How Dare You Attack My Support!

Chapter 55

Qiao Yanzhou felt that entering EG already spent all of his good luck for the year, and he confirmed it after playing the game tonight.

He played until Gu Zixing couldn’t continue anymore. He pressed on Qiao Yanzhou’s hand that was about to open his dice cup and shook his head, “No.”

Qiao Yanzhou wanted to open it, the target was Qi Chen.

But when Gu Zixing looked over, it didn’t matter who Qiao Yanzhou was targeting. There was only one thought in his mind: To open two bottles for drinking.

“It's already 16 and 5, should not be possible ba…” Qiao Yanzhou frowned, he still wanted to win at least once. 

“Brother, come with me to the bathroom.” Refusing to give him a chance, Gu Zixing directly stood up and pulled Qiao Yanzhou with him. 

“Eh ok.” With no other choice, Qiao Yanzhou stood up. Before leaving, he gave his dice cup to Qin Xiangnan, who was watching from the sides the entire time. “Brother, play a couple rounds for me in my place.”

“Aiya, you a little girl? Still need two people to go to the bathroom?” Tang Xuan said. 

“Ai, those two have a good relationship, you don’t understand crap.” Qi Chen waved his hand, “Come come come, Xiangnan let’s go.”

Gu Zixing smiled and stuck out a hand to hug Qiao Yanzhou’s shoulder. Qiao Yanzhou was distracted for a moment before turning his head to look at Gu Zixing, puzzled. 

Gu Zixing laughed, “A bit dizzy.”

Gu Zixing and Qiao Yanzhou were not the same. Qiao Yanzhou was the type of drunk where if he drank too much, he would be confused and disoriented. Gu Zixing was not like that. Having drunk up till now, Gu Zixing’s eyesight was a bit blurry but he still maintained his reasoning and wouldn’t lose face in front of others.

Atmost, he felt like this person suddenly became soft and smooth like a snake, very easy to fall down. 

“Why did you sub in to drink for me? Don’t think I'm capable of drinking?” Qiao Yanzhou nagged at him as he helped him to the bathroom. 

“Let you drink so you can show them what a drunk kitten you are? Not allowed.” Gu Zixing laughed, “Only I'm allowed to see..”

“Look look look! Take a look at who's more like a drunk kitten at the moment.” Qiao Yanzhou snorted, “The current you is as if you’ve been flipped over by 20 strong men.”

“No need for 20,” Gu Zixing narrowed his eyes and looked at Qiao Yanzhou. He leaned towards his ear and said, “Just you is enough.”

Qiao Yanzhou only felt his entire body go numb after hearing this. Knowing that the drunk Gu Zixing was purposely playing with him, Qiao Yanzhou didn’t lower himself to his level. 

The two walked to the entrance of the bathroom. Qiao Yanzhou was scared that Gu Zixing was going to puke so he planned on following him inside when suddenly someone patted the back of his shoulder. 

Qiao Yanzhou turned his head around only to realize that the person who patted him was a man. Tall and skinny, he was dressed in all black with a cap on. He was very good looking.

He seemed a bit familiar but Qiao Yanzhou couldn’t figure out who this man was. 

“Zhou zi?”

“Ah… you are?” Qiao Yanzhou looked the person up and down. Though he knew it was rude to do so, if he didn’t recognize who this man was, then not only was it rude but it was also embarrassing.

“I’m Chang Nan ah!” 

Chang Nan… Chang Nan?! 

After hearing his name, Qiao Yanzhou immediately remembered. 

Chang Nan was the person who liked guys in junior high, but no one else in the class but Qiao Yanzhou was able to tell. Then during the class meetup, he came out and even brought his boyfriend over to take a group picture with everyone! 

Ah, time really was a surgical knife, Qiao Yanzhou couldn’t help but explain in admiration. 

After so many years, Chang Nan grew taller and very handsome. At that time, he was just an average looking guy, the teacher and the whole class didn't pay attention to him. 

But compared to the appearance of the current Chang Nan, he would turn heads anywhere he went.

But he didn’t say these things out loud. What Qiao Yanzhou found weird was that he heard that at the beginning of the year, Chang Nan and his boyfriend flew to Holland together. How come he was able to come across him today?

“Is this your friend?” Chang Nan looked at Gu Zixing by Qiao Yanzhou’s side, “Looks handsome, how come he kind of looks like Gu…” 

“Ah! Chang Nan, I just thought of something!” Qiao Yanzhou felt that his reaction had never been this fast. In .0 seconds he felt that Chang Nan was about to realize who Gu Zixing was, then in the next .0 seconds he immediately interrupted him. If this reaction speed was implemented in game, getting into the top ten on the national server would be nothing.

Because Chang Nan also really liked to play games, he still had some understanding of the professional player circle. It wouldn’t be strange for him to recognize Gu Zixing. But Gu Zixing was currently dizzy from drinking, so Qiao Yanzhou felt that it wasn’t too good if people recognized him. 

Having his train of thought interrupted, Chang Nan didn’t continue to entangle with Gu Zixing. Towards Qiao Yanzhou, he smiled and said, “Haven’t seen you in a long time.”

“Yeah, didn’t you say you were going to Holland? Why are you back?”

Qiao Yanzhou was just talking to Chang Nan so Gu Zixing directly turned and walked towards the bathroom. Although he didn’t know who this person who blocked Qiao Yanzhou was, Gu Zixing felt that they weren’t done talking and he was unable to continue to retain himself.

Before leaving, Gu Zixing sneakily pinched Qiao Yanzhou’s butt, causing Qiao Yanzhou to quiver. But he refused to show anything in front of his classmate, so he could only use a leg to kick Gu Zixing while a chill ran down his spine. 

Gu Zixing smiled as he walked towards the bathroom. 

Ah, legs are weak. 

What Qiao Yanzhou said was correct, it felt like he was tossed around by 20 men.


Qiao Yanzhou turned his head to look at Gu Zixing. The distance to the bathroom from here was still more than ten steps, at most 20 steps. It probably shouldn’t be a problem, so they went to find a place to talk that was slightly more remote but still in sight when Gu Zixing walked out. 

“Are you on vacation in the country?”

“No, Lu Cheng and I broke up.”

“.....” Qiao Yanzhou paused for a moment. How do you respond to that? Accept your fate? As long as you're happy? If you don’t get rid of the old, then the new one won't come? 

“Are you surprised?” Chang Nan didn’t look broken-hearted, his face still held a smile. Even his voice sounded normal. “Lu Cheng and I were together since junior high school, we separated in April this year.”

How do you respond to this? Amazing? Awesome? 666?

“Then it really is… a pity.” Qiao Yanzhou restrained himself for a long time before finally being able to choke that out. 

To date, of all the situations where Qiao Yanzhou didn’t know how to respond, ‘breakups’ were in the top three.

“Not a pity, it was meant to be.” Chang Nan waved. “I recently came back to work for a foreign company.”

“En, it’s good if you don’t take it to heart.” Qiao Yanzhou nodded. 

“How about you?” I heard from a classmate that you recently got into an esports Org?”

“Ah… pretty much ba.” Qiao Yanzhou was being modest as he waved.

“Then the person just now was really Gu Zixing? Looks very handsome.” Chang Nan reflected for a moment. 

Qiao Yanzhou’s smile was a bit awkward.

“When you're free, introduce me.” Cheng Nan smiled, “I’m currently single and pretty lonely.”

It didn’t sound like a joke, but in that split second when Cheng Nan said this, Qiao Yanzhou internally wished that Gu Zixing really was an unbent pure pure pure straight man! If he was, then Qiao Yanzhou could confidently tell Cheng Nan, ‘He’s a straight man, you have no chance!’. 

And what he couldn’t accept the most was that as Cheng Nan spoke, he also kept glancing past Qiao Yanzhou. He wasn’t sure why but this feeling of Cheng Nan anxiously waiting for someone made Qiao Yanzhou want to kick him. 

“He…. he’s straight, extremely straight. And he has a girlfriend, you don’t have a chance.” Qiao Yanzhou was not good at telling lies. His eyes were purposely avoiding Chang Nan as he said this.

Cheng Nan also wasn’t stupid. At a glance he could tell what Qiao Yanzhou was thinking and smiled. “No problem, if it's not possible then forget it.”

Qiao Yanzhou was annoyed. Seeing Cheng Nan’s expression, there was obviously something wrong if he really meant ‘if it’s not possible then forget it’. Those eyes were like a cheetah staring at a little sheep! 

Seeing Cheng Nan back as he left and his wechat number that he just left behind, Qiao Yanzhou felt like he was left behind a ticking time bomb and had complex feelings about it.

“If you don’t want to introduce me to other people, then just say it. It’s tiring to beat around the bush.”

Qiao Yanzhou suddenly turned his head and discovered Gu Zixing leaning on the wall behind him, giggling as he looked at him. 


Qiao Yanzhou didn’t understand it. How come everytime he lied, it was always caught by this guy? Should he continue to live?

“That guy just now was pretty good looking, your friend?” Gu Zixing moved from the wall and sat down next to Qiao Yanzhou.

“Junior High classmate.”


“What are you Oh-ing about.” Qiao Yanzhou glared at him. “Don’t think about it, I’m not going to act as a pimp.”

Truthfully, the current Cheng Nan paired perfectly with Gu Zixing. If the two of them stood together, it was very easy to see how harmonious that scene would look. Not to mention Qiao Yanzhou’s meddling nature, when Cheng Nan told him about the destiny of breaking up, there was no need for Cheng Nan to bring up Qiao Yanzhou introducing Gu Zixing to him because he instinctively thought it himself. 

But this time, Qiao Yanzhou didn’t want to. So much that when Cheng Nan brought up being introduced to Gu Zixing, Qiao Yanzhou felt a type of loathing evolve within.

“Xiao Qiao, are you angry?” Gu Zixing spoke. His body was sticking closer and closer to him. 

“Not angry. There's a handsome brother looking at you, why would I be angry?” Qiao Yanzhou spoke as he pushed Gu Zixing away. “Why are you so close, it's too hot.”

Qiao Yanzhou felt like his own inner drama queen was about to burst out. His mind was full of thoughts of Cheng Nan and Gu Zixing standing together. 

Gu Zixing had a wicked grin on his face as he stuck out his hand to pinch Qiao Yanzhou’s butt again. Qiao Yanzhou was startled and almost jumped up.

“You haven’t f*cking played enough yet…”

It was only a lift of his head. Qiao Yanzhou originally wanted to curse, but he didn’t know how his own lips were sent to Gu Zixing’s lips. A tongue pried open his mouth to tease Qiao Yanzhou’s tongue. It was a simple set of movements that was completed in a single breath. Simply didn’t give Qiao Yanzhou any time to respond! 

And in the next second, Qiao Yanzhou clearly felt Gu Zixing embrace his own body, both hands gently stroking his back. 

Gu Zixing was a bit cruel as he pressed Qiao Yanzhou against the wall. Qiao Yanzhou’s back stuck onto the wall, lips still entangled with Gu Zixing, he looped his arms around Gu Zixin’gs neck wanting to pull him even closer. 

He was probably possessed. Sometimes Qiao Yanzhou’s movements were even more bold than Gu Zixing. 

“Xiao Qiao…”

After kissing for a long time, Gu Zixing was finally willing to part with Qiao Yanzhou. He buried his head into Qiao Yanzhou’s neck and lowered his voice. 

“En?” Qiao Yanzhou’s breath was a bit hurried. This was the first time he kissed Gu Zixing while sober. It was very different from the Gu Zixing who was normally in a good mood. That kind of despotic and sintensive kiss made Qiao Yanzhou obediently follow him.

He also wasn’t sure if his hurried breaths were because he was too nervous or that it was too unexpected.

Qiao Yanzhou extended a hand to embrace Gu Zixing. “What is it?”

“I like you…”

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