A Villainous Slave Trader Who Has Nothing but Destruction Flags Doesn’t Want to Die, so He Trains in Healing Magic

Episode 6 Master is God [Side story]

Translated By: Niladri


[Arday’s POV]

My name is Arday.

An elf šlave, who was to be sold off.

That being said, I barely had any hands or feet to speak of.

Besides, my face was so badly burned and blistered that it was difficult to even look at.

My village was burned to the ground by bandits, and all my friends were kidnapped as šlaves.

I was also caught in the same way and became a šlave, but I was badly burnt when the village was razed.

My hands and feet were similarly burnt, and they were so severe that they had to be cut off.

As for me, I was abused by the šlave traders and forced to wear a collar, all while being cursed and insulted.

They said that damaged goods like me had almost no commercial value.

Despite this, even though I brought in no income, I still needed to be fed, and as such, šlaves like me who had disabilities or injuries were heavily disliked by the šlave traders.

So, I wanted to cry at this.

To have my village burned down, my limbs cut off, fall into šlavery, and then still be called useless and continuously insulted was just unbearable…

I could only curse this fate.

Someone like you can't be sold as a s*x šlave. I don't need you at all to be honest.

I couldn't even open my mouth to talk back. My throat was burned and blistered.

I had thought of biting off my tongue right then and killing myself, but that wouldn’t work either.

I also sometimes thought that if I was not needed, they should just kill me, but it seems they couldn’t even do that.

According to the law, šlave traders couldn’t dispose of even disabled šlaves.

It seems that it was possible to dispose of her only if she was a šlave he owned...

I don't know the details...

Even if I was like this, there are apparently people who were interested and willing to buy people like me.

However, no matter how long I waited, there was no sign of such a day coming.

Besides, even if I were to be bought, I doubted I'll be treated well anyway.

One day when I was thinking like that--

A curious person who wanted to buy me appeared.

That person named Erd was still a child.

However, he was starting at me with a smouldering gaze, and I could clearly feel his intentions.

At first, I was worried about what would happen to me after I was taken home.

However, that anxiety was quickly blown away.

「Okay, I'll cast healing magic on you now and go over all the damaged portions. It will take quite some time, but please stay still, okay? 」


Healing magic...?

That also to me, a šlave...?

And by master himself...?

At first, I didn't understand what he was saying.

However, when Master started using healing magic, I immediately began to feel comfortable and my body began to recover.

Master spent a long time sweating while treating my face and voice.

Seeing that figure, I was filled with gratitude and sentimentality, my heart overflowing with feelings of gratitude.

I couldn’t believe there were people who go this far for šlaves...

To me, he could only be considered as a God.

「Wow, amazing...! I’ve really recovered...! Master is an amazing person...! Thank you! I can't thank you enough!」

「Well... uhh, oh... what... you're so beautiful.」

「Wo... wow, I am beautiful...!? Thank you...」

Subconsciously, with those words I fell in love with him.

Lord Erd was a young man and moreover, he had a very handsome face.

Also, he risked his life to treat me.

Isn’t it that easy to fall in love with such a man, especially when he praises you as beautiful?

Until now, I had given up on myself as a woman...or rather, as a human being.

With a burnt face like this, no one would have loved me anymore. I would have died without knowing love.

However, he restored my face to its original state and said it was beautiful.

Master― God's miracles didn't stop there.

「Then next, I'll grow back your right hand.」

「Huh, grow back...!? Can you even do that...!?」

「Wait up...」

Surprisingly, Master even made my hands and feet grow back.

Master's healing magic was clearly different from normal kind.

Ordinarily, even among the elves, there weren't many people who could achieve such a feat with healing magic.

It was orders of magnitude more difficult to grow back an arm through healing magic, compared to, say, healing minor wounds.

What's more, it was not only difficult, but it also consumed a lot of stamina, energy, and magic.

If done poorly, it could endanger the life of the caster. No matter how talented Master was...

Nevertheless, he did his best for me without looking after himself.

As a šlave, what else can I do but serve this person with all my heart? I thought so.

As a šlave, I made up my mind to serve this master for the rest of my life.


「What's wrong? Are you still in pain?」

「*Sniff*...*sniff*…Waah~ Waah~! It’s not like that. I'm so happy that Master went this far for someone like me...! In my dreams I have wished so long that the day will come when I can walk like this again! I'm really happy to have been kept by Master. I will serve you for the rest of my life!」

「That's good. I too wish I could stay with Arday forever.」

Unbeknownst to me, I burst into tears like a child.

Master gently hugged me like a lover.

To think I, a šlave, would be treated so well and humanely at this point......

To me, who had already given up on everything, Master gave me another chance to live.

This life, I will dedicate to my Master.

Afterwards, my master embraced me and I was truly happy.

Even though I had already given up on knowing love, my master loved me as a woman...

There was no greater happiness than this.

Is it really okay for me to be this happy?

However, my master never boasted or flaunted his actions, and remained a humble person. He must be a shy person.

「Don't get me wrong. I only treated you for the purpose of using you as my šlave.」

The master who spoke like that was also wonderful.

He must be saying that so that I don't feel burdened.

I think, I was really bought by a wonderful person.

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