that obvious?”

He answered.

“Mirror worlds exist because class cards are in them.”

Wu Yan realized the implications.

“I see you’ve caught on.”

Rin clenched her fists.

“There is a class card there.”

“The eighth card…”

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