A Villainous Slave Trader Who Has Nothing but Destruction Flags Doesn’t Want to Die, so He Trains in Healing Magic

Episode 5 The First...

Translated by: Niladri


After taking the elf šlave home, I was alone in my room with her.

「Umm, let’s first start with your name, shall we?」


「What, are you unable to speak?」

When I asked that, the elf nodded.

Then, 「Aa...」 she let out a hoarse groan.

It's possible that her throat and face both were burnt and damaged.

「Lie down here first.」

When I pointed to my bed, the elf reluctantly followed me with a frightened look.

「Okay, I'll cast healing magic on you now and go over all the damaged portions. It will take quite some time, but please stay still, okay? 」

Then I started casting healing magic on the elf.

Starting with the throat, and then the face.

It took two hours to completely heal her throat.

During that time, I fully concentrated without wiping off a single bead of sweat.

Next, I gave the elf a drink and asked her name.

The elf told me that her name was Arday.

After that, I started to treat Arday‘s face.

It took about five hours to restore her face to its original beauty.

「Wow, amazing...! I’ve really recovered...! Master is an amazing person...! Thank you! I can't thank you enough!」

「Well... uhh, oh... what... you're so beautiful.」

「Wo... wow, I am beautiful...!? Thank you...」

Arday's face turned bright red and embarrassed.

But I honestly thought so, that’s why I just said it.

Even if one looked at it objectively, I thought Arday's face was quite high level.

I'm glad I was able to restore Arday's face to its original state.

It's all the more so upon seeing Arday's smile brimming with happiness.

「Then next, I'll grow back your right hand.」

「Huh, grow back...!? Can you even do that...!?」

「Wait up...」

After that, my treatment continued.

I've already used a lot of magic, and my physical strength was at its limit.

It's a battle of willpower now.

Ah, by the way, apparently, it was difficult even for a high-level magician to re grow human limbs with healing magic.

Now that I think about it, the old šlave lady who taught me healing magic must have been a pretty amazing instructor.

I've grown a lot over the past few years, but...

It took about 15 hours to restore all the limbs.

「Haa...haa...with this, I wonder if she’ll make a complete recovery.」

Just like that, I collapsed on the bed.

Suddenly, I heard Arday's crying voice.

「What's wrong? Are you still in pain?」

「*Sniff*...*sniff*…Waah~ Waah~! It’s not like that. I'm so happy that Master went this far for someone like me...! In my dreams I have wished so long that the day will come when I can walk like this again! I'm really happy to have been kept by Master. I will serve you for the rest of my life!」

「That's good. I too wish I could stay with Arday forever.」

I merely don't want to be betrayed by my šlave, nothing else.

In case of a crisis, I would like to build a relationship of trust so that even if the šlave crest was no longer working, it would still be fine.

「Master... I'm really happy right now. I thought I was going to die in a corner of the šlave market without being bought by anyone... Master found me, really... Master is like a God!」

If you like me this much, I don't feel bad either.

「Hey Arday. Why are you so grateful to me? I'm in a position to keep you as a šlave, you know? Don't you really hate it? Even though you should hate me, why are you so devoted towards me?」

「No way...! Master saved my life. You made me walk on this land again. You showed me this scenery again. You gave me the opportunity to speak again... I apologize, but it's ridiculous to hate you! I'm really happy to be able to work as a šlave under Master!」

「I see... that's good. But don't get me wrong. I only treated you for the purpose of using you as my šlave.」

「No, even so... I love Master...!」

Alright, you fell.

With this, Arday will completely pledge her allegiance to me.

Everything’s fine, everything’s fine.

From now on, let's gather various šlaves as allies and prepare for the destruction flags.

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