Morbid Attachment

Chapter 36

Even though Qi Boyan later canceled the like, the slipped like quickly spread in the form of screenshots and hadn’t yet become a hot search topic. This may be because the company was deliberately trying to control public opinion.

Immediately afterward, the liked comment was also deleted. It was unclear whether it was deleted by the blogger themselves or by Sina1 officials.

There is a saying that said it well, the more secretive you are, the more suspicious you seem. Fans were all full of questions. Qi Boyan's advertising endorsement on Weibo a week ago was flooded with fans, asking for an explanation.

Several other guests knew about this commotion, and Duan Yinyu spoke first, "Qi-ge, you... made it so lively on Weibo."

Qi Boyan's cell phone was already held tightly by his assistant, like holding a bomb. Qi Boyan appropriately showed the uneasiness of doing something wrong. “I just wanted to check the comments before reposting, I didn’t think I would accidentally like it.”

His innocent look was even better than his acting skills, as if his true feelings were revealed.

If Ji Wang hadn't been familiar with this expression, he would have been deceived by Qi Boyan.

Seeing Qi Boyan's concern, Zhang Mu first comforted him, "It's okay, Xiao Qi. The company should help you control this matter, and I don't think it's serious, it’s just a hand slipped to give a like."

After saying this, Zhang Muxian felt unconfident, but he didn't believe that Qi Boyan had given this like on purpose. Although Ji Wang was a good person, his status was really not high. Hyping CP was mutually beneficial. Qi Boyan and Ji Wang hyping CP would be unilateral assistance to the poor.

Ji Wang's cell phone vibrated like crazy. It was a call from Hong-jie. He stood up, took the phone from Xiao Xu's hand, and walked to the side to answer the call.

Hong-jie spoke quickly and analyzed the pros and cons of this matter with him. From the current point of view, the situation caused by this like was more harmful than good. If Qi Boyan's company's public relations dealt with it coldly, it would attract a large wave of negative fans to Ji Wang.

But in the long run, if Qi Boyan’s company really wanted to tie them together and hype CP, it would greatly increase Ji Wang’s traffic.

Mainly because it was alpha x alpha, true fans would think it was impossible, ordinary passers-by would just treat it as consuming CP, and there wouldn’t be many who thought the feelings were true.

Compared with alpha and omega artists who directly confirm their romantic relationships, muddled after going public, CP speculation was a securely effective marketing method that could quickly attract traffic.

However, Qi Boyan’s side probably wouldn't agree. They weren’t philanthropists, so why would they waste his traffic like this and break the hearts of loyal fans?

Ji Wang listened for a long time. "So what’s the company's decision?"

Hong-jie had a rare moment of silence. "The company wants you to take the initiative and interact with Qi Boyan during the variety show."

Ji Wang understood. "The company is asking me to take advantage of Qi Boyan's popularity?"

Hong-jie said with difficulty, "The popularity he brings is real. However much money the company has spent on your marketing still isn’t comparable to this time’s wave."

Ji Wang made the mistake of wanting to smoke and forcefully rubbed his index finger with his thumb. "Hong-jie, my contract with the company only has one year left."

As soon as these words came out, all sounds from Hong-jie's side went silent. They all understood that Ji Wang was unwilling and even threatened to not renew the contract.

After the deathly silence passed, Hong-jie said, "I understand. You’ll be back from the variety show on Saturday. Come to the company then and let's talk."

Ji Wang hung up the phone, leaned against the wall, and raised his head. The fragmented sound of footsteps came from next to him, it was Xiao Xu.

Xiao Xu looked at him worriedly. Ji Wang couldn't say that he was okay. He just felt tired. Qi Boyan was endlessly consuming his patience.

This person always did whatever he wanted, every time he did things it was like this. No matter what the reality was, he didn’t care how many people would have a headache because of the mess he made, he just did what he wanted to do.

To step on the bottom line and self-indulge, it was like a person living without a tomorrow.

It was like this six years ago, and it was still like this six years later, with no progress at all.

Xiao Xu whispered, "Ge, what did Hong-jie say?"

Ji Wang raised his hand and rubbed his head. "Don't worry, the company will take care of it." Rubbing his fingers again, he asked, "Do you have cigarettes?"

Xiao Xu's eyes widened a bit. "Ge, this is a variety show, what if you get photographed?"

Ji Wang pressed his temple. "Sorry, I'm just a little tired."

Footsteps were heard, and the person he least expected to see walked out from behind the wall and came to their remote and quiet corner of the yard. Qi Boyan obviously heard their conversation just now, and he said, "Stop smoking, I don't like it."

Xiao Xu looked awkward, not knowing whether to leave or stay. Ji Wang took the initiative and said, "Xiao Xu, you go and do your work first."

As soon as Xiao Xu left, Ji Wang looked at Qi Boyan. "What’s it got to do with me whether you like it or not?”

Qi Boyan stepped forward, “Are you angry?”

Ji Wang raised his hand to stop him. He tried hard to calm down and have an adult conversation with Qi Boyan. "Have you not figured out the situation yet? We already broke up, we broke up six years ago.”

Qi Boyan frowned slightly. "I know, you don't have to stress it over and over again."

Ji Wang said seriously. "Do you really know? Why do I feel like you don't know?"

Qi Boyan was obviously impatient. He crossed his arms and showed a defensive stance. This was because he didn't want to hear what Ji Wang would say next, but Ji Wang continued, "Or maybe I didn't reject you clearly enough and made you feel like a relationship between us is still possible.”

Ji Wang took the initiative to approach Qi Boyan. "It’s been impossible for us for a long time."

Qi Boyan's eyelashes trembled, and he suddenly raised his eyes, his look full of aggression, as if he would bite Ji Wang here in the next moment.

Ji Wang could clearly feel Qi Boyan's eyes dangerously cross his neck, causing a layer of sweat to break out on his back. If Qi Boyan bit him here, there was really nothing he could do against Qi Boyan.

But soon, Qi Boyan's eyebrows softened again, and he said teasingly, "It can't be decided by you alone."

He reached out to touch Ji Wang's face, then his neck, and clasped it loosely. "Actually, before I came to this variety show, I was really angry with you."

"How could you insult me because of trash like Ren Ran?" Qi Boyan's words were harsh and his expression was cold. As he spoke, the strength of his fingers gradually increased.

Ji Wang's eyes showed anger, but his mouth was soon covered by Qi Boyan. Qi Boyan's palms had a slight peach smell, which was a sign of the man's anger.

When emotions were running high, a high-quality alpha’s pheromones would be secreted in large quantities. Even if a pheromone suppression patch was pasted to the neck, a small amount would still leak out.

Qi Boyan didn't want to hear Ji Wang speak, let alone Ji Wang stand up for someone he hated.

He didn’t like this part of Ji Wang. There was always this or that kind of person in his gege’s heart. He couldn’t completely belong to him.

"Ren Ran said I marked him, so you believed it, right?" Qi Boyan couldn't hide his disappointment. "I thought gege wasn’t such a stupid person."

Ji Wang's heart trembled, and he impatiently blinked. Was this Qi Boyan denying it?

Even though he despised the current wavering in his heart, Ji Wang still hoped that Qi Boyan would say more and tell him that it wasn’t true, that it was just a misunderstanding, and that Qi Boyan had never done it.

Since you hadn’t done it, why did you admit it in the hospital last time?

But Qi Boyan had no intention of continuing. He just released his hand from Ji Wang's neck. "Don't worry, my like won’t cause you any trouble."

He looked at Ji Wang seriously, and for some reason, Ji Wang could see a bit of dejection in Qi Boyan's eyes, as if Ji Wang had really disappointed him.

Qi Boyan loosened his grip on Ji Wang's mouth and took two steps back. "I forgive you, gege."

He one-sidedly said a lot and then dropped this nonsensical apology. Ji Wang was blocked from a chance to speak. He had a lot to ask and a lot to say.

It's a pity that Qi Boyan didn't give him a chance and quickly left. Just when Ji Wang wanted to chase him, he saw many cameras. He stopped and didn’t continue pursuing him.

Soon, Ji Wang knew what Qi Boyan meant when he said that it wouldn’t cause him any trouble.

Qi Boyan's new MV released a thirty-second trailer which contained Ji Wang's shots. The general and the assassin looked at each other in silence as the candlelight flickered. One was deeply in love, the other was stunned. The shots switched quickly, accompanied by the already recorded lines.

As long as you watched the entire video, you would basically know that there were forbidden emotions between the two of them. Zhou Chuxue's scenes were aptly sliced in, making people understand that this feeling was only one-sided.

In addition, the marketing account released a little variety show news. This time, the slip of the hand could basically be explained as a warm up before the new MV and variety show.

The company also urgently contacted several fans and fan clubs, asking them to restrain their fans in the next few days.

This made many peppermints who were waiting apprehensively for the results breathe a big sigh of relief. Some of the more extreme ones had already scolded the company on Weibo.

[Wig-wearing Beautiful Mint]: I'm not saying this, but M Company's marketing method is too bullsh*t. Master Qi's strength and the performance of the last album were obvious to all. Do you need to warm up in this way?

[Eat the apple after it falls]: M Company’s PR has always been so idiotic. I feel sorry for my Mr. Qi who towed an entire aircraft carrier by himself.

[The duck's neck is very short]: Although the promotional method this time is quite subtle, it doesn't have to be liked by Mr. Qi, M Company nmsl2.

[The meatballs are very soft]: Even so, Ji Wang is really handsome and quite easy to ship.

[Love Qi 781]: As long as they don’t tie together for hype, I’m still very optimistic about this little Ji-gege.

Xiao Xu saw that he couldn't help but refresh in real time and quickly snatched the phone back into his hand. "Ge, it's fine now, the matter’s been resolved."

Ji Wang’s heart still felt upset. The matter was resolved, but there were still many problems between him and Qi Boyan that hadn’t been resolved at all.

Because there was something on his mind, Ji Wang didn’t perform well in the game in the afternoon, while Zhou Chuxue's team scored several points in a row due to Qi Boyan's wonderful performance. In the end, Zhou Chuxue's team qualified for the dinner.

Zheng Qihong and the others could only make a simple bowl of soup using yesterday's lotus roots and vegetables.

During the evening’s dinner, Duan Yinyu kept saying flattering things to get some meat and was given trouble by Zhang Muxian several times. Finally, he came back with a plate of meat and gave most of it to his godmother Zheng Qihong. He asked Ji Wang if he wanted some.

Ji Wang felt guilty about not performing well in the afternoon, so he just said, "You can just eat, I'm not hungry."

At this time, he heard the sound of knuckles tapping on the table. Qi Boyan propped his chin in his hand and pushed a plate of fish to Zheng Qihong's table. "Let's play a game. The winner will get a plate of fish."

Duan Yinyu was the first to respond, "What are we playing?"

Qi Boyan said casually, "You just got meat, you aren’t allowed to participate."

Duan Yinyu said angrily, "Why!"

Qi Boyan's gaze fell on Ji Wang and he curved his eyes. "Forget it, I won't embarrass you. Let’s play truth or dare. Tell the truth, answer one question, dare is two hundred push-ups."

When Zhang Muxian first heard this, he couldn't help but say to Qi Boyan, "Isn't two hundred too many?"

Duan Yinyu also said, "Tell me what the truth is first. I don't think I’ll tell you my bank card password even if you ask me."

Qi Boyan smiled. "Actually, this question isn’t difficult, I believe Ji Wang can answer it well.”

"I once heard a question. A runaway train is traveling rapidly and there are two tracks. A little boy is playing on one track, and the other track is an abandoned track. If it continues to move forward and hits the little boy, the little boy will die; if you choose the abandoned track, the little boy will be saved, but the whole train car will die."

"Now let's change it. The little boy will be replaced by his ex."

"Ji Wang, what do you choose between your ex’s life and the life of an entire train of passengers?"

Others didn't understand this question, but Ji Wang understood the subtext hidden under Qi Boyan's question.

This hopeless lunatic!

Duan Yinyu joked, "Of course it's the ex. Why do you have to bear the lives of a whole train of people for your ex? This question is too simple, thank you for showing mercy."

Zheng Qihong: "This question is a bit interesting. Should you save one person or a hundred people?"

Everyone was talking about their thoughts, except Ji Wang, whose face was gloomy and silent.

Qi Boyan stared at him. "Ji Wang, what's your answer?"

After looking at each other for a long time, Ji Wang finally moved. Just when everyone thought he would answer, he stood up silently and made a move that surprised everyone.

He would rather do two hundred push-ups than answer this "simple" question.

  1. Sina is the Chinese company that operates the social media site Weibo
  2. “nmsl” is short for “你妈死了” or “Your mom is dead” which is an internet slang insult

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