Morbid Attachment

Chapter 33

According to the requirements of the program group for this game of charades, the five of them correctly answered within the specified time, so it was considered a successful game and everyone could eat breakfast.

Zhou Chuxue just arrived on the show and didn't know how difficult the show made it for guests when it came to meals. Seeing that everyone raised their hands in celebration when Director Jiang said that the meal could be served, she was still a little confused and didn’t join in the mood.

Qi Boyan explained the rules of the show to her in a low voice, the two whispering in each other’s ear. The camera promptly moved forward. Ji Wang glanced at them amidst the laughter of the crowd. He could almost imagine that after the show was broadcast, these two people would be given dreamlike romantic special effects.

As a new flying guest, Zhou Chuxue could enjoy one free breakfast, but after eating, she had to rely on manual labor or game competitions to win the next meal.

Director Jiang would provide a box with two ways to obtain food. If the guests drew manual labor, then everyone would work. In the end, the two people with the largest contributions would be selected to enjoy dinner. The others would have to do as they did last night, six draw one.

The other way was competition. The five fixed guests plus the flying guest would divide into two groups and compete with each other. The side that won was entitled to eat, and the side that loses could only watch.

Of course, Director Jiang wouldn’t prevent the guests from helping each other. It was okay for the winners to share food with the losers.

Or, it could also be, if ingredients were obtained from manual labor and guests were self-sufficient, it was okay to not participate in the projects provided by the production team. The whole variety show had a lot of freedom, it all depended on what direction the guests wanted to go.

While five people could form a group, six people must be divided into teams. After Zheng Qihong understood, she straightforwardly said to Director Jiang, “We just became a family, now you can’t wait to break us up?”

Duan Yinyu went over and held Zheng Qihong’s arm, “Exactly, godmother, Director Jiang really has sinister intentions.”

Director Jiang shrugged his shoulders and waved his hands in the middle of the crowd, as if he were immune to complaints.

Zhang Muxian clapped his hands, "Fish porridge! Serve the fish porridge! I'm starving to death!"

Ji Wang took the initiative, "Why don't we eat in the yard, I'll go in and bring out the dining table, just like last night."

Qi Boyan left from Zhou Chuxue's side, "I'll help you move it together."

Surrounded by people filming, the two didn’t say much, but when moving the table, Qi Boyan touched Ji Wang’s hand. He slipped from the back of the hand to the fingertips and ambiguously rubbed against it. It looked like an accident, but it was intentional.

Ji Wang didn’t dare listen to his anger and glare at Qi Boyan. He could only suppress the fire and move the table out with Qi Boyan.

On the way he was still wondering whether the cameras caught it. What if someone discovered it after it was broadcast? While his imagination ran wild, Zhang Muxian and Duan Yinyu moved out the chairs, and Zheng Qihong brought Zhou Chuxue to scoop porridge and side dishes for everyone.

Qi Boyan casually sat down next to Zhou Chuxue. Zhou Chuxue gave him the chopsticks first and called out in a low voice, "Senior brother, do you want pickled radish?"

Ji Wang subconsciously picked up a piece of pickled radish and put it in his mouth, his brows frowning from the sourness. What were these radishes pickled with? His teeth were about to go soft.

He was next to Zheng Qihong, and Duan Yinyu was next to him. When Duan Yinyu saw his expression, he smiled. "Wang-ge, are you okay? Drink some milk tea."

The milk tea was Zhang Muxian's handiwork. When Zhang Muxian went out to visit people yesterday, the neighbor gave him a box of tea leaves. Zhang Muxian happened to have milk on him to endorse, so he boiled them together and turned them into steaming milk tea.

Faced with Zhang Muxian's opportunistic behavior, the program crew turned a blind eye under the power of sponsor and let him go.

When the milk tea was brewed, Duan Yinyu said with disgust, "What I want to drink is tapioca pearl milk tea, not hot tea made with milk."

Zhang Muxian was angrily amused, "Then don't drink it!"

Duan Yinyu curried favor and said, "How can I not drink it, uncle hand-made this for me."

Give a slap, then a sweet date1. Zhang Muxian didn't care enough to give him attention. In the end, Duan Yinyu's eyes glowed after only one sip. It was really fragrant! Now he directly became the promotion ambassador of Zhang's Milk Tea, recommending it to Ji Wang.

Ji Wang also took a sip and said in surprise, "It's delicious."

Duan Yinyu accepted the praise as if he were the one who made the milk tea. He excitedly said, "Yes, I think Zhang Muxian can change careers and open a milk tea shop."

Zhang Muxian also filled a glass for Zheng Qihong and thoughtfully put the sugar bowl near the other's hand. "Hong-jie, I made your glass less strong. If you think it's not sweet enough, add more sugar."

Their side got along harmoniously. Qi Boyan and Zhou Chuxue sat together and could only take care of each other. They were artists from the same company and couldn’t justify not helping one another.

This breakfast was successfully completed. After the meal, Director Jiang arranged for today's lottery.

The six of them played rock-paper-scissors. The winner would draw the lottery to decide whether today was physical labor or a game.

In the end Ji Wang won. Duan Yinyu rubbed his hands and said, "Please, let's play a game! If I go to the fields to dig lotus roots again, I’ll become disfigured."

Zhang Muxian resolutely looked at Ji Wang. "Wang-di, I'm relying on you today."

Zheng Qihong lightly slapped both of their heads and said to Ji Wang, "Xiao Ji, don't feel responsible. If you don't draw well, we’ll curse the program crew."

Qi Boyan stretched out his hand, "Would you like to get some luck from me?"

Ji Wang didn't dare to touch the "Heavenly Chosen One" who could fail six pick one twice in a row. He hurried forward and stuffed his hand into the box before he could regret it, took it out, and opened it slowly.

When he saw the word “game”, he held the note and made a victory gesture: "Game!"

After getting the result they wanted, the guests had an awesome reaction. Everyone hugged Ji Wang like they were greeting a soccer player who successfully scored a goal.

Qi Boyan ran in front and was the first to hug Ji Wang. Ji Wang even felt he was being reined in by the other’s arms and lifted up.

The hug was so tight that Ji Wang’s nose was pressed against the pheromone suppressing sticker on Qi Boyan’s neck.

It smelled very good. It was a scent that belonged only to Qi Boyan, unrelated to his pheromones. Ji Wang clearly and accurately distinguished it in the crowd.

Ji Wang, whose hairstyle was all messed up, stood there a bit confused. The paper he drew was wet with sweat from his palms.

Amidst the cheers, Director Jiang unhurriedly said he would divide them into teams for the game competitions. One of the team leaders was guest Zhou Chuxue, who arrived that day, and the other was the most experienced guest, Zheng Qihong. The two women selected players through rock-paper-scissors.

Zhou Chuxue won the first game. She, of course, chose her senior brother, Qi Boyan. Zheng Qihong chose Duan Yinyu.

Zhou Chuxue also won the second round. Zhou Chuxue looked at the rest of the people and finally fell on Zhang Muxian. "Zhang Muxian, I really like "100% Heartbeat", hosted by you."

Zhang Muxian walked over with a smile and joked, "Why do I feel like it’s my fate to be the host if I join your team. I still have to congratulate the guests for their success in joining hands2."

Zhou Chuxue covered her face and smiled shyly. The remaining Ji Wang naturally went to Zheng Qihong's team. Zheng Qihong held Ji Wang's hand. "Even if I won rock-paper-scissors, I would still choose Xiao Wang. It worked out just right"

These words were heartwarming. Ji Wang said to Zheng Qihong, "I will work hard."

No one expected the first competition to be archery. Ji Wang really felt like the program team didn’t follow the routine. When he first came to this island, he thought it was just a leisure and healthy living variety show. He never thought it would become a sports competition-type.

It wasn't until Director Jiang referred to Zhou Chuxue's latest movie, in which she played a female archer, that everyone understood the purpose of this game arrangement.

The flying guests were certain to come here to promote their new movies. No wonder the program team carefully arranged this. Zheng Qihong said, "It's been many years since I last shot an arrow. Xiao Duan, Xiao Ji, do you know how?"

Duan Yinyu said, "I haven't learned before, but archery feels so cool. I want to try it. Can the director give us a chance to practice?"

Zhou Chuxue took the initiative and said, "Yeah, archery is quite difficult. I haven't practiced in a long time. I'm a beginner."

Qi Boyan relaxed his fingers, doing warm-up practice. A group of people drove to the archery sports shed set up by the program group. A row of targets stood in the distance, brightly lit, and equipment in different colors hung beside them.

Duan Yinyu yelled, feeling that the bow and arrow equipment was too handsome.

Previously, when Ji Wang played a supporting role, he practiced archery specifically for the role. His coach even said that he was naturally talented and could go in the direction of becoming a professional athlete.

However, while Ji Wang was good at archery, he wasn’t interested in becoming an athlete and starting a new chapter in his life. He thought acting was quite good, mainly because he could earn more money.

In the first round the program group asked them to do some warm-up exercises, so as not to strain their arm muscles later.

When Ji Wang was warming up, his posture was quite standard. The program team also prepared very rigorously, including not only archery hand guards, but also arm guards and chest guards.

After putting on a set of equipment, Duan Yinyu said to Ji Wang with stars in his eyes, “My god, you look just like an assassin from a video game. Have you acted in a period costume drama? You look like those cold killers who are secretly deeply in love with the protagonist.”

Don’t bring it up, he really had acted that role in Qi Boyan’s MV before, and had even been forced to say a lot of “I love you”.

Zheng Qihong shot a few arrows. Every time she hit the outer target. She said to her team members, "It's up to you, I really can't do it."

Duan Yinyu also put on the equipment and tried a few arrows. Although he could hit the target, his results were mediocre, hovering precariously between the white and black rings.

There was a sudden shout from the other side. The three of them followed the sound and saw that Qi Boyan had just lowered his bow before the arrow he released hit the tenth (center) ring.

Zhang Muxian's scores were also good, slightly better than Duan Yinyu's. Zhou Chuxue's performance was mediocre, but she was able to hit the target. Standing next to Qi Boyan, she praised him in surprise, saying that senior brother was amazing.

Duan Yinyu snorted with his nose, already very competitive. "We’re also great! We’re not inferior to you, Wang-ge, you go!"

Ji Wang stepped forward with the bow in his hand, and under Qi Boyan's unexpecting gaze, he walked closer and closer. He finally stood in the spot next to Qi Boyan, nimbly assumed a standard posture, and aimed at the bull's-eye in front of him.

At the moment the arrow was released, Ji Wang slightly moved his aiming position and let go of his finger. The arrow pierced the air and shot out, making a slight vibration in the air.

The arrow hit the target and there was a muffled sound, followed by the sound of another arrow falling to the ground. The arrow left by Qi Boyan on the tenth ring was hit by Ji Wang's arrow and fell down.

Ji Wang put down the bow in his hand and for the first time showed Qi Boyan a provocative and presumptuous smile. He raised his voice, "Sorry, my hand slipped."

  1. This refers to Duan Yinyu insulting Zhang Muxian and then following with a compliment to regain affection
  2. I’m not entirely sure what Zhang Muxian is referring to here. I believe he’s congratulating Zhou Chuxue and Qi Boyan for making it on to the same team

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