How Dare You Attack My Support!

Chapter 44

By the time they got back to their building it was 7PM. As soon as the car stopped, Coach Chen ordered the team members to have a meeting to discuss the matches. Qiao Yanzhou felt bored by himself and went back to his room to stream.

Afterall the talent selection competition was in less than a week. Qiao Yanzhou also felt like he couldn't sit still. Although he wasn’t sure what could change within these next few days, but Qian Yanzhou felt that his own mental state was not very stable.

In addition, Qiao Yanzhou recently heard that this year there were many popular and strong streamers from Ivory Cat who registered for the competition. Qiao Yanzhou also felt that the pressure was very enormous, so he was doing some things to help divert the pressure. When Gu Zixing was not here, Qiao Yanzhou could only practice by himself.

After entering the game and being put midlane, Qiao Yanzhou hesitated for a moment before finally choosing this patch’s midlane daddy – Orianna.

On the side, the barrage of spectators were still tangled over the question of Gu Zixing and Qiao Yanzhou sleeping in the same dorm. Furthermore, they wanted Qiao Yanzhou to hold his webcam to look around Gu Zixing’s room. As a result, Qiao Yanzhou didn’t even need to think about it before declining. If he used his webcam today to go look around Gu Zixing’s room, tomorrow Gu Zixing would lift him by the collar and throw him down the 16 floors.

Aiyou ah, Veigar in the mid lane is very tough.”

Fortunately at this time the enemy mid laner picked their champion and Qiao Yanzhou hurried to switch the topic of conversation.

First comment: Don’t try to change the subject!

2nd comment: When is my husband Xingxing coming back!

3rd bullet: God Gu would straight up play Orianna, ha ha!

4th bullet: Pretending to be forced while God Gu isn’t here

“You guys sure are good at trying to coerce me,” Qiao Yanzhou smirked and narrowed his eyes, “Too bad it doesn’t work on me.”

But to speak the truth, the enemy picking Veigar did make him a bit worried. Although Veigar had strong CC abilities, Qiao Yanzhou would be able to avoid it with good positioning. But he was more worried about Veigar’s passive that would give him huge amounts of power. If Veigar developed well during lane, during late game he could easily take away the life of someone with little armor in half a combo. Orianna was a champion who depended on items to gain power, so Veigar was really not a good match.

“This will be difficult.” Qiao Yanzhou tapped his keyboard.


When it was around 9:30 PM, EG finally finished up their very long, dry, dull, and boring post-match review. Everyone, including Coach Chen, were so tired they could barely keep their eyes open.

Because they already reached the semifinals, the next match was the finals so there were many things that needed to be discussed before the next match. In the middle of the meeting, even the CEO who hardly ever showed up, appeared.  Even though he was only standing on the side to congratulate and encourage the players, it was enough to see how important this competition was.

After the finals was the Mid-Season Invitational (MSI). Although the Mid-Season Invitational and world competition were different by 3 words (in chinese), they were not the same. During MSI, only one team was allowed per region, while in the world's competition China had three slots. Therefore every Spring Split, every team would be bruised and battered trying to fight for this single spot.

Note: Each major region gets three teams for the world comeptition, major regions are determined by money: NA, EU, Korea, China. Whoever wins MSI gets an extra team slot for their region to go to Worlds.

Currently, it was precisely that period of time where everyone’s heads were covered with bumps and bruises.

After the meeting ended, Qi Chen wanted to drag Gu Zixing to Gao Yang’s place, but as a result Gu Zixing said he had stuff to do and left first.

Gu Zixing walked straight back to his room. He had just fished out his keys when he heard movement. Opening the door, he saw that Qiao Yanzhou’s room was half open with the light still on inside.

“How much AP does this Veigar have! Why does he hurt so much ah!” Qiao Yanzhou said as he clicked on the enemy Veigar, his eyes quickly scrolling to the upper left corner of the screen. “20 minutes in with 205 AP!? How are my teammates all idiots! No magic resistance, no armor, fuck!”


Hearing Qiao Yanzhou wail like a ghost inside his room, Gu Zixing silently sighed. He suddenly felt that it was a waste of talent for Qiao Yanzhou to be a pro player. With this much zeal, he should be a commentator instead.

He quietly pushed open the door to his room. Qiao Yanzhou was sitting at his computer playing intensely and didn’t notice Gu Zixing.

On the screen, Qiao Yanzhou saw the enemy Veigar was sneaking to his team’s Blue buff in the jungle. The support was also following behind him.

“This Veigar is trying to steal blue buff again! Your tactic has already been exposed and you’re still trying to steal Laozi’s Blue buff!” Luckily Qiao Yanzhou was not too far from the jungle, without saying anything else he hid himself in the bush.

Waiting until the Veigar got the blue buff low, he flashed over and used his QW to beat up the Veigar to low health while also stealing the blue buff. A frantic Veigar carelessly missed his Q but managed to follow it up with his E which summoned a purple magical circle that trapped Qiao Yanzhou in the middle. Lulu, by his side, also ulti’d him and made him big. The originally short and small Veigar in an instant turned into a giant.

Within the encirclement, Qiao Yanzhou quickly turned in a circle, afraid that he would touch the edges of the circle causing him to be stunned. At the same time he cast E on himself to give himself a shield. Veigar’s W smashed down on to his head, thankfully his shield managed to obstruct the enemy support’s silence. Once Qiao Yanzhou was freed from the enclosement, he used his R on Veigar, sucking him in from afar. Immediately afterward with a QW, he took away the life of the Veigar.

“9/10 skills used.” Seeing Veigar’s fallen corpse, Qiao Yanzhou couldn't help but laugh out loud, then turned around to aim his cursor at the enemy Lulu.

He vaguely recalled that Lulu had a speed up ability, but only saw the Lulu run two steps when his jungler intercepted in the middle of the river. Qiao Yanzhou issued an order: Attack, can’t use W yet, support kill is already in the bag.

“Come accompany me~” Qiao Yanzhou smacked his lips, “How about that! Even if it was Gu Zixing, at most he could only do what I did. Isn’t it just a 1 for 2? Swap to me and I’m enough!”

Qiao Yanzhou was proud of himself as he turned his head to look at the chat. He originally thought that everyone in the chatroom would write 666 and throw gifts at him, but he didn’t expect that besides the gifts and 666, those things were quickly overtaken by something else…

God Gu! Gu Zixing! Xiao Xingxing! Siler!

And each one had an exclamation mark.


Qiao Yanzhou didn’t understand what it meant. With a dumbfounded face, he turned around to discover that Gu Zixing was leaning against his doorframe, his face beaming with smiles.

“Switch to you and you’re enough, ha?”


In the next second, with a bang Qiao Yanzhou slammed the webcam directed at Gu Zixing to face the desk instead. “Wtf! How come you didn't make any noise when you walked in! Ah scared me to death!”

“I was just too enchanted from watching your marvelous gameplay.”

Hearing Gu Zixing’s words he realized that he must have heard what he said on stream just now.

“Just making a joke, have you never heard anyone talk themselves up before ah.” Having gone through many days together, Qiao Yanzhou was influenced by Gu Zixing’s mysterious art of shamelessness, a very successful accomplishment.

Not paying more attention to Gu Zixing, Qiao Yanzhou turned back around to continue playing, but Gu Zixing moved closer to him on his own.

“The enemy jungler is here to catch you.”

“How do you know?”

“You’re so low right now, if not for you then who is he catching?”

“It’s so clear to you.”

Qiao Yanzhou made a sound, but he didn't even finish his sound when suddenly from the bush came a Jarvan with full health. With just an R he entrapped Qiao Yanzhou in the middle. At the same time Qiao Yanzhou gave himself a shield and shot out a Q, but the jungler was an AD champion. AD champions don’t even need two hits to break his shield. In an instant Qiao Yanzhou’s screen turned black.

Gu Zixing couldn't bear it and directly laughed.


“How tough, my fragile little midlaner.” After laughing enough, Gu Zixing stood up and patted Qiao Yanzhou’s shoulder. Picking up on the way Qiao Yanzhou talked just now he said, “Gu Zixing at most, can only do this.”


“You’d probably be a bit stronger if you weren’t dead.”

“Shut up.”

Qiao Yanzhou was so annoyed his head was smoking, fortunately he was doing well. He was 10/1 as Orianna, having only died once, it didn’t really affect Qiao Yanzhou too much.

The enemy surrendered at 20 minutes. Qiao Yanzhou was the MVP of the game, however he was not actually happy.

Firstly it was because at the end of the game he was being targeted by the enemy team, so his game experience was constantly explosive.

Second, it was because he discovered that his own stream was thoroughly occupied by a certain person.

First comment: God Gu God Gu!

2nd comment: God Gu! Quickly come back to your stream ya! Your stream has grown cobwebs la!

3rd comment: I missed God Gu appearing on camera!!!


Qiao Yanzhou felt like his head went from emitting green smoke to black smoke, just like a chimney.

After angrily closing the stream, Qiao Yanzhou went to the living room to see Gu Zixing leaning on the sofa, examining the bottle of red wine. He was even wearing glasses.

Qiao Yanzhou had never seen Gu Zixing wear glasses before. He vaguely remembered hearing before that Gu Zixing was nearsighted. It seems like he ordinarily wore contacts.

“Have you finished studying it yet Master Gu?” Qiao Yanzhou sat by Gu Zixing’s side, “The glasses aren’t bad. I even thought you were sitting here cosplaying Shun Oguri.”

Shun Oguri is a Japanese actor and voice actor.

“Wearing contacts today made my eyes hurt.” Gu Zixing said as he took his glasses off and squinted, “Wearing them started to make me dizzy.”

“I feel sorry for you elderly,” Qiao Yanzhou spoke as he took the red wine out of Gu Zixing’s hands. “I ordered this from the bar downstairs. I can’t order it if its too expensive, so if it’s passable, drink it.”

“How come you suddenly thought of drinking?”

“You entered the finals and you’re not going to celebrate?” Qiao Yanzhou said as he got the two glasses sitting on the coffee table. “Aren’t you guys taking a break tomorrow?”

“Rare for you to be so kind.”

Qiao Yanzhou smiled and filled up the glass for Gu Zixing and the two people lightly clinked their glasses together.

“Drink less,” Gu Zixing smiled, “After I drink, I might not have any self control left.”


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