Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1511: Hypothesis, the encroaching trouble

He got the materials needed for the Class cards after a few hours.

However, he only got the basic elements. He still needed to know the actual materials used for the cards.

The components were also simpler than he had imagined.

The materials weren’t hard to get but they shared a similar point.

They can all carry magic power.

The Class Cards were made with materials similar to Rin and Luvia’s enchanted gemstones.

Other than magic capacity, the materials can also conduct magic power.

He could probably find the materials if given enough time to further analyze the cards.

Class cards that can channel the power of Heroic Spirits were actually so simple?


He had another idea.

“The class cards used magic to channel the powers of Heroic Spirits, the magic was injected into the cards and anyone with the right key and knowledge can access it?”

That seemed likely.

One of the spells in the 103,000 involved summoning angels from the universe of Toaru No Majutsu. It granted the user the power to materialize angels in this plane of existence.

There are also spells that borrow the powers of angels.

The class cards appeared to have been designed to channel the power of Heroic Spirits.

It looked like someone designed this to bypass summoning actual Heroic Spirits.

After all, why should legendary and mythical heroes take orders from humans?

They’re like walking miracles in the same league as Kuro.

“I see, so the class cards were made for this?”

The Class cards only drew upon the Heroic Spirits’ powers and abilities without calling on the original’s personality and consciousness.

The key to constructing the Class Cards isn’t in the materials. It is on the underlying magetech of the Class cards.

If he can get his hands on that magic code and inject it into a magic carrier then he can make his own class cards.

“I didn’t think it would be that easy.”

He bitterly laughed.

His hypothesis might be wrong. The Class Cards could have called duplicates of Heroic Spirits from the throne of Heroes.

If that is true, he would need to find ways to cleanse the duplicates’ minds, consciousness, and personality in order to inject their powers into the cards.

This would be the harder alternative.

Moreover, there is still work to be done. The first option of decrypting the magic code needs further verification.


He psyched himself up.

“I didn’t think I would make this much progress this early into the research stage.”

He picked up another card to put into the slot for deciphering.

Meanwhile, Rin and Luvia encountered trouble.


Rin yelled out loud as she digested the content of the conversation between herself and the other person.

“You’re sending another team to retrieve the cards?!”

“N-No way.”

Luvia asked nervously.

“I thought that task was supposed to be ours?”

An old man replied.

“But, you two failed to collect all the cards, right?”

“Y-Yes, but…”

Rin tried to persuade him.

“But, Master, you don’t need to send another team, right?”

“You think this was just a test?”

The Second Magic user, Kischur replied with a hint of annoyance.

“The Class Cards are straining the dragon veins under Fuyuki city. Do you not realize the consequences of letting this fester?”

The class cards drained the magic power from the dragon veins to materialize.

Like Kuro, the berserk heroes needed magic power or they would dematerialize and return to the Throne of Heroes.

The spirits could drain the dragon veins while Kuro had to rely on people.

The Class cards’ unrestrained drainage of magic power disrupted the flow of power.

That disruption could make the city fall into chaos.

But, that problem should have been behind them by now.

All seven cards except the Archer Card in Kuro were collected by Wu Yan.

“Master, maybe I shouldn’t say this but…”

Rin went out on a limb.

“The disruption should have ceased by now, why the hurry?”

“You’re telling me you stopped the chaos?”

Kischur growled.

“The disruption is only getting worse, you call that stopping the problem?”

"Wait, the dragon vein is still in a chaotic state?"

Rin and Luvia gasped in horror.

They assumed the problem would stop after Wu Yan collected all the Class Cards.

Why is it still acting up?

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