Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1512: Things aren't going well


Luvia said.

“The cards were already…”


Rin shut Luvia up before she could spill the beans.

“Hmm? What was that?”

“No, it’s nothing.”

Rin gave Luvia another sharp leer.

“Is the dragon vein still in chaos?”


Kischur sounded annoyed.

“You think I would lie about something like this?”

“No, it’s not like that.”

Rin stuttered.

Kischur isn’t aware of the actual whereabouts of the 7 Class Cards. Nor is he aware that the paths opened by the corrupted spirits were closed.

If he knew, he would have been bewildered too.

Alas, Rin kept the intel from him. The Class Cards fell into the hands of Wu Yan & co while the last one turned into an individual.

Illya and Miyu were dragged into this by Rin and Luvia. Kuro also appeared as Illya’s magical twin.

There is no way Rin would report herself like this.

As for Wu Yan, she kept him out of her report because of her own feelings.

“Forget it.”

Kischur raised the initial topic.

“In light of your stalled progress, the unsettled dragon veins, and continued uncertainty regarding the situation in Fuyuki city. I am sending backups, this should help with your situation, correct?”

Rin felt frustrated.

The backups will no doubt expose them in no time at all.

Rin doesn’t want to see that outcome.

She bit the bullet.

“Master, can you please leave this case to me?”

“Leave it to you?”

Kischur went silent for a moment.

“Explain yourself…”

“I still need time to collect data.”

Rin rubbed her right temple.

“But, I made measures to rein in the dragon veins. I want to investigate why it is out of control again. The Tohsaka family also has authority over the management of the dragon veins. I am the perfect individual for the job.”

Kischur pondered about it as the two ladies’ hearts started racing nervously.

Kischur relented.

“Fine, have it your way.”

Rin apologized.

“Thanks and sorry for the trouble.”

“You sure made my job hard. But, I won’t care as long as you stay on the case.”

Kischur cautioned them.

“But, know this, not all of the researchers at the magic council are on the same page. There are those who are fanatic about magic, about power, and some have screws loose in their heads. They will be coming after the Class Cards.”

“I understand, master…”

Rin and Luvia exchanged a look.

“Leave the dragon veins to us.”

Rin hung up.

“What is going on?”

Luvia asked.

“Why is the dragon vein acting up again?”

“I don’t know.”

Rin stored her phone away.

“I don’t get it, we collected the cards, sealed the pathways, and cut the connections to the dragon veins.”

“Maybe it’s Kuro?”

Luvia frowned.

“She said she is similar to the Heroic Spirits. Maybe she is the reason?”


Rin denied.

“The Heroic Spirits can directly absorb mana from the dragon vein. Kuro is a physical entity, she can’t do that.”

“Are you sure about that?”

Luvia cast her doubt.

“Maybe she is stealing mana from the underground cavern?”

“She doesn’t need to do that.”

Rin snorted.

“That guy is giving her the mana she needs. Doing so would be extraneous.”

“Then, why?”

Luvia gnashed her teeth.

“Is it Wu Yan?”

“Look, maybe it’s not other people.”

Rin continued.

“Did you ever stop to think that maybe it was us?”

“What do you mean us?”

Luvia scowled.

“We never touched the vein, how…”

Luvia froze mid-sentence.

“Mmhmm. That’s what I thought.”

Rin sighed.

“We used the vein to seal Mikoto’s ESP and Hinagiku’s weapon. It was a big array too, maybe that was the reason?”

“N-No way.”

Luvia turned cold.

“We just borrowed some magic power, why would it cause chaos within the dragon veins?”

“But, we can’t rule ourselves out yet.”

Rin pursed her lips.

“The backup they send would probably sniff us out in no time at all.”

“What… What do we do?’

Luvia wiped away her cold sweat with a handkerchief.

“You got any idea?”

“The Tohsakas are the caretaker of the dragon veins here.”

Rin said.

“If we really messed up, given enough time, I can still fix the errors. But, I am afraid if this might be caused by some other factors…”

“Other factors?”

Luvia gasped.

“Like what?”

“Maybe something is blocking the dragon vein. That would make it go into a chaotic state.”

Rin growled.

“We would need other methods to solve a blockage.”

“Why does it have to be us?”

Luvia grumbled.

“I thought I could catch a break after my mansion got wrecked.”

“I am the investigator. I didn’t even ask for your help, why are you making a fuss about it?”

Rin said.

“Also, we still need to look into Illya’s background.”

“Ok, I will take over that task.”

Luvia declared.

“Meanwhile, you’re fully responsible for the dragon veins, how does that sound?”


Rin sagged her head down. Her twintails also seemed crestfallen.

“Why aren’t things going my way after returning to Fuyuki City? Who did I wrong to deserve this karma?”


Luvia teased her.

“It’s not all doom and gloom, right? You did net yourself a Mr.Hubby, no?”

“Mr. Right?”

Rin’s eyes went wide.


“I mean, you two are already… like that, so…”

“Nah-uh, don’t try and implicate me!”


“Shut your mouth! You rich bitch!”


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