How Dare You Attack My Support!

Chapter 56

When they returned to the booth, Qi Chen and the rest were still playing Craps. When they saw Qiao Yanzhou and Gu Zixing come back, Tang Xuan and Zhao Qin wanted to drag Qiao Yanzhou back in, but it was veto’d by Gu Zixing. 

Honestly, Qiao Yanzhou also wasn’t really in the mood to play Craps. 

Gu Zixing’s 'I want you' was still lingering in his ear. Every time Qiao Yanzhou recalled how Gu Zixing spoke that into his ear, Qiao Yanzhou’s heart tingled.

However, to Qiao Yanzhou, Gu Zixing’s words could have two different meanings. 

The first one was the correct way to express the sentence: Qiao Yanzhou, I like the way you are right now. This expression, this action… but because Gu Zixing was drunk, his thinking was not clear so he only said half and didn’t continue. 

The second meaning was more simple: Gu Zixing wanted to f*ck him. 

And seeing that kind of expression on Gu Zixing’s face, the 2nd meaning must be 90% true.

Qiao Yanzhou acknowledged that he liked Gu Zixing, but he wasn’t sure if that ‘like’ extended to the bedroom yet. Afterall, Cao Ting and him dated for an entire year and they never talked about sleeping together. 

The pole dancing on the stage was already replaced with an electronic band. All they sang was heavy metal, causing Qiao Yanzhou’s mind to explode. But what shocked Qiao Yanzhou more was that the guitarist of this electronic band was Chang Nan! 

Since Junior High, Qiao Yanzhou heard that Chang Nan could draw and play guitar, and regularly performed during the New Year party. But during that time he played a wooden acoustic guitar rather than the electric guitar he was playing now. He didn’t think that up till now, he never abandoned it. 

Gu Zixing also seemed to notice. He lifted his cup near his lips and narrowed his eyes to look at the stage. “Isn’t that person your friend?”

“En.” Qiao Yanzhou responded, then pushed Gu Zixing’s head towards a different direction, as if he wanted him to move his gaze from the stage to somewhere else. He even started nagging, “What are you looking at?”

“Xiao Qiao, I can also play guitar.” Gu Zixing moved Qiao Yanzhou’s hand away and didn’t look at the stage anymore. He smiled at Qiao Yanzhou.


Gu Zixing smacked his lips, “Really.”

“It’s true! Last year during the post-worlds finals celebration, Commander Gu performed.” Zhao Qin, having heard the conversation to the side, excitedly interrupted, “It was so awesome. I remember it was at a bar in Seoul. After Commander Gu sang, a bunch of girls rushed over to get his number!” 

“Ah?” Qiao Yanzhou was startled for a moment. Truthfully, before Zhao Qin spoke up, he didn’t really believe it. He thought Gu Zixing was spouting out lies again after drinking. 

But now after Zhao Qin spoke up, Qiao Yanzhou suddenly felt that the credibility went up. 

“It’s true. We were also drinking at the time and the bar wasn’t too big. Commander Gu sat on the stage of the bar.” Zhao Qin spoke up from the side again to sculpt out a lively and realistic scene. “After singing one song, there were 5-6 women who ran onstage wanting his number!” 

“Then did you give it to them?” Qiao Yanzhou turned his head to ask Gu Zixing. 

Gu Zixing leaned against the back of the sofa and languidly shook his head. “Didn’t give.”

“So much willpower?”

“Afterwards, Qi Chen sold it for 20 yuan each.” Gu Zixing immediately said. 

“Nutjob.” Qiao Yanzhou turned cheerful and patted Gu Zixing, “Speak truthfully, did you give it or not.”

“Really didn’t give it.” Gu Zixing couldn’t help but smile after seeing Qiao Yanzhou smile. But he still sincerely responded to Qiao Yanzhou. 

“Why didn’t you give it out?”

“Not telling you.”

“Why are you still keeping people in suspense?” Qiao Yanzhou stared, his face couldn't help but reveal a ‘second dog you changed’ expression. 

Second dog = ergou. Term of endearment/way to express familiarity to someone

“If I tell you, I’m afraid you’ll be unhappy.” 

“What could I be unhappy about?” Qiao Yanzhou wrinkled his eyebrows, then suddenly stopped for a moment to look at Gu Zixing. “Eh, I understand. Yao Le didn’t let you give it…”

Gu Zixing shrugged his shoulders. 

That really was a bit unhappy… actually it wasn’t completely unhappiness he was feeling but more shocked. Shocked that Gu Zixing, a narcissistic person, was actually obedient. 

Forget it, it was still unhappiness in the end.

After playing at the bar for awhile, they finally decided to go back. There was still training tomorrow. If they went back too late and the coach found out, he’d beat their brains until they turned into dogs. 

When they left, Tang Xuan, Yao Le,  and Qin Xiangnan took a car while Fu Xiaohai and Zhao Qin sat in another car. Gu Zixing, Qiao Yanzhou, and Qichen sat in one car. Qi Chen had drunk a bit so as soon as he got in the car he passed out. By the time they were about to get off, he was snoring loudly. 

Qiao Yanzhou sat by Qi Chen, hearing the snoring right next to him Qiao Yanzhou felt like he was still back at the bar listening to Heavy metal. He was going to get mercury poisoning at this rate.

As they were getting off the car, Gu Zixing and Qiao Yanzhou strenuously supported Qi Chen back to his room, then they were finally free. 

“You ok ba?” Qiao Yanzhou twisted his head to look at Gu Zixing. Gu Zixing also drank quite a lot today.

Gu Zixing shook his head. 

After returning to their dwellings, as soon as Gu Zixing entered the doorway he immediately entered his room, but he didn’t think that Qiao Yanzhou followed him soon after. 


“Weren’t you going to play guitar and sing for me?” Qiao Yanzhou sat on the sofa. He didn’t regard himself as an outsider. 

“It’s 2am my dear brother,” Gu Zixing said, “Even if you don’t sleep, Wotou still needs to sleep.”

Because there was no one in the room, Gu Zixing was forced to grab Wotou, who was sleeping on his bed. 

“Wotou is a heavy sleeper and won't wake up to noise.” Qiao Yanzhou spoke as he walked over to pet Wotou. As expected he didn’t wake up, he didn’t even move. “This foolish cat, one day someone will sell him off and he won’t even know.”

“How else do you think he was thrown over here?” Gu Zixing laughed.

“Hurry and play a piece for me to hear.” Qiao Yanzhou couldn’t wait, “After listening, I'm also going to sleep.”

Gu Zixing couldn’t resist against Qiao Yanzhou. He felt that with Qiao Yanzhou’s attitude tonight, if he didn’t play he’d end up wasting his entire night. Gu Zixing stood up and grabbed his guitar that was leaning against his computer table.

This guitar hadn’t been played in a long time, but it was still maintained well. Gu Zixing randomly stroked two strings then plucked it two more times, it wasn’t out of tune yet.

“Sing a few words then sleep.”


Gu Zixing sat on his bed and thought for a bit, lowered his head and randomly strummed two chords as his intro. When he finally found the feeling, he gently sang along with the guitar. 

“Turn off the radio

Turn off the lights you know 

Heard someone’s pain in the air

Constantly throbbing and so serious”

Gu Zixing’s voice was very low, as if he was scared of scaring awake Wotou. The guitar was also not too loud, but the harmony was very clean and pleasant. There wasn’t an ounce of disharmony. 

Gu Zixing kept his head down looking at the guitar. Although this was just a habit, it made Qiao Yanzhou completely enthralled.

Gu Zixing’s eyelashes were very long, and they looked even longer from a profile view. The warm yellow light outlined his silhouette very well, with his collarbone peeking out of his shirt, it was very sexy.

What if…. He were to take advantage of the situation pry open the shirt to take a better look…. Pah pah pah! Foolish thinking!

Qiao Yanzhou sometimes truly admired whoever coined the phrase ‘Men think with their lower halves’. It really was words of wisdom to a certain degree.

“Have you ever loved me

Have you ever thought of me 

Felt any regret

Or was it only me.”

From start to end until the chord was finished, Qiao Yanzhou had drifted away.

Qiao Yanzhou listened to the lyrics Gu Zixing was singing. He listened till halfway through before Qiao Yanzhou felt that Gu Zixing was asking him using the song’s lyrics. And the more he listened, the more it became obvious. 

This could also be some random song Gu Zixing thought of to randomly play and sing. Maybe there wasn't any special meaning to it, it was just simply his own wishful thinking. 

But disregarding these thoughts, Qiao Yanzhou finally understood why after singing one song, Gu Zixing was bombarded by those crazy girls wanting his contact info. Not just crazy girls, if he was there at the time, he was afraid he would also derangedly crawl on the stage to ask for his number. 

“Handsome brother, leave your phone number ba!” 

Qiao Yanzhou felt that there really was a problem with his brain. It was one thing if he thought it internally but even for his mouth to not have a gate. It even dazed Gu Zixing.

“.....” Qiao Yanzhou saw Gu Zixing stare blankly and stopped himself. He waved with his hand, “I’m just joking ne,. Aren’t I just praising you.”

“Then you might as well skip the step of wanting the phone number, get some real practice in.” Gu Zixing laughed and used his hand to pat his bed. 


Qiao Yanzhou suddenly felt his chrysanthemum tighten. 

“Actually I can also play guitar!” Qiao Yanzhou snatched the guitar out of Gu Zixing’s hands and put it in front of himself. 

Gu Zixing was startled, perhaps because he had scared Qiao Yanzhou flustered. 

“I’ll-I’ll-I’ll play for you.”

Because Gu Zixing just said something shameless to him, Qiao Yanzhou was very nervous and his palms were sweaty. Without thinking, he hurried to change the topic.

Liang Dong had taught Qiao Yanzhou guitar before. Although they played the guitar, it was all just muscle memory. He didn’t even know do rei mi fa, just merely remembered one by one where to put his fingers to play. 

And in the end only taught two segments, any more and Qiao Yanzhou couldn’t remember it. So he couldn't even bring it out to deceive some girls. But what was embarrassing was that Qiao Yanzhou was forced to bring it out right now to try and deceive Gu Zixing beyond his abilities.

Gu Zixing also didn’t really say anything, sat and watched as Qiao Yanzhou clumsily fiddled with the guitar. He messed with it for a long time before finally managing to hold a hand a shape.

“Listen ah,” Qiao Yanzhou cleared his throat, “Clearly love you alot, obviously want.. want to be closer, why are we still wasting….. wasting……” He couldn’t remember the rest and finished.

Gu Zixing laughed so hard he almost started to gasp. ” Waste waste waste, can’t continue?”

“... can’t remember…”

“Who is Minging, still even loves me a lot.” Gu Zixing continued to laugh, “Mingming loves me so much, does Zhouzhou love me?”

Play on words. Mingming means ‘obviously/clearly’ from the song lyrics, but also sounds like a name.

Qiao Yanzhou watched Gu Zixing and couldnt help but want to laugh along. He gave the guitar back to Gu Zixing to hold and turned his head around to secretly laugh. He laughed so much his shoulders were trembling. 

“If you want to laugh, don't do it in secret. Turn back around.” Gu Zixing smiled and put the guitar down on the side and grabbed onto Qiao Yanzhou’s shoulder, forcefully turning his head around. 

“Xiao Qiao, why are you so cute.” 

Gu Zixing spoke, then lowered his head to give him a light kiss on his lips. Immediately afterwards he pressed Qiao Yanzhou onto his bed, he wasn’t too forceful but was in fact very gentle.

He was unable to restrain his emotions.

Qiao Yanzhou actually was a bit afraid in his heart. Although he had never seen or experienced it, but he hazily realized what Gu Zixing was on the verge of wanting to do. 

“Xiao Qiao.”

“What.. whats up?”

“Are you scared?”

Scared, how can I not be scared! Scared to death! I'm so afraid I'm going to cry!

Although he was thinking that internally, on the surface he managed to barely look aloof and nodded his head. Gu Zixing’s aura was too strong, Qiao Yanzhou really felt a burst of nervousness in him.

Gu Zixing laughed and with one hand, used his index finger to lightly draw a circle around Qiao Yanzhou’s belly button. 

Perhaps it was because of the alcohol, Gu Zixing’s expression was a bit hard to make out. Qiao Yanzhou stuck out his hand to touch his back. 

At last, he pinched his butt.  

JADE: Hehe~ Although to my knowledge, I dont think they went all the way. Also for anyone curious about the songs. The song Gu Zixing sang was 有沒有 by Wei Li An.

The one Qiao Yanzhou sang was 明明很愛妳 by Victor Wong and Fish Leung

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