Morbid Attachment

Chapter 37

In the end, Ji Wang didn't actually do two hundred push-ups. As he thought, the other guests came to smooth things over. Qi Boyan still gave the fish to their group and didn’t ask for Ji Wang's answer.

Zhang Muxian warmed up the scene and said, "You can't tell just by looking that our Xiao Ji is actually a good man with deep love."

Ji Wang wasn’t actually in the mood to eat, but in front of the camera, he pretended that the food was delicious, avoided the topic of his ex, and even joked, "Isn't it just two hundred push-ups? If you hadn't stopped me, I could really do it.”

Zheng Qihong was amused by him, and Duan Yinyu heckled, "Then do it."

Ji Wang pretended to be serious and said to Duan Yinyu, "It's not that I can't do it, but I'm afraid that after I do, our team's only combat effectiveness will be gone. What will happen in the next game?"

Duan Yinyu said unceremoniously, "Come on, who was the black hole who lost several games in a row this afternoon?"

Ji Wang pretended to be stupid, "Who was it? I was playing the game too seriously and didn't notice."

Zheng Qihong carefully picked out the fish bones and divided the fish meat into the bowls of her two younger brothers: "Stop arguing, just try harder next time."

After finishing speaking, Zheng Qihong said to Zhou Chuxue, "Are you still short of people over there? Can I come over?"

Duan Yinyu quickly hugged Zheng Qihong: "Godmother! Where do you want to go? Please wake up, you’re our captain!"

Zheng Qihong hated iron for not becoming steel1 and said, "If my rock-paper-scissors skills had been stronger, I never would have fallen to this level."

Everyone was chatting and laughing, and the atmosphere was revived. Later, Zhang Muxian raised a few classic debate topics of the same type. The guests each had their own opinions, and a good variety show almost turned into a debate conference.

With the chatterbox opened, the guests naturally talked about everything from zodiac signs to interesting things they encountered in work. Director Jiang didn’t interrupt and allowed them to develop the direction.

Zheng Qihong didn’t talk about life philosophy from the position of an elder. She was a very friendly person who made people feel close to her.

Perhaps because she wasn’t married, her mentality was quite liberal and she wasn’t stubborn about too many things.

Zhou Chuxue was young and all the questions she asked were about love. She wanted to know if Zheng Qihong had never met anyone she loved in all these years, or if she simply chose not to get married.

Regarding Zheng Qihong's love experience, gossip magazines wrote all sorts of things in the early years. Some said that she was heartbroken after falling in love with the director of “Forgetting the River'' and she never had a relationship again.

Some people said that Zheng Qihong had a secret marriage and children long ago, and some even said that Zheng Qihong didn’t like alphas or betas, but only liked omegas.

There were different opinions, but there was no definite statement.

Zheng Qihong said generously, "Of course I’ve met people who I felt things for. It’s just that liking someone doesn't mean I want to marry them."

As if she suddenly had a desire to talk, Zheng Qihong said, "Actually, at this age, sometimes I regret not being impulsive when I was young. I didn't do some things I wanted to do, and I didn't keep the people I wanted to keep. "

This was said in an ambiguous manner, and the others were sensible and didn’t ask further questions.

After all, you can ask about someone’s relationship history, but if you need to find out who the other person was, it's crossing the line a bit. If people don't take the initiative to tell you, don't press them. Everyone here was an artist and weren’t paparazzi.

As a pure goddess, Zhou Chuxue naturally said she had no relationship history. Although Ji Wang didn't have this burden, Xiao Xu outside the scene had already raised his hands and made a cross gesture, which meant that he shouldn’t get involved in this topic.

Not to mention Duan Yinyu and Qi Boyan, many of their fans were girlfriend and boyfriend fans and wouldn’t be happy to hear about their idols’ romantic history.

Even though everyone knew that falling in love was human nature.

However, Zhang Muxian didn’t shy away from his feelings. When talking about his ex, he only said that it ended amicably and that the two of them would occasionally go out for a cup of tea.

Duan Yinyu asked curiously, "Is there really such a thing as a peaceful breakup?"

Zhang Muxian first wanted to hit him in the head, but Duan Yinyu cleverly avoided it. Zhang Muxian took back his hand first: "Because the feelings between the two parties have faded, and they feel that they aren’t suitable as lovers, so they amicably break up. On the contrary, those who cause a huge commotion after the break up, it means that they still love each other. At least, one of them still loves the other, and all the actions they do are because they don’t want to break up.”

After finishing speaking, Zhang Muxian added: "This is just a personal opinion, it may not be true."

Duan Yinyu was thoughtful, but Qi Boyan hadn't spoken much since he brought up this topic. After hearing what Zhang Muxian said, he chuckled.

Zhou Chuxue turned her head and saw it, and asked curiously: "Senior brother, what are you laughing at?"

Qi Boyan took out his guitar: "You continue chatting and I’ll provide musical accompaniment?"

Seeing Zhou Chuxue still looking at him, Qi Boyan winked, "Don’t ask, if you ask I haven’t dated. I’m a twenty-five year old that’s never been in a relationship.”

Everyone burst into laughter. Qi Boyan plucked the strings, then added, “But, I really want to get married. I wanted to get married when I was eighteen.”

This was a bit self-revealing. Even Zhang Muxian, who was used to being a host, didn’t know how to respond to this. Qi Boyan said, “Now, I might wait until I’m thirty to get married.”

Duan Yinyu cautiously said, "There are still five years left. Do you have a plan?"

Qi Boyan cast a wink at the camera: "Yes, if bigamy is not a crime, I will definitely marry peppermints."

Peppermint was the nickname of Qi Boyan's fans, and Qi Boyan played a trick to coax the fans.

Ji Wang subconsciously pressed the area on his chest and touched the empty space. There was nothing there. There was no necklace, no ring attached to a chain.

He put it away before coming to this show and put it in the bedside cabinet at home, in the bottom drawer, hiding it tightly.

The ring was like an unshowable product. In fact, every detail of the ring was forged by Ji Wang personally.

He melted the silver longevity lock left by his parents and remade a pair of rings, treating them as a meaningful gift from his parents to their future "daughter-in-law", a pair of significant rings.

What he thought at the time was that although he couldn't give Qi Boyan much, Qi Boyan had to have what others had.

But this was before, when Ji Wang thought Qi Boyan was an omega. After learning that Qi Boyan was an alpha, this thought disappeared.

Legally, there was no law regarding the marriage of alphas and alphas or omegas and omegas. Because there were so few special couples in this category, even if there were news reports, it was all negative news.

In the end, even if this type of couple had love, the uncontrollable instincts of heat and pheromones were more terrifying than external pressure.

After an omega chooses to be with an omega, what should they do if they meet their destined alpha?

Yes, an alpha and an omega could have 100% compatibility, commonly known as destined partners. This bond was purer and more binding than a marriage contract and a legal relationship.

It wasn’t unheard of news that after two omegas got together, the parents of both parties learned about it and forced one of them to be marked by an alpha, leading the two to die together in the name of love.

However, in the eyes of ordinary people, few responded sympathetically and most responded harshly. Bystanders more or less couldn’t understand their love.

In reality, it was far more common that after an alpha and alpha got together, they realized that omegas were better. Or, after an omega and omega got together, they couldn’t control their instinct and fell in love with an alpha.

Over time, this type of “same-sex” love was just a matter of excitement and couldn’t be taken seriously. Everyone was just playing around for fun, and eventually they would return to a normal life.

Once upon a time, Ji Wang was one of these normal people, until he met Qi Boyan, who pretended to be an omega and deceived him.

The day he discovered that Qi Boyan was an alpha, Ji Wang had just celebrated his nineteenth birthday, and Qi Boyan gave him such a big "surprise".

He sat on the soft quilt with a sore and painful waist. Next to him, Qi Boyan's hair was scattered and covered his face. His snow-white back was scratched with large red marks.

Ji Wang was in a daze for a while. Finally he dragged his nearly broken waist to the bedside to reach for the cigarette box.

He quit smoking half of the time because of Qi Boyan and started smoking again because of Qi Boyan.

Qi Boyan woke up to the smell of cigarettes with a bad temper and a bad mood: "Are you doing it on purpose?"

Ji Wang subconsciously put out the cigarette, moved his body slightly, and felt something rush out of his body... Ji Wang was silent and said in a hoarse voice, "You’re an alpha."

Qi Boyan scratched his hair. He didn't feel any guilt for deceiving Ji Wang all this time. He hummed casually, "Yeah, so?"

Ji Wang found that he couldn't keep up with Qi Boyan's thought process. What does he mean “so?”. Were people who play rock and roll more unrestrained and didn’t have basic common sense?

Qi Boyan leaned over affectionately, putting his cheek close to Ji Wang's chest and hugging his waist just like before. He resembled every omega who had a delicate and soft body, clinging to an alpha.

"Didn't you say you love me? I'm not an omega, so you don't love me anymore?" Qi Boyan said this in a long and coquettish tone, like he was trying to get away with it.

Ji Wang pushed Qi Boyan away, still finding it difficult to accept: "Let me think about it."

Qi Boyan's expression changed: "What else do you need to think about?"

Ji Wang had a headache and said, "My dream was to marry an omega. I always thought you were an omega, but you..."

Ji Wang didn't say the next words, but Qi Boyan understood them clearly.

With a cold face, he lifted the quilt and got out of bed, exposing his beautiful body to the gentle light of the early morning. This was a scene that often appeared in Ji Wangchun's wet dreams.

But in the dream, he didn't have a body that was taken to exhaustion by someone.

Qi Boyan roughly put on his pants and zipped up: "I understand."

Ji Wang asked uneasily, "What do you understand?"

Qi Boyan glanced at him indifferently, as if the person sitting on the bed was not the boyfriend he had just spent the first night with, but a stranger: "Don't you just want to break up with me?"

Ji Wang was stunned, every inch of his blood seemed to be frozen, and he couldn't even speak fluently: "Break up."

He said this very softly. In fact, he simply repeated this word that surprised him, but Qi Boyan misunderstood the meaning.

Qi Boyan bent down to pick up the shirt, put it on, and buttoned it one by one: "Okay! Whatever you want."

  1. Chinese idiom means “feel resentful towards someone for not meeting their expectations”

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