A Villainous Slave Trader Who Has Nothing but Destruction Flags Doesn’t Want to Die, so He Trains in Healing Magic

Episode 8 Life is the Best [Side Story]

Translated By: Niladri


[Domingo’s POV]

My name is Domingo, and I was a dwarf being sold as a slâve in the market.

Dwarves were pretty popular as slâve.

With their ample physical strength and sturdy build, they were capable of almost anything.

Dwarf slâve were perfect for blacksmithing and combat.

However, I remained unsold in a corner of the slâve market for a long time.

I didn't have any arms. Earlier to becoming a slâve, I got injured and lost my arms because of it.

As a result of this, I had little value as a slâve.

It was unlikely that anyone would want a dwarf slâve without arms.

Moreover, I was a rough, uncultured old man. Unlike the female slâve, I had no value as s*x slâve.

As long as a woman had an attractive face, even without any notable skills or talents, they would still attract curious or interested buyers.

As for someone like me, I had no worth as a male prostitute.

I had reached a point of utter hopelessness regarding my own life.

The fact that I had fallen into a state of slâvery was bad enough, but to also be completely unwanted even in that position was truly disheartening.

At the very least, I hoped someone will buy me and give me a job.

If that happened, the day may come when I would be freed from slâvery.

Moreover, having a job could provide a sense of purpose and satisfaction, which could be a powerful motivator to keep on living.

However, as it stood now, I had been just sitting in a corner of the slâve market, unwanted and waiting for the day I would be disposed of.

Unexpectedly, a turning point arrived in my life one day.

「Until you die, I want you to work for me. 」

The boy told me so.

And then, he cast healing magic on my arm.

「This is...!? Amazing. My arm is...! 」

My arms were restored to its original state after receiving healing magic.

I was filled with disbelief.

The light returned to my eyes, which had been lifeless until now.

I had given up, but now I had hope again.

Usually, if someone wanted to restore their lost arm, they either had to either pay a high price to the court healer magician to fix it, or use super high-end medicines such as elixirs.

However, no one was stupid enough to pay such a large sum of money to treat a slâve.

Instead of doing something like that, they could buy as many healthy and capable slâve as they wanted for the same price.

But this Erd sama healed me with his own healing magic.

I didn't expect this little boy to have such talent.

Moreover, Erd-sama not only treated me, but also said something completely unexpected.

「Alright then Domingo, train for the next few weeks. You're free to use the sword and training ground. 」

After Erd-sama said so, he handed me a sword and granted me access to a training facility.

To think that he would hand over his sword to me - a slâve, isn’t he afraid of revolt?

A slâve couldn’t raise his hand against his master. However, as long as they had a sword, they might take people around them hostage and do all sorts of bad things.

Nevertheless, this person handed me the sword without hesitation.

You don't have to bother with training slâve, let alone providing them a training facility.

Slâve were basically disposable. Any amount of them could be replaced.

Therefore, the death of a slâve didn’t usually cause much concern, as they could easily be replaced.

With that, it was just a matter of hiring talented slâve.

And yet, he went out of his way to ask me to undergo training.

He told me that I had to train to avoid dying on quests.

「Alright, it's about time to begin questing. Domingo, could you go to the city and register as an adventurer? Just earn money as you see fit. You're free to do whatever you like in the meantime. 」

「A slâve like me being an adventurer...? To be honest, is it okay to have that kind of freedom...? 」

「That's right. Just give me 80% of the quest reward. The remaining 20% could be kept in reserve for the next adventure or as your own pocket money. 」

「No way...! Will you even give a slâve like me money...!? 」

I cannot believe how much freedom Erd-sama had granted me.

This is more of a regular mercenary job than being a slâve.

It would be difficult to find such treatment even if I were to search for a job under normal circumstances.

For the first time since I lost my arm, I felt like I was being treated as a human being.

The work that Erd-sama gave me was the best.

I completed quests and received rewards in exchange.

Accepting the quest and clearing it with my own skills was very rewarding.

Instead of being a slâve, this was similar to a normal adventurer.

I had been in despair since losing my arm.

The food I earned with my own hands was the most delicious.

Erd-sama told me that 20% of the money could be used freely, so I went to a restaurant on the way home from the quest.

Spending my days like that filled with a sense of accomplishment was very fulfilling, and I truly felt alive.

I used to believe that I was not needed by anyone, but then light shone on me once again.

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