Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1518: Eighth card

“An eighth card?”

Other than Wu Yan and RIn, the others were stunned by this new revelation.

“An eighth…”

Miyu couldn’t hide her shock.

“Wait, an eighth card?”


Kuro looked at Wu Yan while he nodded.


Wu Yan sighed.

He couldn’t believe it. He wouldn’t have had he not seen the evidence.

There are only supposed to be seven cards representing seven classes of Heroic Spirits.

However, he calls one such instance of another Heroic Spirit appearing alongside 7 other heroes in the Fate/Stay Night Universe. Is it the same case here?

Is it that Hero?

If that’s the case, trouble is coming their way.

“I am just as shocked as you guys.”

Rin laid out the parchment map showing the dragon veins.

She pointed at the square blocking one of the lines.

“But, it is right there.”

“So, we are not done collecting the cards?”

Luvia sighed.

“That would explain why the leylines won’t settle down. There is another card draining magic power from it.”

“But, an eighth card?”

Illya raised her hand.

“Rin-nee-san, you said the magical distortions were a result of cards appearing in Fuyuki city. But, there are no further distortions in Fuyuki city.”

“That’s because the Class card’s location isn’t the same as the previous ones.”

“It’s deep in the ground and it is close to the main dragon vein. Even the magic association couldn’t pick up in time.”

“It has been about 1 month since the distortions appeared above ground. This card has been sucking energy for 1 month.”

“An eighth card that sucked magic power for 1 month straight near the main dragon vein.”

“That’s an astonishing incubation period, imagine the accumulated magic power.”

Kuro grumbled.

“The monster lurking inside that place…”

“This card strained the dragon vein so I would say it definitely has magic power to throw around.”

Rin said with a grim look.

“It is stronger than Saber and berserker.”

“Stronger than Saber and Berserker.”

Illya looked terrified.

Against Saber, they saw what the spirit could do even if they didn’t help. They would have suffered casualties against the Saber Alter’s Excalibur.

They didn’t expect a corrupted spirit to learn True Name release techniques.

Berserker fought like a tank and could dish out punishments on par with Saber. Its God Hand allowed it to tank most lethal hits and fight on regardless.

Wu Yan beat Saber 1 on 1 while Hinagiku and Mikoto pitched in during his duel with Berserker.

Illya and Miyu almost died from being near the battle.

If the Eighth card is stronger then…

She stopped thinking about it.

“I’ve gathered you all to discuss strategies.”

“This is the stronger opponent we will fight so far, any ideas?”

Everyone turned silent.

In any case, it is a Class card and they all want it.

“My aim is gathering seven cards.”

Wu Yan said.

“I will collect this card too.”

He looked at Hinagiku and Mikoto.

“We are right behind you.”

Hinagiku and Mikoto said.

“We will follow Yan.”

“Me too!”

Kuro raised her hand.

“I don’t care about the Class Card or how strong the opponent is. As long as Onii-chan and Onee-chans are going, I am going too!”

“We think so too.”

Rin and Luvia shook their heads with frustrated smiles.

“It is our job to restore the normalcy of the leylines. Although we failed our Class Card collection quest, we can still help with the fight.”

“Illya, Miyu…”

Luvia looked at them.

“What say you?”


Illya hesitated.

“I am going.”

Miyu declared. Her eyes were firm and resolute.

Illya gnashed her teeth.

“If that’s the case…”


Wu Yan stopped her.

“This is the strongest opponent so we should leave the fighter allocation till later. Now, we need to discuss logistics. I don’t think we can all squeeze into the Mirror world.”


The ladies exchanged looks.

“We need to clear the route first.”

He said.

The eighth card is deep underground.

To get there, they must first access the area near the distortion.

So, they must go deep underground.

“Leave it to me.”

Luvia said.

“I will get my people to clear a path.”

The others nodded as they gave her that task.

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