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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1510: Formulation, the start of the analysis

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While Kuro is raising hell against Illya in school. Wu Yan who was done with her school enrollment paperwork returned home. He is ignorant that Kuro labeled him a sinful man.

Illya and Kuro should play nice for now.

He got Kuro to promise never to harm Illya. Miyu is also there to keep an eye on her so he can chill for now.

Rin and Luvia are also investigating Illya and Kuro’s connection and relationship. They also kept tabs on any news of other cards.

Hinagiku and Mikoto went to town on a lady’s only shopping trip.

Wu Yan is the only one at home. Hence, he can work on his project.

He needs to reverse-engineer the class cards.

In the living room, he took out the six cards he had.

Saber, Lancer, Rider, Caster, Assassin, and the Berserker cards…

All but the Archer class card were here.

These normal-looking tarot cards can give those who can invoke its powers, the abilities of legendary heroes. It can also draw out their Noble Phantasms.

However, these users need magic power and know the proper magic technique to use the cards.

Even a mortal human could use the cards to overpower mages who spent decades training and improving themselves instantly.

The ability to make Heroic Servants out of normal humans, anyone would desire such powers.

The Magic Association probably has other motives other than keeping the cards safe and the dragon veins stable.

They are a group of magicians who are fervently studying magic.

They aren’t afraid to use drastic measures to remove obstacles and achieve their objectives.

The organization is a research organization first and a public interest organization second.

These high-level thaumaturgical products would lead to disasters if they fell into the hands of corrupt individuals.

The organization probably wants to understand and use the power for its own ambiguous ends.

Wu Yan wants the cards so he can finish the second round of The Path of Demigods.

He is not interested in the abilities of the Heroic Spirits. At most, their Noble Phantasms intrigued him. That is all.

Rin and Luvia are after the cards so they can study under the Second Magic user.

He doesn’t know who created the cards but if this is not the full extent of the creator’s powers then the creator must have some serious magic chops.

It won’t be easy to decipher the cards and recreate them.

The Magic association with all their brilliant minds and resources only knew how to use Limited Install.

He is attempting something herculean.

However, he has the System’s items, 103,000 grimoires as a reference, he is working on a better foundation.

“Let’s look at its materials…”

He opened the System menu.

Browsing the catalog, he soon found the item he was looking for.

A thick book slowly appeared out of nowhere.

He opened the book to reveal a hidden slot in the book.

He placed the Saber card into the slot.


Iridescent light filled the room.

The lights lit up the card too. It seemed like the book can scan whatever is placed into the slot.

He looked at the page adjacent to the slot.

That is the page of effects.

The book can scan and analyze objects placed into the slot.

The more powerful the item, the more complex the object, and the longer it takes to analyze. This tool sped up the basic research step.

Wu Yan started formulating theories after getting the basics of the cards.

Once he understands how the cards were made, and what materials were used in their production of them then recreating the cards shouldn’t be an issue. The book slowly dimmed down as the scan finished.

Words appeared on the page. The cards won’t give up their secrets easily. He only knows the basic components of some parts of the cards.

Looking at the information, Wu Yan raised an eyebrow.

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