Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1515: Here for business, give me a smooch?

Fuyuki City, Mount Enzou

This is a famous mountain in Fuyuki city.

There is a temple called the Ryuudou temple on the mountain. Not many would visit it but it is a notable tourist spot nonetheless.

Beautiful and fresh mist filled the mountain, dispelling the darkness of the previous night with the golden glimmers within the mist.

The Ryuudou temple's gate looked like a dragon's gate when viewed from the ground.

Long stairs extended up and into the compounds of the temple. Two lines of trees lined the path with shrubs intermittently found on the ground. There are dewdrops glowing on the shrubs, revealing their natural vitality.

Normally, people don't visit this temple unless it is during a festive season.

But, a group of people appeared there.

"Mount Enzou... Ryuudou temple..."

Wu Yan confirmed he is at the right place by reading the map in his hand.

"Should be here."

Mount Enzou is a strange location to Wu Yan. However, he found it with the help of a map.

He thought about getting Kuro's help.

But, Kuro probably doesn't have good memories of this place.

This is one of the four locations where the Holy Grail would manifest after a bloody brawl between Servants and Masters.

The Greater Grail system here also served as the catalyst to guide the summoning of Heroic Spirits in the Holy Grail Wars of parallel universes like the other Fate dimensions.

He is here to see if there are clues that can help him make class cards.

It is very hard to summon Heroic Spirits.

There are probably people out there who used their own powers to connect to the Throne of Heroes and obtained the powers of Heroic Spirits.

However, it is easier to draw out the power of Spirits using the Grail as a catalyst.

He is sure he can make the cards more effectively if he can draw inspiration from the Greater Grail here.

In any case, investigating the Grail here should serve as a good magic lesson.

He continued on when someone called out to him.

"Why are you here?!"

Bewilderment, shock, and panic could be detected in the voice.

Wu Yan heard the person backing away before turning around.

She had twintails.

He calmly said something that forced Rin to stop running.

"Hey, if you run then I won't stop at just kissing, you will lose your clothes when I catch you the next time."

Rin stopped dead in her tracks.

Wu Yan continued analyzing the staircase of the temple. He calmly waited for Rin to approach him on his own.

She grumbled but did as Wu Yan wished anyway.

"Using such a low tactic to make me stay, you're a brute."

Wu Yan grinned.

Wearing her typical outfit, she looked like a classy lady who wasn't trying too hard to appear rich or overly stylish.

Her angry eyes were trained on him but her blushing mien only caused Wu Yan to smile.


Wu Yan shrugged her off.

"You're the one with bad manners. You saw me and ran the other way without so much as a greeting."

"That's because you're a shameless man!"

Rin huffed.

"Y-You did that to me..."

"Did what?"

Wu Yan smirked.

"I don't know if you don't say it clearly."

"Y-You, me..."

Rin bit her lips before shrieking.

"Anyway, you outraged my modest!"

"Hmm, is that so?"

Wu Yan stepped forward while Rin crossed her arm defensively.

"I am warning you, I have something important to do today, I can't play with you."


Wu Yan laughed.

"You mean I can play with you when you're not busy?"


Rin growled.

"I am serious..."

"I am serious too."

Wu Yan crossed his arms.

"Do you want me to prove it?"

"No need!"

Rin placed her purse between herself and the wolf like a shield. She knew a moment of carelessness would probably cause her to end up making beautiful mistakes with this man.

"I am really here for business. Don't screw around."


Wu Yan presented his cheek.

"If you give me a smooch on the cheek, I will call it a day here. How does that sound?"

"Kiss you?"

Rin growled.

"Don't think..."

"Oh, I am sure you want to think twice about this."

He said.

"You can give me a smooch here. Or, when I catch you, I will aggressively tease you the next time I catch you, which one is the better option?"

"Yo-You're so shameless!"

She bit her lips.

"Ok fine, if I kiss you, no more surprise kisses from now on."


Wu Yan denied her motion.

"It is only until you're done with your business."

"Yo-You devil."

Rin stared at him with a face as red as a tomato. Without a choice, she stood on tiptoes to kiss his cheek.

But, Wu Yan turned around at the last second and she smooched his lips.


Rin jumped away in anger while Wu Yan laughed out loud.

Rin is cute.

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