Shoujo Grand Summoning

shoujo grand summoning chapter 1486

Rin, Luvia, and Miyu watched with shocked expressions.

“What just happened?”

Luvia still couldn’t fathom what just occurred.


Rin looked at Illya who had a pair of shining golden eyes.


Miyu was also amazed by the transformation.

Illya just turned herself into a Heroic Spirit.

“No way…”

Rin, Luvia, and Miyu watched as Illya lifted her hands to materialize a pair of daggers.

She swung her blade around.

A black silhouette intercepted her blade attack. He was planning to sneak attack her from the side.


Illya hit Wu Yan’s Nietono no Shana.

Illya and Wu Yan pulled apart.

“Impressive, you’ve grown stronger.”

He said with pursed lips.

He narrowed his eyes at the newly transformed Illya.

“Illya, I presume?”

Illya said nothing. Her figure blurred after she dashed in his direction.

Illya went for his head with her black and white daggers ready.

She is going for the kill.


Rin and Luvia yelled.

“It’s fine.”

Hinagiku and Mikoto watched the fight.

“The little one can’t harm him.”

Wu Yan fought against her blades with his unarmed left fist.

He emitted a fist shockwave with a charged punch.


The daggers only touched the shockwave and it immediately felt like the recoil would blow the daggers away.

Wu Yan moved as his attack staggered Illya.

He swung his blade like a bat, intending to disarm Illya.

However, Illya extended an arm out.

Rho Aias.”

A layer of pink petals appeared out of thin air.

His blade struck the frail-looking petals without avail. It felt like he just smashed his blade into a fortress.

With the bounced blade high in the air, he emitted flames from the sword.

The flames engulfed the petal and encroached upon Illya.

Illya frowned before ditching Rho Aias.

Diving between the openings of the petal shield, she came for Wu Yan again.

A flash of light appeared before she attempted another scissoring attack with her daggers.


He parried her blades using Nietono no Shana with ease.

In terms of strength, Illya is still inferior to Wu Yan. If only she Phantasm summoned Berserker.


The residue force shattered the blades.

Wu Yan whipped down with the other arm.

Anyone struck by his brutish strength would be knocked out at such a close distance.

Illya’s Archer card seemed to be boosting her battle sense. She had a fast reaction and agile movements. Like a viper, she materialized another dagger to block the fist.


The hammer-like fist destroyed her dagger.


Illya’s hand couldn’t endure the residue force. Her palm trembled as she frowned.

However, she didn’t let the pain get to her. With Wu Yan’s punch pushing her down, she took advantage of the force to do a spinning counter palm strike.

Wu Yan couldn’t help but admire her counter. Amused, he struck back with a palm strike.


She got pushed back. However, by the time she stopped, she had already materialized a pair of daggers again.

She did a jump before evolving it into a descending spin attack.

Clang clang clang

Wu Yan resisted the fast and unrelenting attacks. Even he had to stop using fists to defend himself. Relying on Nietono no Shana, he blocked or parried all the attacks.

As the rain of sparks and metallic clang echoed throughout the area, the two started a fight of attrition.

A small mistake would spell grievous injury to the victim.

This is no longer a friendly match. This is a true fight.

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