A Villainous Slave Trader Who Has Nothing but Destruction Flags Doesn’t Want to Die, so He Trains in Healing Magic

Episode 7 Training the Slâves

Translated By: Niladri


Even after buying the elf slâve girl Arday, my wallet still had room to spare.

Arday was pretty cheap, partly because she was a disabled slâve.

The week after I bought Arday, I decided to go to the slâve market again.

This time, I was aiming for a male slâve.

In the future, I’ll probably need a lot of money.

In order to avoid the death flags, it would be prudent to save up a considerable sum of money.

That's why I thought of a way to earn some.

‘Buy a male slâve and make him work as an adventurer.’

That way, I’ll be able to generate a stable income.

Moreover, the purchase price would be insanely cheap because it would be a disabled slâve.

Among the disabled slâves, if possible, let’s choose someone who had a good physique and appeared motivated.

The slâve that caught my eye was a dwarf.

Dwarves were a demi-human race with good build and physical strength.

Therefore, dwarf slâves were often used for physical labor.

You can make them work as artisan slâves in workshops, or make them do other things such as being adventurers.

A dwarf would be perfect for working as an adventurer.

I found a dwarf with no arms and decided to buy it.

Looking at the price tag, I was astounded at how cheap he was. It was a level that even a child's pocket money could buy.

I asked the owner to give me the slâve.

「Esteemed customer, are you really okay? A dwarf with no arms... it's useless, you know? 」

「I'll decide if this guy is useful. Just give me this guy. 」

「Yes Yes.」

The dwarf I bought was named Domingo.

I took Domingo home and immediately decided to grow back his arms.

At first, there was no light in Domingo's eyes.

「What's the point of buying me? I'm useless. As a dwarf who has lost his arms, there's nothing left for me but death...」

「That won't do. Until you die, I want you to work for me. 」

I put my hand on Domingo and started casting healing magic.

--Kyuaaah! ! ! !*

Domingo's arms grew back and life returned to his eyes

「This is...!? Amazing. My arm is...! 」

「See, with this you can still work, can't you?」

「Thank you...! How can I express my gratitude...」

「No need for thanks. Just work hard in return, that's all I ask」

I was planning to send Domingo on a quest as an adventurer.

But before that, I decided to train Domingo.

There's also arm rehabilitation.

Until yesterday, he was an amateur with no skills.

From now on, I need to train you to reach a minimum level of proficiency. Otherwise you'll get injured again.

「Alright then Domingo, train for the next few weeks. You're free to use the sword and training ground. 」

「Thank you very much! I will do my best to live up to my master’s expectations! 」


After that, Domingo kept swinging his sword earnestly.

Whenever he got injured or felt muscle soreness, I applied healing magic immediately.

Through this repetitive training, Domingo grew rapidly in just a short period of time.

「Alright, it's about time to begin questing. Domingo, could you go to the city and register as an adventurer? Just earn money as you see fit. You're free to do whatever you like in the meantime. 」

「A slâve like me being an adventurer...? To be honest, is it okay to have that kind of freedom...? 」

「Is there a problem...? 」

「No, it's just... I never really heard about slâves being adventurers... 」

Usually, there aren't many who give such freedom to their slâves.

However, Domingo seems to trust me, so I think its fine to have him do whatever he pleases upto some extent.

「That's right. Just give me 80% of the quest reward. The remaining 20% could be kept in reserve for the next adventure or as your own pocket money. 」

「No way...! Will you even give a slâve like me money...!? 」

「That should improve your quest performance, right? Everyone needs to take breaks. As long as you earn enough money during your free time, it's not a problem」

「How can I say this.... Even after healing my arm, you’re being so generous... Thank you for giving me this chance...! 」

So, I decided to let Domingo go on a quest.

In the evening, Domingo returned to the mansion with several quest rewards.

「Aah! As expected of Domingo. Isn't this a pretty good reward? 」

「This is all thanks to Master. 」

Continuing to use Domingo like this will provide a steady source of income.

With the rewards received from quests, we could even purchase new slâves.

Besides, considering how to avoid ruin, no amount of money would be too much.

Safety can be ensured as long as one is prepared.

Let's continue to save as much money as possible for the future.

「I am amazed by how much master trusts me, a mere slâve. Your kindness and competence are truly admirable. In return for this favor, I feel motivated to work harder. 」

「Hmph, don't get me wrong. This is just for money. 」

「Let's leave it that way then. 」

Actually, all I am thinking about is avoiding my own ruin.

Whether Domingo finds it rewarding or is comfortable, I am not particularly interested.

However, if I can be appreciated for it, there's nothing better than that.

The more slâves on my side, the better.

*1. it says ――キュアアアン!! - and it’s not within quotes

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