How Dare You Attack My Support!

Chapter 46

Qiao Yanzhou vaguely remembered that he had a dream last night. He dreamed that after drinking some alcohol, he kissed Gu Zixing. At least it wasn’t mouth to mouth, merely a light kiss on his cheek.

And this dream felt very real. It felt so real that the next day he could still feel the soft touch on his lips. It was completely unforgettable.

But no matter how unforgettable, Qiao Yanzhou still regarded it as a spring dream. Furthermore, if Gu Zixing knew he had this kind of dream, he was scared at how he would ridicule him.

But what made Qiao Yanzhou suspicious was because since this morning, Gu Zixing had some weird nefarious look. He used a peculiar expression to look at Qiao Yanzhou, causing him to feel uncomfortable from head to toe.

“Why are you looking at me…”

Qiao Yanzhou couldn’t take it anymore and turned around to ask Gu Zixing, only to see Gu Zixing sprawled on the sofa petting Wotou, his mouth carrying a smile.

“Sleep well?”


Seeing Gu Zixing’s expression, Qiao Yanzhou had no doubt that in the next second Gu Zixing would throw red envelopes at his face and say, “Yesterday night’s work wasn’t too bad. This is something bestowed from Daye.” Afterwards he would stand up and slam the door as he left.

Qiao Yanzhou felt his scalp tingle a bit.

“In two days it’ll be the talent selection competition,” Qiao Yanzhou walked to Gu Zixing’s side, “These next two days you guys are practicing so I won’t tag along.”

“Then don’t come, no one was forcing you anyways.” Gu Zixing laughed. “In fact there’s not really much to follow along with for training.”

“I also heard that Xiao Nan will also be participating in EG’s talent competition this year.”


Xiao Nan is a famous streamer from Ivory Cat. Before he was a mid main, but it was rumored that he was also practicing ADC and his skill was top quality. But this person really disdained going pro. There were a few times EG had specially invited him to the talent competition only for him to directly refuse. This caused EG to ignore him in the future for similar competitions.

As a result, when everyone thought that Xiao Nan would dive deep into being a streamer, he suddenly took the initiative himself to sign up.

This move ruthlessly hit his own face. Later he probably felt that slap to his face wasn’t loud enough, so he directly stopped streaming to seclude himself to practice for the competition. Till now, no one knows what EG did to attract him.

The pro players on EG were not unfamiliar to Xiao Nan. There were many times that the streamers from Ivory Cat and people from EG held games together and would invite Xiao Nan. He also played friendly matches with other cat streamers against EG before as well. Therefore he had plenty of experience.

Qiao Yanzhou, when he was browsing weibo this morning, also saw that Xiao Nan would participate in the competition, but his mood was a bit complicated. Coach Chen had told him before that this time’s competition would at most only have two spots. In Qiao Yanzhou’s subconscious mind, he thought that Xiao Nan already had half a foot into EG. Then to Qiao Yanzhou’s understanding, there was only one spot to compete for.

Two spots were already very few, but it all of a sudden halved. Qiao Yanzhou suddenly felt like two was an enormous number.

“What happens if I don’t get picked?” Qiao Yanzhou poured himself a cup of warm water and sat on the sofa, the phrase in his mouth was spoken very softly.

Gu Zixing looked up. “Scared?”

“A bit.” Qiao Yanzhou smiled. “I had thought it through before that if I was selected, I would directly enter the team. If I’m not selected, I’ll go home to rest for two months. Give my mom rent for two months.”

“Isn’t that arranged pretty well?”

“But I’ve already been at the Org for a few days, training for a few days, now I suddenly can't bear to walk away from it.” Qiao Yanzhou turned his head to look at Gu Zixing, “I’m not saying that I have to stay here….”

“It’s not like you can’t stay here.” Gu Zixing interrupted him, “Coach Chen likes you. If you want to stay afterward, there will definitely be some position for you.”

“I don't want to be a training partner. I want to debut.”

“En, an dream.” Gu Zixing turned his head to look at his cellphone.

“What I said is true ne.” Qiao Yanzhou said as he secretly took glances at the EG uniform on Gu Zixing’s body.

The EG uniform was said to be the best looking uniform in the alliance. In fact on the [League of Legends] website, all the big Org uniforms would be sold for a limited time, only EG’s uniform was never sold. As a result there were many illegal merchants who all strived to be the ones to sell EG uniforms. But they were trying to draw a tiger but ended up with a dog, no one would buy the counterfeits.

Therefore many crazy fans would cherish EG’s team uniform. At this moment, Qiao Yanzhou’s eyes also reflected this.

It felt like it was right in front of his eyes, but yes also still very far away.

“It’s just a streamer, what are you so scared of?” Gu Zixing propped his head, “Just going to fight you.”

“Come play with me for a bit ba.”

“You really know how to order someone around,” Gu Zixing smiled as his gaze lifted up from his phone and looked at Qiao Yanzhou. “You’re not afraid that I have training?”

“Yesterday after the competition, I heard Coach Chen say that today was a rest day.” Qiao Yanzhou smacked his lips, “Unless you're going to go find Yao Le today?”

Qiao Yanzhou regretted this as soon as he said it because he saw Gu Zixing’s face change.

“I’ve been wanting to ask you since last night,” Gu Zixing leaned closer to Qiao Yanzhou, “Who exactly told you this, making me some kind of affectionate couple?”

Qiao Yanzhou shrugged his shoulders. “No one really said ah, just what I felt. I just felt that between you two…and it just so happens that you’re gay.”

“Pretty good, you’re able to feel it out.” Gu Zixing smiled, “Then what do you think I feel for you ne?”

Gu Zixing said this as his body leaned closer to Qiao Yanzhou, the faces of the two were now very close because of Gu Zixing’s actions. Qiao Yanzhou could even clearly feel Gu Zixing’s breath: warm and ticklish.

The sudden close distance made Qiao Yanzhou jump in fright. He could clearly feel the overwhelming aura exuding from Gu Zixing’s body that made him unable to talk. Gu Zixing’s face had a faint smile. His narrow eyes made Qiao Yanzhou feel that this room suddenly had an ambiguous feeling. He knew that Gu Zixing was purposely teasing him but it didn’t stop his heart from letting out a beat.

Furthermore Gu Zixing naughtily put his hand on his thigh, immediately afterwards he unconsciously stroked him a little. Qiao Yanzhou was wearing shorts so Gu Zixing’s cold palm gave him an electric shock. It terrified QIao Yanzhou and he quickly scooted to the side.

“F*ck are you in heat so early in the morning!?”

Qiao Yanzhou for some reason felt nervous in his heart, accompanied by a feeling like an ant was crawling on him, it made him very uncomfortable. He cursed and hurried to maintain a distance from Gu Zixing. He didn’t know if this curse was sincerely what he felt or if he was afraid that his own guilty conscience and nervousness would be detected by Gu Zixing. Either way, the current Gu Zixing made Qiao Yanzhou feel a bit dangerous.

Seeing that Qiao Yanzhou was startled like a little bunny, Gu Zixing really wanted to laugh. He stood up and stretched, then with a smile looked at Qiao Yanzhou who was curled up on the other side of the sofa. “Lets go ah, accompany you to play for a bit. There’s a meeting in the afternoon ne.”

Qiao Yanzhou lifted his head to take a look at Gu Zixing, and skeptically stood up. He was still a bit scared.

“Me and Yao Le are like you and Cao Ting; there’s been no relationship between us for a long time.” Probably because he thought that the blank look Qiao Yanzhou had was because he was still thinking about the whole situation with Yao Le, as a result Gu Zixing thought it was better to explain.

His tone was very gentle, Qiao Yanzhou couldn’t find an ounce of regret for leaving Yao Le on Gu Zixing’s face.

Qiao Yanzhou stared blankly for a second. After hearing Gu Zixing’s response, he wasn’t sure why but he suddenly felt relieved, as if a giant rock fell off his heart. But this kind of relaxed feeling didn’t make Qiao Yanzhou feel comfortable. This reveal was Gu Zixing’s own business, he didn’t know why he felt relieved.

“Coming or not.” Gu Zixing saw Qiao Yanzhou standing there blankly and asked with a good temper.

“Coming, coming.” Qiao Yanzhou's soul finally returned to his body, “Wait for me to grab my laptop from my room.”

“Isn’t it fine if you’re just in your room?”

“But then I won’t be able to hear what you say.” Qiao Yanzhou smiled, “Commander Gu when he is playing games, one word is worth a thousand in gold.”

Gu Zixing smacked his lips and didn't continue to say anything.

Qiao Yanzhou grabbed his laptop and entered Gu Zixing’s room. He put his laptop on the side table and sat on the floor with a cushion.

“Just like a punching bag.” Gu Zixing lowered his head to look at Qiao Yanzhou sitting on the floor and couldn't help but laugh out loud. “You couldn’t find a chair to move next to the desk?”

“Am I not a punching bag? I take your anger everyday.” Qiao Yanzhou harped on then logged into the game.

Just as he was about to enter the client, Gu Zixing’s invitation already came over.


“You want to play normals?”

“Whatever you say ba.

In Qiao Yanzhou’s heart, he obviously wanted to play normals. After all, to oppress someone or be oppressed were two different things. Qiao Yanzhou wasn’t an M, so of course he preferred the previous over the latter.

After entering the game, the silhouettes of Gu Zixing and Qiao Yanzhou were in the mid lane. Gu Zixing chose Orianna while Qiao Yanzhou chose Annie.

Qiao Yanzhou had faced off against a terrifying Gu Zixing before. It wasn’t an exaggeration to say it was like life or death.

“I know why you have to drag me to customs.”

After farming for ten minutes, Qiao Yanzhou spoke.


“You want to kill me then take my only spot in the EG talent selection competition.”

Gu Zixing didn’t bother trying to hide his laughter, because of this laugh he accidentally missed a cannon minion.

“Do you know what the range of Annie’s auto attack is?”

“Nope.” Qiao Yanzhou clicked on his champion to take a look, “625… f*ck it’s this long ah.”

“Orianna’s range is only 550, it’s much shorter than yours and you also have a strong cc. Why are you playing so scared during laning phase.”

Why are you scared… because the opponent is Gu Zixing thats why I’m scared! And you still f*cking ask!

“Q auto the minion, use your E to stack your passive,” Gu Zixing smacked his lips, “Xiao Qiao can you be a bit more aggressive in lane?”

“How to be more aggressive ah…”

“Take initiative just like you did last night when you kissed me…”

“Get lost! Who kissed you!”

Gu Zixing smiled and didn’t continue to speak.

Wait, kissed Gu Zixing? Qiao Yanzhou’s movement suddenly stopped for a few seconds.

Qiao Yanzhou vaguely remembered last night he had a dream. He dreamed that after he drank he kissed Gu Zixing. At least it wasn’t lip to lip, only kissed his cheek.

This this this….

Should just be a dream ba.


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