Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1487: Her ability to make Mimic Noble Phantasms


The sudden burst of magic power blew Illya away.

With her white and black daggers raised to block the gusts, Illya pulled away from him. Her golden eyes glistened with the light of caution.

Wu Yan pointed his blade at the ground next to him. He frowned when he examined Illya.

She is not herself.

In the original work, Illya fell into a grave situation and she used Phantasm Summon to get out of the bind. However, she did so while in a trance.

The appearance she took on in that original work looks like this too.

However, Wu Yan has no idea why she used Noble Phantasm or who is the Illya he is currently fighting.

However, he is 100% sure this isn’t the original Illya.

The original Illya isn’t vicious enough to use lethal moves on him. There is another possibility, Illya might be fighting him in a half-conscious state.

More importantly, Illya’s repeated conjuring of the white and black daggers as well as the Rhoa Aias hinted that this Illya is using Noble Phantasms against him.

The initial bow attack was also made using multiple Noble Phantasms.

These Noble Phantasms are mimics of the real deal.

Although the mimics are not as powerful as the original, the mimics are useful in that as long as she has enough mana, she can continuously conjure them just like the black and white daggers.

Indeed, he cannot go easy on this transformed Illya.

“Well, then…”

Wu Yan emitted a larger volume of mana.

“Time to get serious.”

Purple formations appeared. He trained them on Illya.

Illya flinched in shock.

Cling cling cling

At the same time, purple chains appeared like metallic vipers that flew in all directions. The chains had sharp tips at the front that whistled as they flew.

If she is hit then being pierced or maimed is a likely scenario.

Illya couldn’t delay her reaction any longer.

Trace On.

She conjured a black bow before nocking a spiral longsword.

She aimed the arrow at the incoming chains.

She used her magic to enhance the attack before letting the sword-arrow loose.

At the same time, her attack hit the chains.


Flames and smoke filled the air.

3 chains emerged from within the smoke.

Illya jumped back before conjuring 3 Mimic sword Noble Phantasms. She nocked and fired the Noble phantasms.

Tang tang tang

The arrows deflected the chains.

Illya looked slightly annoyed by the chains.

She lifted her hand.

Trace on”

Illya exuded a mana level unlike before.

This coincided with the mimic Noble Phantasm she conjured.

Seconds later, she held a golden sword in her hands.

That blade looks familiar. It is none other than the sword of Promise Victory, Excalibur.

She concentrated that sword into an arrow of light which she nocked onto her bow.


A circle of light formed around the concentrated Excalibur. The bow also trembled with power.

“What a scary compression rate.”

Rin, Luvia, and Miyu gasped.


Hinagiku and Mikoto yelled out loud.

Wu Yan backed off. But, he’s not running away. He emitted a similar level of magic power compared to Illya.

The magic power formed a maelstrom of a hellish red shade.

The magic maelstrom looked like the mouth of an erupting volcano.

Illya let loose after a few seconds of concentration.


The Excalibur arrow shot forth ferociously.

Everyone had to cover their ears from the sonic boom.

The shining arrow reached Wu Yan in an instant.

Rin & co paled when they saw this ultimate attack.

Anyone hit by this attack would die.

Wu Yan finished his magic as he released it just in time to counter.

Awakened Titan’s Arm.

A giant red flaming arm appeared from the portal. The flaming arm’s presence created spatial turbulence in the area.

Then, the titanic arm punched in the direction of the Excalibur Arrow.


The two attacks collided in a magnificent explosion that created sonic shockwaves across the town.

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