Morbid Attachment

Chapter 35

The blatant sexual implications in the words first made Ji Wang's spine shiver, and then endless panic surged up. He froze and looked at Qi Boyan in disbelief.

Even Duan Yinyu knew that he had to cover the mic on his collar when saying things he shouldn't say in front of the camera. How did Qi Boyan do it without any concerns?

Was it possible that the program was run by Qi Boyan’s company? So therefore he could be unscrupulous?

Qi Boyan let go of Ji Wang and couldn't help laughing when he saw the other person's expression. He was very happy.

At this time, other people also ran over and the air was filled with joy. Ji Wang didn't dare move at all. He subconsciously looked at the program team, the sound engineer, and the director.

As expected, the sound engineer and his assistant showed strange expressions and looked towards Ji Wang.

Ji Wang's heart was beating so fast it almost jumped out of his chest. The blood in his whole body seemed to be boiling. He wanted to grab Qi Boyan's collar and punch him hard.

At this moment, several hot topics flashed through his mind #Explosion! Qi Boyan comes out of the closet#, #18th tier no-name touches porcelain1 for popular traffic#, #behind the glamor of celebrities#.

Could it be that the catastrophic disaster Qi Boyan caused would be something that even his company couldn’t deal with, and he would be shelved away forever?

He hadn’t paid off the mortgage on his house yet. If Qi Boyan was blacklisted and had nowhere to live, he could give up half of his room. After all, he was the one who made Qi Boyan say such things. He also bore a certain responsibility.

But the mortgage hadn’t been paid off yet. Would he still have to find a job?

Qi Boyan might be in debt, wasn’t there gambling? How much could he owe? His house’s value had increased a lot, but selling would be only a drop in the bucket2.

Qi Boyan didn’t know how to do anything, what could he do besides being a celebrity? Being so careless with your career really made others angry.

Ji Wang turned pale with fright. Duan Yinyu noticed something strange and asked worriedly, "Ge? Are you okay?"

Seeing this, Qi Boyan was about to say something when Director Jiang shouted through the microphone, "Qi-laoshi, Ji-laoshi, is there something wrong with your microphones? There’s no sound."

Just like this, they went from hell to heaven. Ji Wang took a deep breath and touched the microphone equipment on his waist with cold fingers. He found that the cable connected to the microphone had been unplugged at some point.

You could guess whose fault it was. The staff of the sound team came over to help him and Qi Boyan readjust their microphones. He watched the entire process without looking at Qi Boyan. If it were possible, he wished he could quit this variety show.

If he continued to be frightened, he was afraid his lifespan would shorten by ten years.

Lunch was to be eaten back in the yard. The most experienced chef in the village personally cooked local specialties. In addition to giving them these material benefits, he also introduced the gourmet food culture of the village.

It was a long way back to the village from the archery range, with the trip split into two cars. Ji Wang didn’t want to get into a car with Qi Boyan, but things always go against your wishes. As soon as he got into the car, Qi Boyan stepped in with him. There was also Zhang Muxian with him. The other car was filled with omegas.

He and Zhang Muxian sat side by side and Qi Boyan sat in the back.

Just when Ji Wang wanted to close his eyes and rest, Zhang Muxian took the initiative to mention the archery competition just now. He asked Qi Boyan and Ji Wang where they learned their skills.

Qi Boyan said modestly, "As a hobby. I’ll go out with my friends a few times when I don't have any itinerary."

Seeing this, Ji Wang was too embarrassed to rest. Everyone was working. He said, "I learned it when I was acting. Actually, once you find the right technique, it isn’t too hard."

Zhang Muxian smiled and said, "It seems that when this episode is over, I need to go to the archery range to shoot some rounds."

Ji Wang then said, "The school where I learned archery before wasn’t bad, the teacher was good at teaching. If you’re interested, I’ll send you the address later."

"Okay, I haven't added you on WeChat yet. I'll add you on WeChat when the director returns our phones." Zhang Muxian said.

In fact, they all added each other’s WeChat before the show started filming. Clearly, Zhang Muxian's account was a work account and was managed by specialized staff. Now Zhang Muxian meant to add his private WeChat account.

In this circle, some regarded adding a private WeChat as a way to obtain resources.

Some opportunities simply came from chatting or drinking. When acquaintances introduce each other, you could get a pretty good opportunity. Some people rose like this, with the east wind on their backs.

This, however, didn’t include Ji Wang. You could say he was noble or earnest, but he didn’t want to take advantage of these opportunities.

What’s more, the company could worry about things like resources. Artists already gave away so many parts of themselves, the company couldn’t simply do nothing.

Faced with Zhang Muxian taking the initiative, Ji Wang naturally nodded.

At this time, Qi Boyan said from behind, “Then let’s also add WeChat.”

When he said this, no one knew who “we” referred to. Zhang Muxian confidently said yes. Ji Wang paused and hesitantly agreed.

Speaking of which, he actually didn’t have Qi Boyan’s WeChat account. He didn’t even save his phone number. Qi Boyan’s phone number was just a string of numbers, although Ji Wang had already memorized it.

It wasn’t that he memorized it on purpose, it was just that after seeing it so many times, it was stuck in his mind.

The more he thought about it, the more annoyed he became. Ji Wang gently hit the leather chair with the back of his head, trying to pull himself together.

Before he hit it a second time, he felt something blocking the back of his head. He turned around and saw Qi Boyan's fingers gently supporting the back of his chair. Seeing him look back, Qi Boyan innocently blinked.

Ji Wang's stomach filled with anger when he thought about what he had just said to him and the evil behavior of secretly pulling out his microphone without saying anything. He ignored him and leaned his head against the window, wanting to be further from Qi Boyan and cherish his life.

They were silent all the way, each resting. By the time they reached the yard, the food aroma was already overflowing. Duan Yinyu and the others had already arrived to take their seats, serving soup and rice.

The three of them must have had a good conversation in the car. Zhou Chuxue and Zheng Qihong were talking and laughing and the atmosphere was no longer so awkward.

The villagers provided fried rice with bacon and seafood delicacies. It was so delicious that after one bite, you wanted to just bury your head and relieve some of the greed.

Ji Wang quickly ate half a bowl of rice before regaining his energy. He found Qi Boyan sitting across from him biting his chopsticks with eyes shining brightly. This was the expression Qi Boyan would show when he encountered food he liked.

Just like the first time they went to that skewer shop, Qi Boyan was disgusted by the shabby decorations but was conquered by the delicious food.

But Qi Boyan probably didn't go back, otherwise the store would have become an internet-famous store and his fans would check in one after another.

He looked carefully at the dish that Qi Boyan ate the most, which was fish. He considered asking the master chef in the village for cooking advice later. He didn't want to feed Qi Boyan, it just suited his own appetite.

During this period, Zhang Muxian and Duan Yinyu joked, livening up the atmosphere, and a few guests occasionally interjected. Everyone worked hard to do their job and filled their stomachs at the same time.

After the meal, Director Jiang asked them to take a break and wait until three o'clock for the next activity. It was one o'clock in the afternoon, was Director Jiang kind enough to let them rest for two hours?

At this time, the staff came up to distribute their cell phones to them. Director Jiang coughed. "Today is the official announcement of the program team. You can also take a look and participate if it’s appropriate."

At this time, in the crowd, Ji Wang saw Xiao Xu's shadow finally appear. Xiao Xu greeted him warmly, and Ji Wang smiled silently.

Artists rarely log in to Weibo by themselves. Everyone’s various assistants came forward one after another. The main thing was to monitor the artist to make sure they didn’t accidentally like a post.

There were no cameras nearby. The six guests met with their respective assistants to look at the promotion of this variety show.

It was said to be an official announcement, but in reality, it was just a photo of the final makeup, refuting or confirming the rumored candidates who had been widely circulated on the Internet.

The first episode was still being shot, and the trailer would probably not be cut until two episodes were completed.

Xiao Xu clicked on the official Weibo account created by the program team. A group photo had already been uploaded. Although they were shot separately, through excellent post-production technology, the final combined picture turned out to be very good.

Even the complicated suit Qi Boyan picked for him didn't look strange in the group photo, it was surprisingly suitable.

However, in the group picture, he and Qi Boyan were in a rather unusual position. Their bodies were slightly tilted toward each other. Although it wasn’t obvious in the group photo, it still felt a bit intimate.

Ji Wang wondered if he had a guilty conscience. After Xiao Xu showed him the photos, he wanted to put his phone away. Ji Wang raised his eyebrows and said, "Show me the comments."

Xiaoxu felt embarrassed. "Forget it, Ji-ge."

Ji Wang said gently but forcefully, "Bring it over."

Xiao Xu had no choice but to give it. The official announcement posted by the program team two hours ago had now been forwarded more than 50,000 times. When he clicked on the comments, most of them were comments from fans of various guests, and of course, there were also comments for Ji Wang.

He had come to participate in this variety show, the company obviously couldn’t ignore him.

Scrolling down further, you could see aside from enthusiastic fan comments, one comment received at least 800 replies, and the content of that comment was:

[Hearing nothing outside the window]: Am I the only one who thinks Qi Boyan and Ji Wang are a good match? Everyone else was taking group photos, but they looked like a wedding photo.

Clicking on this comment, there was a group of replies below, and it was a bloody storm.

[Loving Qi Group Little Peppermint]: It’s started, it’s started, eighteenth-line pheasants shouldn’t touch my Master Qi’s porcelain, okay?

[Listen to Qi’s words]: Yes, yes, you are the only orphan, even before the broadcast, CP fans dare to dance in front of the real owner. Be careful of bad karma.

[Niu Xiaofang]: Why does Qi Fan upstairs have such a dirty mouth? Fans really follow their masters.

[Put on my shoes and I’ll run fast]: I think this pair of CPs is pretty good to ship. It’s not true anyway. Just calm down, you poisonous fans. If your family’s true owner and an omega are officially announced, are you going to cry to death?

[Yanyan I love you]: Take our Master Qi away, Peppermints3 don’t engage.

[Soda Mint Coconut drink]: Actually, I like Ji Wang’s face, cover the pot and run away.

[A small button]: Upstairs, beware that fans will be expelled if their corruption exceeds the standard. Everyone knows that peppermint fans are a bunch of crazy dogs. If any celebrity touches their family, even if they don’t die, they’ll have a layer of skin stripped away.

[Xiao Ji’s Mom No. 1]: Take our Xiao Ji away. It’s just a photo, why are you so fierce?

[Duck’s neck is very short]: Are you really a fan upstairs? You weren’t bought, right? Your family’s bought marketing for trending searches for two or three days, and you’ve been promoting the most gentle second male lead every day. It’s so greasy I want to puke. It’s a pity that you still can’t become popular even after doing this. What, now you’re studying how to hug big thighs to freeload popularity?

Ji Wang wanted to continue reading, but his phone was snatched away by Xiao Xu. Xiao Xu looked embarrassed and said, "Don't look at it, ge, there's nothing interesting to see."

In fact, Ji Wang didn’t have any strong feelings about these messages. They only confirmed that Qi Boyan and his situation couldn’t be exposed, otherwise, it wouldn’t be good for anyone.

At this time, he heard a shout, and when he looked around, he saw Qi Boyan's assistant with a pale face, almost about to faint.

At this time, Xiao Xu clicked on the screen, took a look, and raised his head in shock, looking in the direction of Qi Boyan.

Ji Wang felt uneasy and grabbed Xiao Xu's phone. Then he saw that the number of replies to the comment that had been replied to 800 times had increased sharply.

Then clicking on the thread in the comment, all IDs were sending a series of question marks.

In the latest reply, Ji Wang finally saw the real culprit that caused the riot.

[Love Qi No. 781]: Holy shit? ? ? ? Master Qi actually liked this comment? ? ? Has his account been hacked? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

[Qi Qi is safe to fly]: Wuwuwuwuwuwu, I don’t believe it, it must be because of the show crew’s routine! Qi Qi, just blink if you’ve been kidnapped!

Ji Wang held the phone tightly and felt his blood pressure rising. He almost wanted to hold the back of his neck and faint.

  1. “touching porcelain” means scamming someone. The origin story is antique sellers would rig damaged porcelain vases to look whole, wait for customers to “break” it by touching it, then demand they pay for the item
  2. ”杯水车薪” means a cup of water on a burning cart of firewood
  3. I can’t remember if this was brought up earlier, but “Peppermint” seems to be the nickname for Qi Boyan’s fans. Peppermint in Chinese is “薄荷” and the first character is the same “Bo” as in Qi Boyan’s name

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