Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning chapter 1485:

‘Let us fight and leave no regrets, promise me, okay?’

Illya recalled the promise she made that day. His hand looked like it would spell the end of this fight.

This isn’t a fight to the death. This was only a fight so both sides can clash and leave no regrets.

They wanted the cards and wouldn’t give them up without a fight.

Honestly, Illya didn’t want to fight Wu Yan.

Illya subconsciously sighed in relief when Wu Yan reached for her card.

This means the fight is over.

The cards will be in someone’s hands. She can quit being a magical girl, she can stop fighting.

After facing Berserker and almost losing her life, Illya developed a trauma.

For her, dying in a fight seems like a ridiculous idea.

She wanted to avoid fighting Wu Yan because fighting is stupid.

With this, the battle should end and they wouldn’t have to fight each other anymore.

While waiting for her card to be taken, she looked at Rin and Luvia.

They were still chained up by him. While regrettable and frustrating, they still put up a fight against the disappointment and unwillingness to resign themselves to the fate of losing.

They were sent here to collect cards.

If Wu Yan gets all the cards then they would fail their tasks.

Failing their tasks mean losing the qualification to study under the user of the Second Magic.

She can feel their remorse and frustration.

Then, it struck her.

She lost the fight.

But, she still has the card.

Is she going to give up like this?

They were supposed to fight and leave no regrets.

For the sake of Rin and Luvia, she must not give up until the last moment.



It’s a promise, right?”

Something broke within her.

The something that was sleeping within her broke free of its leash.



A giant mana wave burst out in strong gusts.

Illya started exuding a powerful aura that made her look like the eye of a mini hurricane.


Hit by the certain outburst, Wu Yan was sent flying by an invisible force.


He steadied himself after flying about a dozen meters.


Wu Yan gasped.


Miyu, Rin, and Luvia also shrieked although the chains kept them from flying away.

“What is happening?”

Hinagiku and Mikoto looked at Illya with stunned looks.

“What is happening to her?”

He didn’t answer. Instead, he looked at Illya who is floating in the air like someone crucified her. He clenched his fists.

Illya is emitting mana, a copious amount of it.

She had about as much mana as the Corrupted Saber they fought last time.


Illya’s mana waves turned into invisible wings of highly-pressurized air.


His Chains of Commandment cracked under the pressure of the magical winds.

The chains dimmed before bursting into shards of broken chains.

The mana receded back into Illya, making her glow in a dusk-like sheen.


Ruby cried out only for Illya to drop her onto the floor.

Illya lifted her head. She revealed a pair of golden eyes before taking out a card.

The card throbbed like a human’s heart. She was infusing mana into the class card. A door-like magic formation formed in midair.

Install, Phantasm Summon.”

The card turned into particles of light that seeped into Illya.

The door-like formation also went into Illya.

The next moment, she emitted brilliant rays of light.

Her clothes disappeared as small embers crept out from her torso.

When the flames died down, her clothes changed drastically.

She wore a tight-fitting black vest that didn’t cover her navel area.

There is also a red coat covering her arm. She wore a sporty-looking pair of black pants. A red waist cloth completed her attire.

Her skin still glistened with a magical light.

Illya Von Einzbern: Level 75


Miyu, Rin, and Luvia stared wide-eyed.

“Phantasm summon?”

“No way…”

Mikoto and Hinagiku also turned grave.

The Class Cards could be used in three ways. One of it involved using oneself as the medium and invoking the power of the spirits.

Illya should only know about Limited Include.

When did she learn Install Phantasm Summon?

Nobody could answer.

Illya started chanting.


Illya formed a bow out of nothing.

The dark bow seemed to have formed from her mana and something else. She also materialized a slender sword.

Wu Yan warned everyone.



Illya used her bow to fire the sword like a missile.


The sword exploded the moment it got near Wu Yan. The ensuing explosion covered Wu Yan, Hinagiku, and Mikoto.

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