Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning chapter 1484: The end? Illya's resistance

Rin, Luvia, Illya, and Miyu heard the verdict.

They stood no chance.

The foes are just too powerful.

Each one of them could defeat a Heroic Spirit on a 1v1 basis. They also don’t have to rely on Class Cards to fight, they had superhuman abilities that placed them on the same level as mythological or legendary heroes. Unlike corrupted spirits who fought on instinct, the enemies this time had intellect.

It’s hard to fight against individuals who can react and counter their plans, unlike the corrupted spirits who are just good at lashing out like beasts.

Rin moved slightly to grab something from her coat’s pocket. She still had one gem.

The tier 8 demonic beast core she got from Wu Yan when they were chatting in the family restaurant.

Rin processed this demonic core diligently. She also imbued the strongest formation she could concoct.

This core can now unleash a powerful strike on par with a Noble Phantasm’s final burst.

This is her ace in the hole.

If possible, she would’ve liked to keep it.

She had the will and resolve to use it but her concern lay in the fact that this thing is too powerful.

If she wasn’t careful, this core’s explosion could drag everyone in this mansion into its aftermath.

It would be like a gambit but with everyone’s lives on the line. Naturally, she had qualms about using something like this.

Unless she threw this one out, they stood no chance.

She steeled herself up.

“Don’t die on me, everyone is counting on…”

Rin took out the core.

When she wanted to invoke the core’s power, the core disappeared from her hand.


Rin gasped.

“Yan gave you this. Did you think he wouldn’t design a countermeasure for it?”

Hinagiku casually tossed the core up and down as she appeared from behind Rin’s back.

“I will keep an eye on this for now.”


Rin gasped.

“When did you?”

“Without my weapon, I can’t do much in a fight. Unlike, Mikoto, I don’t other abilities to showcase.”

Hinagiku giggled.

“But, I am still confident in my speed.”


Covering distances of dozens of meters in a fraction of a second?

This isn’t speed, this is more like instantaneous movement!

Luvia retorted in her mind.

They have both severely underestimated the ladies Wu Yan brought to the fight.

“Let me see…”

Hinagiku gave Luvia and Rin pat-downs.


The two squirmed.

“What are you doing?!”


Hinagiku continued searching for them.

“Looks like you don’t have the cards.”


Mikoto looked at Illya and Miyu.

“Then, the cards must be on you girls…”

Illya and Miyu gulped nervously as they backpedaled.


Purplish chains appeared to block off Illya and Miyu’s escape path.

The Chains of Commandments wrapped the two girls up. He bound them and hung them in the air.


Rin and Luvia cursed bitterly.

“It’s over.”

The two ladies exchanged a look.

Wu Yan approached the two restricted girls with a warm smile.

“You two fought well.”

He praised them before facing Miyu who was still resisting but relieved that the fight was over. He reached his hand near her thighs and pulled out a card.

The tarot card had a magician clad in black robes emblazoned on it.

Caster Class Card: A card made with high-level magecraft. Can invoke the power of the Heroic Spirit within this card.

Include Limit Expand: With a magic dress as the medium and the card as the pass, the user may invoke the Noble Phantasm within this card for a limited duration

Medea Noble Phantasm: The Rule Breaker

Parallel Include: With a magic dress as the medium and the card as the pass, the users may create multiple Noble Phantasms and/or use it multiple times.

Medea Noble Phantasm: The Rule Breaker

Install Phantasm Summon: The user can invoke the powers of the Heroic Spirit and turn oneself into the Heroic Spirit of this card.

Caster class card Heroic Spirit: Medea

Rule Breaker: This Noble Phantasm is the ultimate anti-magic Noble Phantasm capable of dispelling and destroying any kind of magecraft, an effect suitable to the Noble Phantasm that is a manifestation of Caster's nature as the "Witch of Betrayal". Incredibly weak on its own, it is only about as sharp as a normal knife. Highly effective against magic contracts too.


He looked at Illya.

“Hand over the Archer Card.”


Illya struggled in a futile effort to break free of the Chains of Commandments.

He reached for Illya’s card pouch.


Illya started shrieking.



Her friends didn’t expect this passionate resistance. Even Mikoto and Hinagiku had second thoughts.


Wu Yan raised an eyebrow.

“It’s over…”


Illya hid her eyes with her bangs.

“No, I don’t want this to be over.”

The others exchanged looks of concern.


Wu Yan asked.



Illya sniveled.




Illya kept repeating the same word like she malfunctioned.


The ladies felt an ominous sense gripping them.


Wu Yan knew something was wrong.


Illya slowly opened her eyes.

A cold and emotionless voice echoed throughout the room.

“We promised didn’t we?”

Illya’s ruby-like eyes turned golden as everyone stepped back in shock.


With Illya as the center, a gigantic magic tornado whirled outward.

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