How Dare You Attack My Support!

Chapter 57

A warm yellow light shone on the two bodies. Gu Zixing used his two hands to prop himself up by Qiao Yanzhou’s side.

“You have a lot of courage.” Gu Zixing narrowed his eyes. Although Qiao Yanzhou didn’t go all out, he did genuinely jump in shock.

Qiao Yanzhou didn't know what ghost took over him that he dared to pinch Gu Zixing’s butt… How should he say it? Don’t look at how Gu Zixing was skinny and tall, but his butt felt pretty good. 

“Who told you to pinch me at the bar?” Qiao Yanzhou stared at Gu Zixing as he spoke. 

He wasn’t weak, at least in terms of loftiness. But inside his heart, it was hard to tell.

Gu Zixing clicked his tongue and looked down. “Learning bad things ah.” He spoke as he wanted to put his hands inside Qiao Yanzhou’s clothes. 

Qiao Yanzhou was scared and hurried to move sideways. His body felt like he touched electricity.

Nervous, excited, and afraid. 

“Sorry, I drank some alcohol.” Gu Zixing saw Qiao Yanzhou intending to dodge him, he stared blankly for a moment but soon after gently touched Qiao Yanzhou’s face. “Can’t control too well.”

“I….” Qiao Yanzhou felt like he should say something right now, but was unable to say it. 

But this time, from within Gu Zixing’s limitless eyes, Qiao Yanzhou was able to finally make out something that he normally didn’t see.

Longing, desire, patience, restraint.

Qiao Yanzhou didn’t know if these were things that Gu Zixing purposely showed him or if it was because he was drunk and couldn’t hide his inner emotions. 

Qiao Yanzhou was still laying down, Gu Zixing tilted his head and smiled. 

“What are you smiling about?” Qiao Yanzhou asked. 

“Xiao Qiao, your body is trembling ne.” Gu Zixing turned Qiao Yanzhou over so that he could look at him.

“Then why haven’t you let me go yet…” Qiao Yanzhou was indeed trembling, he felt it himself.

“It’s already by your mouth, you still want to leave?”

“Then I won’t go. Let me be on top, I can also receive.”



Although he said that, Qiao Yanzhou, of course, didn’t leave. Gu Zixing also didn’t plan on releasing him. The two people faced each other for a few seconds then suddenly started to kiss. 

Soft and wet lips and tongues entangled together, Gu Zixing’s hand was a bit dishonest and slowly explored downward. 

Qiao Yanzhou softly moaned and reached out to tightly hold onto Gu Zixing… 

“Xiao Qiao, your voice sounds so good…”



Gu Zixing put his clothes back and on and reached out for a tissue by his bedside to wipe. Qiao Yanzhou, with a red face, laid on the bed covered with a blanket and didn’t make a sound. 

“Turned into a sage?” After wiping himself clean, Gu Zixing smiled and asked Qiao Yanzhou. Qiao Yanzhou didn’t utter a word, his originally red face turned a deeper shade of red. 

Gu Zixing didn’t continue to tease him. He had just got off the bed and was about to walk out when a hand suddenly grabbed onto him. 


“What are you doing…”

“To take a shower ah. You take a whiff,” Gu Zixing smiled, “like I just finished selling fish.”

Qiao Yanzhou retracted his hand. “Sorry… didn’t mean to get it on you…”

“You could come shower with me.” Gu Zixing said as he yanked off the blanket on Qiao Yanzhou, but Qiao Yanzhou dragged the blanket back. 

“Not going… you shower first, then I’ll go.”

Gu Zixing shrugged his shoulders and didn’t insist further. He  turned around and left. 

Qiao Yanzhou was sprawled on the bed, eyes empty, he stared blankly for awhile. It wasn’t known if he really did turn into a sage or if he simply didn’t feel like doing anything.

Taking a look around, Gu Zixing’s room was very tidy. You could tell that it was the room of a very typical male. There wasn’t a single bright color to be seen. He had a carpet, gaming chair, bookcase, guitar, the figurine case, and the clothes rack hung with the EG uniform.

Although there were many viewers on his stream thirsting to glimpse at Gu Zixing’s room, but just taking a glance around, there was nothing special about it. The only thing special about it was that it was especially clean. 

Gu Zixing’s blanket smelled exactly like him, as if it was reminding him of what just happened in this room. 

Qiao Yanzhou didn’t know how long he stared blankly while on this bed. In the end, he finally obediently got up and returned to his own room.


After returning to his room, Qiao Yanzhou tossed and turned, unable to sleep. He dimly heard Gu Zixing leave the bathroom, went back to his own room, and shut the door. But Qiao Yanzhou still continued to toss and turn. 

It persisted until finally, he couldn’t bear it anymore and got up to turn on his computer.

Looking at the clock, it was already close to 4 AM. Since he opened his computer, he knew he was not going to sleep tonight, even if there was training tomorrow. 

Qiao Yanzhou also didn’t know why he had so much energy at the moment.

Wotou was still sleeping in Gu Zixing’s room ne. This white eyed wolf, ever since coming to the Org, the number of days he obediently slept with Qiao Yanzhou could be counted on a hand. But he also didn’t know where Gu Zixing managed to get so much charm.

Qiao Yanzhou hesitated in front of his computer for a moment as he hovered his mouse over the League of Legends icon. Forget it, tomorrow he would play all day ne. He opened his browser, and in the address bar, typed in an address he was very familiar with then clicked enter.

Immediately afterwards, with trembling hands, he clicked on a genre on the webpage that he had never gone into before. Soon, many thumbnails of videos popped up. 

En, that genre was boy love. 

His heart was on edge, he had never seen G/V. Even this ‘G/V’ tag and meaning was explained to him from his female classmates in junior high,, otherwise if he were to hear ‘G/V’ he would think it was like an SUV and was just a type of car. He was puzzled over why the girls were discussing cars, excited as if they won 2 million.

Note: G/V is gay video. 

Qiao Yanzhou choked on his saliva looking at the computer monitor. This wasn’t the saliva from an addicted man, rather it was from being nervous of doing bad things. There was a distinction between the two.

This feeling was like taking advantage of when his parents weren’t home and digging out the adult DVDs from underneath his father’s bed.

On the screen, two men were gasping. Instead of the sounds of moaning, it sounded more like screams despite the two bodies being closely entwined together. Was this dedication to the topic or self abuse? Qiao Yanzhou felt a bit of hesitation.

The video wasn’t long. It was roughly only 30 minutes but Qiao Yanzhou only watched the first ten minutes and felt like it took half a century. This kind of feeling… how to explain? If he was merely sitting in front of a computer and watching, it wasn’t difficult to accept. Qiao Yanzhou even felt some excitement from it. But…but if this scene was with Gu Zixing and himself, being pressed down by Gu Zixing and making moaning noises, it was still terrifying. 

Although Gu Zixing didn’t look like the man in the video, the plump and strong type with a back of a tiger and waist of a bear, but…

Qiao Yanzhou exited the video. His body and his spirit were both experiencing a bit of alarm.

He hurried to stuff his head into his pillow after closing his computer. There was no need to sleep tonight. 


The next morning, after Gu Zixing got up he directly walked into Qiao Yanzhou’s room to lift him up after he only just managed to sleep. 

Qiao Yanzhou had to follow along for training today. It was Coach Chen’s death orders. 

This year EG’s talent selection competition selected 2 people in total. One was Qiao Yanzhou and one was called Qi Yanzhi, a mid laner. What was amusing was that the initials for both players were the same exact thing. 

Qiao Yanzhou hadn’t encountered him before during the competition, but he heard that this person’s livestream was famous. Besides just his live streams, Qi Yanzhi had also created guides that were famous in the alliance. His videos were frequently put on the homepage of the regional client.

Originally, Qi Yanzhi didn’t have a special adoration or fondness for any team or player. It was only because he made a video called [Guide on how to restrain Deep (Qi Chen)] that got popular. When Qi Chen saw it at the time, he thought it was pretty good and posted it to Weibo. It got exposed once and the video got forwarded and beat 5 digits instantly before  climbing to the homepage of the game client. 

Qi Yanzhi was also clever. After gaining success once, he struck while the iron was hot. In two months he released a series of similar videos. For example, ]Guide on how to restrain the jungler Wolf], [Guide on how to restrain ADC Rio] etc… His popularity then grew into what it is today. 

This time with Qi Yanzhi entering the team, it put a lot of pressure on Qiao Yanzhou. Forget about his fame and strength, Qi Yanzhi, this person was not as fickle and pompous as Shen Yinan. He made people feel that he was a very calm person, but Qiao Yanzhou internally knew that the more someone was like this, the more dangerous. 

“Why do you look so bad?” Gu Zixing stared at Qiao Yanzhou as he sat on his bed with messy hair. 

“Couldn’t sleep, headache…” Qiao Yanzhou rubbed his eyes. “Go outside, I'll change my clothes.”

“Why leave, it’s not like I haven’t seen it before.” Gu Zixing had one knee on his bed, stooped his body and narrowed his eyes at him, his face resembling a hoodlum.

“Then give me the clothes on the sofa…” In any case, there was a blanket covering him so Gu Zixing couldn’t see it. Qiao YAnzhou was also indifferent.

“Don’t want to wear the team uniform?” Gu Zixing asked as he handed him the clothes. 

“Not wearing… if I get it dirty now then it won’t look good during the competitions.” Qiao Yanzhou yawned, “You’re also not wearing it either.”

“I get pentakills during the competition, how come you didn’t learn that from me instead?” Gu Zixing walked towards the sofa after handing him clothes, took out a cigarette and held it in his mouth. 

“You think I don’t want to learn? The prerequisite is to let me go onstage.” Qiao Yanzhou beckoned with his hand. After he finished speaking he lay back down on his bed again. 

“Ai ai why did you lay back down…” Gu Zixing hurried over to drag Qiao Yanzhou back up. It was like he was the parent, rushing the child so they wouldn’t be late to school. 


Qiao Yanzhou’s entire body felt weak, as if he had chondropathy. 

“What did you do behind my back last night that made you so sleepy today…” Gu Zixing stooped his body and used both hands to prop him up on the bed as he looked at Qiao Yanzhou. He looked as if he was waiting for Qiao Yanzhou to give him a reasonable answer. 

Qiao Yanzhou, with great effort, cracked his eyes open. He leaned towards Gu Zixing, was silent for a moment before answering:

“Studying the origin of life…”

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