How Dare You Attack My Support!

Chapter 45

Qiao Yanzhou’s liquor tolerance was not very good. After drinking two glasses of wine, he was already feeling light and airy. Halfway through, there was even someone who delivered a fruit cake which was also ordered by Qiao Yanzhou during the competition.

Qiao Yanzhou was already giddy, but on the contrary Gu Zixing had no indication that he was drunk at all. He was as sober as a dog.

“If you can’t drink anymore then don’t drink.” Gu Zixing took the cup out of Qiao Yanzhou’s hand and put it on the table and laughed. “If you drink anymore there won’t be anyone who will help you back to the room.”

Qiao Yanzhou was leaning on the back of the couch looking at Gu Zixing, after watching for a moment he suddenly smiled. He smiled for so long, he didn’t look like he was going to stop anytime soon.

“Preparing yourself to act drunk?”

Gu Zixing raised his eyebrow. He wasn’t actually afraid of Qiao Yanzhou’s drunken stupor. After all, it wasn't like he hadn’t seen it before. But he was more afraid of him puking up on the carpet he just cleaned. It caused him to be a bit distressed.

“Didn’t you say that when you drink…you have no self control?” Qiao Yanzhou  shamelessly looked at the bottom half of Gu Zixing.  “You were spouting nonsense.”

Ah then I’m really sorry, I’ve disappointed you.” Gu Zixing couldnt help but laugh twice. He wanted to record this version of Qiao Yanzhou and show it to him tomorrow when he was sober. But when he raised his cellphone up, he decided to just forget it. These past few days Qiao Yanzhou had been a bit intolerable.

“If the person sitting by your side was Yao Le, then would your current situation be different?” Qiao Yanzhou smirked, then straightened his body. “En?”

Gu Zixing stared blankly for a moment.

“Don’t pretend to be naive, there were people who have told me. You and …” Qiao Yanzhou narrowed his eyes, wanting to continue speaking when suddenly his cell phone vibrated.

“Wei —” Qiao Yanzhou, who got interrupted, seemed to be in a bit of a bad mood. After picking up the phone, he looked up at the sofa.

“Xiao Zhou ah, Xiao Ai and I were walking around today and purchased two outfits. We also bought one for Tingting. In the next two days, mom will send it over. Give it to Tingting to see if it fits or not!”

The volume from the phone was pretty loud. Gu Zixing, who was sitting by the side, could hear her clearly. Furthermore it seemed she was too focussed on the outfit as Mama Qiao didn’t detect that Qiao Yanzhou was drunk at all…

“Mom,” Qiao Yanzhou’s eyebrows knitted together. Sometimes he sincerely admired his mother’s ability to always call and interrupt him during important moments, as if she had a special machine that could detect it.

But he also wasn’t sure if it was because the alcohol made him more emotional, but when he heard his mother mention Cao Ting again his heart felt jittery. Then hearing that his mother bought Cao Ting an outfit, Qiao Yanzhou couldn’t bear it anymore.

“Mom, can you stop randomly buying things in the future.”

“How can this be randomly buying ah, what are you saying ne! You take a look at this outfit—-”

“Cao Ting and I already broke up for over two months!”

Without an ounce of hesitation or laying the groundwork, Qiao Yanzhou told her the secret that had been stifling him for two months.

Alcohol was really a magical thing.

But after Qiao Yanzhou’s voice died down, the phone went quiet causing Qiao Yanzhou’s heart to tighten.

“Anyways mom, it’s fine. I later found a new girlfriend who is definitely prettier than Cao Ting by a lot. Her personality is also a lot better!”

Consoling was definitely Qiao Yanzhou’s special skill. In the first second he was completely fearless when he told his mother about his breakup and saved himself from the abyss of lies. But in the next second he was afraid that his mother would be too heartbroken and ask too many questions that he didn’t hesitate to enter another abyss of lies.

An abyss for an abyss, Qiao Yanzhou felt that his frame of mind was bungee jumping. And today he jumped and didn't know when he would fall down to jump again.

“Xiao Zhou ah, you are such a naive child, you never knew how to lie.” Mama Qiao finally opened her mouth, her tone holding some hesitation and anxiousness.

“I didn't tell you I broke up with Cao Ting earlier because I was afraid that you'd be heart broken. After all, you really like Cao Ting,” Qiao Yanzhou forced out a hollow laugh, “But now I found one who is better than Cao Ting.”

“You're just saying nonsense ba, you cant even find decent work, what beautiful lady would want you!” Mama Qiao coldly snorted. She paused for a moment to sort out her mood before continuing, “Then tell me, what is the name of your new girlfriend?”

“Called…” Qiao Yanzhou choked for a moment, but very quickly continued talking. “Called uh, called Gu Xiaoxing!”

“What does she do?”

“A nurse a nurse! A female nurse!”

“How old?”


As Qiao Yanzhou was weaving a new lie, Gu Zixing stared blankly from the side.

All the way until Qiao Yanzhou hung up the phone, Gu Zixing didn’t seem to be there mentally. He lowered his head to look at Qiao Yanzhou who was on the sofa. “The name of your girlfriend is pretty good, where did you get this inspiration?”

Qiao Yanzhou threw his cellphone to the side, and turned towards Gu Zixing and smiled.

“And even a nurse ba.”

Qiao Yanzhou nodded his head, his smile became even deeper. He extended his hand, wanting to touch Gu Zixing’s face. “And grew to be very pretty…”

“You drank too much.” Gu Zixing turned his head to dodge the hand.

“What I said is true.” Qiao Yanzhou spoke and raised his cup and drank from it again. Then he tilted his head to look at Gu Zixing. “Slender eyes, thin lips, a high nose, pale face…”

Qiao Yanzhou didn’t know what was wrong with him. It was like the person with no self control was him and not Gu Zixing. And what was more irritating was that he couldn’t control his own mouth, like a demon took over his body.

Seeing Gu Zixing sit by his side, Qiao Yanzhou’s mind turned into a mess. Yao Le… the competition…  in order for his mind to stop being so chaotic, he could only continue talking, but the more he talked the worse it got…

“Master Zhouyu,”


“Do you still like Yao Le…” Qiao Yanzhou narrowed his eyes, asking quietly.

Gu Zixing knew that Qiao Yanzhou would hold onto this topic and not let go. He couldn’t help but sigh, “Exactly who was it that told you this?”

“Dont think about it… tell me!” Qiao Yanzhou snickered and waved with his hand. Although he was drunk, he strived to get everything cleared up. “You should confess first! You and Yao Le…”

“If you want to know, wait for you to sober up first and I’ll tell you everything.” Gu Zixing spoke and wanted to get up to drag Qiao Yanzhou back to his room. But he didn’t think that before he could even stand up, he was dragged back down by Qiao Yanzhou.

This youngster when he was drunk, his enthusiasm was quite a lot.

“If you need to go accompany Yao Le, then you need to go find Mantou and bring him over to me.”

“He’s called Wotou…”

Qiao Yanzhou was startled for a moment and then laughed. Gu Zixing was infected by him and also started to laugh. The two people were like idiots nestled on the couch, laughing for a while. Qiao Yanzhou’s smile suddenly vanished.

“I’m serious ne. If you want to go accompany Yao Le, I’ll understand.” Qiao Yanzhou took another swig of his cup when all of a sudden his eyes opened wide. “F*ck! The both of you haven't been in bed together yet have you?”


Gu Zixing decided to hurry and stuff this boy into his room to sober up, otherwise he might ask another demented question.

This person was simply too dreadful.

Qiao Yanzhou this time was very cooperative. He obediently stood up and followed Gu Zixing into his room.

But halfway there he stopped and turned his head around and lightly touched his lips to Gu Zixing’s cheek. His action was very light and very quick.

But merely from that small movement, the moment Qiao Yanzhou’s lips touched Gu Zixing’s face, he could distinctly feel that Gu Zixing’s cheek was as soft as a marshmallow… Qiao Yanzhou felt like he was getting more and more drunk.

“Congrats to EG for entering the SPL finals, jiumi~”

it’s a cute emoji. Its a mix of facial expression and movement that portrays a cuteness. Nowadays it goes “啾咪 ^.<”. It’s similar to when someone goes “kya” or “uwu”

Wasn’t sure if it was to lessen the awkwardness in the air or something else, after kissing Qiao Yanzhou mended it with that phrase.

It kind of ruined the atmosphere but it still suited the situation..

Gu Zixing stood in the same spot, staring distracted for a bit before suddenly smiling. “Then remember to kiss everyone tomorrow, I didn’t enter the finals by myself.”


Qiao Yanzhou really did drink too much. If it was the normal clear-headed Qiao Yanzhou facing this very obvious joke from Gu Zixing, he would roll his eyes and be sarcastic.

Gu Zixing laughed and threw Qiao Yanzhou onto the bed.

“You want to kiss, but other people might not want it.”

“It's not important if they want it or not,” Qiao Yanzhou waved his hand, “The most important is if you let me or not…”

Gu Zixing stared blankly.


Gu Zixing vaguely remembered, the last time he stupidly was in a similar situation at night was when Yao Le confessed to him.

That day Yao Le had also drunk alcohol and in the middle of the night, he came banging on Gu Zixing’s door. He waited for him to open the door and threw himself into Gu Zixing’s embrace.

At that time Gu Zixing had thought Yao Le had fainted. He was so terrified he almost called the ambulance. Afterward when he realized that Yao Le was giggling in his chest did he realize that he just drank too much and didn’t have any other problems.

Compared with that day, Gu Zixing felt that today he was even more foolish.

For what specific reason? It was still under investigation.

After dealing with Qiao Yanzhou, Gu Zixing tidied up the cups and also returned to his room. Although he wasn’t drunk today, he still drank enough to feel slightly intoxicated.

His head was a bit chaotic. It was full of everything that Qiao Yanzhou said to him today and Qiao Yanzhou’s kiss.

Qi Chen had kissed Gu Zixing before as well, but that was because EG had finally beat the previous world champion, so Qi Chen excitedly couldn't control himself and lifted the person next to him and smacked his lips.

Gu Zixing was the unfortunate person who got lifted up.

What was even more embarrassing was that the two people had direct lip to lip contact.

But the kiss from Qi Chen and the kiss from Qiao Yanzhou were not the same at all.

The difference was like being licked by a small bunny rabbit and being smacked by a big black bear.

Qiao Yanzhou was the small bunny rabbit while Qi Chen was the big black bear, and an adult bear at that.

Gu Zixing laid on his bed, his heart a bit itchy. His hand unconsciously lowered down to touch a certain thing, but he only rubbed halfway before he noticed that Wotou was sitting at the entrance to his room.

Wotou must dislike the scent of alcohol which is why he refused to share the room with Qiao Yanzhou. Gu Zixing faced Wotou and laughed. “The smell of alcohol in this room must be less than the other room huh?”


After Wotou made a noise it didn't matter if Gu Zixing was willing or not, in 2-3 leaps it jumped onto Gu Zixing’s bed and laid down by Gu Zixing’s side.

De,” Gu Zixing looked at Wotou, who didn’t treat him as a strangle at all. With a frustrated smile,  “You really picked a time…..”

Gu Zixing’s hand was still casually rubbing, after rubbing for a bit, he turned his head to look at Wotou and lowered his voice, “Don’t watch…”

Wotou lifted his head to look at Gu Zixing and didn't make a noise.

Gu Zixing was also looking at Wotou.

Forget it, in front of this pure and adorable animal, he really couldn’t do that kind of thing in front of it.

Just endure it ba.

Gu Zixing was forced to let go.

Ah, it really was unbearable!

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