A Villainous Slave Trader Who Has Nothing but Destruction Flags Doesn’t Want to Die, so He Trains in Healing Magic

Episode 9 Selling slâves

Translated By: Niladri

I had already treated two disabled slâves, Arday and Domingo, and through this experience, I had become quite skilled in healing magic.

Since I was able to successfully heal someone with injuries as severe as Arday's, I was confident that I could heal almost all of the slâves.

With this in mind, I decided to start selling them.

If I let them go off questing like Domingo, I could consistently earn small amounts of money.

However, I've started to feel the need for a significant amount of money at this point.

If someone had a pile of money, it was possible to do a lot of things.

Gold was essential for me to survive the death flags.

If I purchased disabled slâves at a low price and treated their injuries, I was confident that I could sell them for a higher price than what I initially paid.

With that in mind, I once again returned to the slâve market.

I found a slâve girl named Hallelujah.

I felt sorry for her since she had been recently sold in the slâve market and was still afraid of the people's gaze.

Even though Hallelujah was still very young, there seemed to be no demand for her as a s*x slâve.

It’s just that despite her beautiful face, her left leg and right arm were missing.

I brought Hallelujah home and treated her.

「Uh, um... Thank you very much for treating me, Master」

「There's no need for thanks. I only took care of your condition to ensure your high resell value as product.」

After treating and bathing Hallelujah, I discovered that she was quite a beautiful young woman.

Not only was she attractive, but she also exuded a sense of refinement.

It's possible that she may have come from a decent family.

There seemed to be some reason behind her being sold into slâvery.

Well, all slâves had their own stories, to some extent or another.

Customers regularly visited the Schmaken family to buy slâves.

In addition to the slâves working there, they also supply of slâves purchased for the purpose of resale.

The main clientele was nobles.

The Schmarken family had been a slâve trader family for a long time, and they had a lot of trust among the nobility.

Every day, numerous customers visited my father's slâve trading establishment.

I haggled with my father to sell Hallelujah.

And so I was allowed to accompany them to the slâve trading house.

All we had to do was to get Hallelujah added to the catalogue and wait for her to be sold.

Hallelujah was good-looking, likeable, and young.

A noble customer, who laid his eyes on her, bought her immediately.

「Erd-sama, our time together was brief, but I am truly grateful. I will never forget the kindness you showed me in treating my injuries, even if my master changes hands」

「Ah, stay strong over there. If you get hurt again, I'll heal you.」

After-sales service was also essential.

He was worried because Hallelujah was weak and timid.

It would be nice if the one who bought her was a good person...

The person who bought Hallelujah was a noble named Earl Semond.

Among the list of clients, the Earl was certainly one of the well-regarded in terms of personality.

The Schmarken family had a detailed list of their customers' information.

Customers were ranked according to how they treated slâves.

There were various customers, ranging from customers who treated slâves harshly to those who pampered slâves excessively.

My father preferred to sell slâves to customers who treated them poorly.

Those kinds of customers had high likelihood of quickly destroying their slâves, so they would return to buy more.

But I thought that if I was going to sell the young Hallelujah, I would want them to be a good nobleman.

Well, Earl Semond didn’t mind paying.

It didn’t really matter to me what happened to Hallelujah, but I would be angry if someone damaged the arm again that I had worked so hard to heal.

I was not a doctor, and this was not a hospital.

By the way, Hallelujah was bought for 30G and sold for 7000G.

It turned out to be quite profitable.

Buy a disabled slâve cheaply and sell it at a fair price.

This was possible because the value of a disabled slâve was really low.

Anyway, this was good business.


A few days later, Earl Semond visited the store again.

At that time, Hallelujah was following behind.

When Hallelujah found me, she approached me with a smile.

Seeing her safe and well, I felt relieved.

「Um, Erd-sama, thank you again for everything. I'm now living a happy life after being purchased by Semond-sama.」

「Yes, that is the most important thing.」

「Thanks to Erd-sama, I was blessed with a very good master. Now I live in Semond-sama’s mansion, and he treats me as if I were his daughter. It's all thanks to you.」

「You’re exaggerating」

「No, if I had remained in my previous condition, being a defective slave, I would have only been sold off to awful places. However, thanks to your treatment, I have been blessed with my current circumstances. I am truly grateful.」

「That's good to hear」

It's strange how things turn out.

To think that a slâve I sold would express gratitude...

Usually, slâve traders are seen as enemies by the slâves, right?

Well, I've decided to keep doing business this way.

I just hope Hallelujah can continue living happily.

T/N: Hi dear readers, just wanted to let you know that isn’t an endless slice of life story of buying and selling slâves. The plot will be unfolding soon enough. Right now, MC is preparing for his death flags. Also I like how MC decided to transfer Hallelujah to a nice person instead of adding him to his slave harem.

Let me know your thoughts in comments below 😊

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