Morbid Attachment

Chapter 34

Just when Ji Wang was about to draw the bow and shoot the second arrow, his right shoulder suddenly sank. It was Duan Yinyu pressing on it.

Simple-minded Duan Yinyu abruptly slapped Ji Wang on the shoulder. "What's going on? Your performance is too abnormal. Your shot hit another target completely."

Ji Wang was slapped and pulled by him. He was worried that the equipment in his hand would hurt Duan Yinyu, so he put down his things and was pulled aside by Duan Yinyu.

Duan Yinyu was not as foolish as before. Instead, he covered his microphone, lowered his voice, and said to Ji Wang, "Ge, I know you want good results in the show, but you may get criticized by Qi-ge’s fans."

His eyes were worried, and his reminder was full of sincerity. It was a warm-hearted willingness to help others which was rarely seen in the industry. At most, many people would just watch indifferently without reminding others at all, for fear of drawing fire on themselves or ruining things with good intentions.

Ji Wang gladly accepted and calmly comforted, "It's okay, don't worry."

Duan Yinyu had a headache. It was possible after the variety show aired, the guy in front of him could become popular. His manager told him that Ji Wang had faint momentum, telling him that although he didn’t need to fawn on him too much, he definitely couldn’t become enemies.

Who could have known that Ji Wang and Qi Boyan were at odds with each other? Even if you fought with someone, you couldn’t fight with Qi Boyan. This was like an egg hitting a rock and turning to paste before it could become popular.

He was afraid that Ji Wang wasn’t clear-headed and had a worried look on his face. Ji Wang patted the foolish hair on his head. “Don’t worry, our relationship isn’t as bad as you think.”

After saying this, Ji Wang felt guilty. If his true relationship with Qi Boyan was exposed to outsiders, it would be over. But if even Duan Yinyu could tell that there was something wrong between them, surely the others must have noticed as well.

They’d only been working together for a day, how did they figure it out? All of them were geniuses.

Back at the archery location, the excitement on Qi Boyan's face had faded. While Ji Wang and Duan Yinyu were talking, he shot several arrows in a row, all of them surrounding Ji Wang's red arrow.

The different guests had different color arrows. Ji Wang’s was red and Qi Boyan’s was black.

Suddenly looking, the red arrow was surrounded by black arrows. Several arrows were evenly circled, and the intention was clear. This was the response to Ji Wang’s provocation - he wanted to encircle and trap him.

After being reminded by Duan Yinyu, Ji Wang restrained himself and glanced at the target, then looked away and carefully evaluated the distance of the target and the probability of winning or losing.

Their team had little chance of winning. The main thing was the enemy's strength was too even. One person was particularly exceptional and the other two were still fairly proficient.

Thinking about this, Ji Wang felt that it was more important at the moment to improve the strength of his team members.

It happened that Zheng Qihong came over to ask him about posture, so he helped his senior adjust her stance so that she could get the feel as quickly as possible.

Duan Yinyu was just background narrating and shooting blindly. The shots were everywhere, and there were only a few times he could reach the seventh or eighth rings. They all flew at low altitudes.

Zhou Chuxue had at least practiced before. By the time Director Jiang called to stop, she already reached a seventh-ring score.

After Zheng Qihong finished, she went to help Duan Yinyu. Duan Yinyu's posture was incorrect, which is why he often skewed his shots. Facing an omega, even though Duan Yinyu was usually out of sync and rarely made people think of his gender, Ji Wang was still a little afraid to be near him.

He tried to be a gentleman with his hands and avoided touching the waist. While he was busy, there was a series of sounds of the target being hit by arrows.

Ji Wang turned around and saw that it was Qi Boyan who had shot down the arrows on his target one after the other, including his own and Ji Wang’s. The original gaudy pattern of arrows was cleanly destroyed.

While in Ji Wang’s opinion, this was the behavior of a child’s tantrum, in the eyes of others, this was an impressive display of skills. Some people even secretly observed Ji Wang’s expression, probably thinking that this was Qi Boyan’s counterattack to his earlier arrogance.

Ji Wang pursed his lips and his expression became serious. The program team was happy to see it. Although a harmonious and happy family picture was good, it lacked a little excitement.

If an alpha vs. alpha became more competitive, maybe there would be some exciting sparks.

The game officially began.

The battle was divided into batches. Zhou Chuxue played against Zheng Qihong, Zhang Muxian played against Duan Yinyu, and Qi Boyan played against Ji Wang.

In the first round, Zhou Chuxue took the lead. She had a slender figure and a high-spirited expression. Facing the target, Zhou Chuxue had a rare serious look on her face. Regardless of her skills, Ji Wang could tell that this girl was ambitious in archery.

Unfortunately, omegas were greatly affected by their physique when it came to sports. She was still a female omega, and she was required to maintain a figure during filming, so she didn’t have enough muscle mass.

The first arrow didn’t perform well and hit the second white circle from the edge, scoring only two points. Zhou Chuxue revealed an annoyed expression.

Qi Boyan walked up and whispered a few words. Zhou Chuxue listened attentively, looking directly at the target the whole time without showing the obvious bashfulness from before.

After Qi Boyan got out of the way, Zhou Chuxue adjusted some subtle movements and released the arrow again. This time it was much better than last time, entering the red circle with seven points.

Each person had a total of three arrows, and in the end, the total score of both teams would be calculated.

Zhou Chuxue shot three arrows, totaling fifteen points. She somewhat dejectedly hung her head and returned to the team.

When it was Zheng Qihong's turn, although she performed poorly during practice, in the end, she turned around and scored twenty-one points.

Duan Yinyu immediately jumped up and happily celebrated. Zhang Muxian raised his voice and said, "Come on, there’s still me and your Qi-ge, why do you look like you’re going to eat a meal?"

Duan Yinyu ignored him and stood next to Zheng Qihong, repeatedly praising his godmother.

Zhang Muxian quickly shot three arrows and scored twenty-three points. Duan Yinyu then performed so-so and only scored sixteen points.

The two teams clung to the scores with a slim one-point difference. At the most tense moment, Qi Boyan and Ji Wang took the stage.

Qi Boyan suddenly raised his hand and asked Director Jiang for instructions, "How about I shoot one arrow and he shoots one arrow?"

This approach was more fair than playing one after another. Both players in the competition would bear about the same amount of pressure.

Director Jiang agreed, and Qi Boyan was the first to shoot an arrow. This time he didn’t mess around, and the arrow hit the tenth ring.

When Ji Wang drew the bow, he could feel the numbness caused by pressure spread from his fingertips to his whole body. It practically activated every cell in his body that was full of competitiveness.

He forgot that this was only a variety show. He only knew that he had to beat Qi Boyan. He wanted to beat him once, no matter what.

The arrow flew out and hit the tenth ring. Everyone was inexplicably quiet and watched the game with a bated breath. Perhaps it was because both sides seemed to be not joking and were seriously competing.

The second arrow, Qi Boyan hit the tenth ring, Ji Wang hit the tenth ring. They competed to a draw, and the score was at a stalemate.

When at the last arrow, Qi Boyan did not shoot immediately. Instead, he showed a relaxed expression and said to his teammates, "Why am I a little nervous? I feel like Wang-ge may beat me."

Hearing this, Ji Wang couldn't continue acting so seriously and replied with a smile, "Don't worry, if we win later, I’ll give you half of my bowl of rice."

Zhang Muxian heard this and quickly said to Duan Yinyu, "Kid, it's time to show your filial piety."

Duan Yinyu crossed his hands and said, "Eat a hammer, I won't even leave you any dregs." Duan Yinyu was from C City. He liked to use repeating words1, which sounded soft and sticky. Zhang Muxian wasn't affected by the cuteness at all. He even made a neck-slitting gesture at Duan Yinyu.

Faced with this childish threat, Duan Yinyu rolled his eyes in response.

Zhou Chuxue raised her hands, punched the air, and cheered, "Senior brother, come on!" Zhang Muxian: "Come on, Xiao Qi! Snatch us all the food!"

Qi Boyan raised his bow again, squinted his eyes, and without much hesitation, quickly and accurately shot the arrow in his hand. It still hit the tenth ring!

This was almost a sure win because Zhou Chuxue's team already had one point more than Zheng Qihong's team. Even if Ji Wang shot ten points now, he still couldn’t catch up with this missing point.

The winner was decided. Qi Boyan and his group were already celebrating. Ji Wang was still standing in his original position and Duan Yinyu showed a disappointed look. Zheng Qihong touched him comfortingly and said to Ji Wang, " Xiao Ji, you still have to shoot this arrow seriously."

"Although our team lost, the winner between you and Xiao Qi has not yet been determined." Zheng Qihong said this, which made Zhang Muxian and Zhou Chuxue too embarrassed to continue celebrating.

Because there were still people on the field who hadn’t finished competing, it wasn’t appropriate for them to act like this.

Qi Boyan's expression remained quite calm. He wasn't excited about winning. For him, winning was very easy, and he didn’t have any sense of achievement.

He looked at Ji Wang's back. The man wasn’t affected by Qi Boyan's victory. Just like Zheng Qihong said, although their team had lost, the winner between him and Qi Boyan had not yet been decided.

Qi Boyan crossed his hands with interest, wondering what kind of score Ji Wang would achieve. Probably a draw, he casually thought.

This time, Ji Wang took longer to prepare than in the previous two rounds. He pulled the bow into a full arc, and his tight forearms filled with a sense of strength. When the force between the string and the arrow reached a certain peak, he finally let go and shot the arrow.

This time, his arrow hit almost the center of the bullseye.

Qi Boyan was stunned for a moment, and then his eyes became brighter and brighter. He looked at Ji Wang almost blatantly, without concealing his excitement and pleasure.

The score evaluator walked over and circled Ji Wang's arrow a few times. After confirming, he hurried back and started urgent discussions with the program team.

The others still didn't know what was going on. Zhang Muxian first said, "What's wrong? Was there a mishap?"

Ji Wang put down his bow and released all his strength. He looked at Qi Boyan. This was why sports competitions were exciting - because you never knew what the outcome would be until the last moment.

At this time, the program team's discussion had concluded. Ji Wang's arrow just now, in addition to hitting the tenth ring, also hit the center of the tenth ring, which was the bullseye. In archery competitions, when both sides were tied at the tenth ring, this was the key to determining victory.

To put it simply, Ji Wang defeated Qi Boyan. What the program team was struggling with was whether to award extra points for hitting the bullseye this time.

As soon as he heard this, Duan Yinyu grabbed Zheng Qihong's hand and said, "Of course! Wang-ge is awesome! This is a bullseye! How difficult is the bullseye! You must give extra points!"

Zhang Muxian also came out and said, "I also think it deserves extra points. We aren’t professional athletes, so performing at this level is already very impressive. I suggest it be a tie, so we can all eat."

Zheng Qihong also said, "Yes, Director Jiang, let's all eat together, isn’t a happy ending great?"

Director Jiang finally agreed to a tie and everyone had lunch together.

This decision allowed the members of the two teams to get friendlier with each other. There was no longer the sense of opposition that they had in the previous game.

Ji Wang put down the bow in his hand before he was hugged by Qi Boyan. This looked like a conciliatory hug between opponents after a game, but in reality, only he heard what Qi Boyan said in his ear.

"Gege, you look so good during archery.”

In an infatuated and low tone, he said almost perverted words, "I want to start at your fingers and eat you up bit by bit."

The man's warm breath wrapped around Ji Wang's earlobe.

Qi Boyan's body was hot, and his words were even hotter, almost melting into Ji Wang's body to form an invisible brand.

"No matter how much you cry and struggle, I won't stop."

"Until we are completely one. You become me, only me.”

  1. Above the original Chinese repeats “hammer” and “dregs” twice. This kind of repetition is often used by kids or when talking to kids which is why it’s described as cutesy

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