A Villainous Slave Trader Who Has Nothing but Destruction Flags Doesn’t Want to Die, so He Trains in Healing Magic

Episode 4 Šlave Market

Translated By: Niladri


I grew up fast and turned 10 years old.

At the age of 10, under the rules of the Schmarken family, I was finally allowed to have my own šlave.

I accompanied the purchase of šlaves for the first time.

The šlave market was extremely prosperous.

Even though it's called a market, this was where šlave traders came to buy šlaves.

Demi-humans of all races were sold from all over the world.

The market was located under a huge dome, and it was as luxurious as a luxury hotel lounge.

A child like me felt out of place in a place like this.

The Schmarken family also used their own route to purchase šlaves - well, it was similar to kidnapping - but apart from that, they also often buy from the šlave market like this.

From the šlave market, they went to the šlave trader, and then to the nobles and other such customers.

In the šlave market, a large number of šlaves were sold casually.

Our job as šlave traders was to buy decent šlaves from among them, train them properly, and ensure that they will be safe even if they fall into the hands of nobles.

The šlaves that have just been bought were not trained yet, so none of them were well-behaved.

Even though I had a šlave crest, it's still troublesome if someone went against me.

In order to sell to nobles at a high price, a šlave's behaviour and etiquette were also important.

「Now, you can buy any šlave you like. Well, within the scope of your pocket money that is. 」

My father said so and let me move around the market as I pleased.

My father's šlave, Hans, was keeping his attention on me so that I didn’t get lost.

Hans was my father's personal šlave, the one I helped when he had been beaten up.

What I came to buy this time was not a šlave to resell.

I was looking for an personal šlave who would take care of me.

In the Schmarken family, in addition to the šlaves they sell, they keep šlaves for various purposes such as housework.

I've always had šlaves to take care of me, but they were my father's property.

Now that I'm 10 years old, I've finally been recognized as a full-fledged person who has come of age and allowed to have my own šlave.

「Young master, what are you looking for from a while now? Ah, maybe a cute girl your age? 」

Hans joked and asked me. Every time my father hit Hans, I treated him, and we got along pretty well. I'm sure Hans will help me in case of a crisis.

「No... I’m not. Well, good looks are always nice... What I'm looking for is a disabled šlave.」

「Disabled šlaves... no, is that so? I mean, even though you're young, you have a great hobby.」

「Are you sure you aren’t misunderstanding something? You…」

The sections of the main street that were easy to look at were lined with only good-looking šlaves. They were the so-called top-selling product.

I think the disabled šlaves and other defective items are further underground.

I decided to get off the main street of the šlave market and go down to the underground sales floor.

It wasn't a place where people would ordinarily come.

The sanitary conditions of the environment were incomparably worse than above, a pungent smell pricked the nose.

The seller was also filthy, and it was difficult to make out who was the šlave.

But located here was exactly what I was looking for.

I spoke to the eccentric-looking old man who specialized in dealing with disabled šlaves.

「Hey, I want a šlave. A female šlave is preferred. A young one.」

「Hehehehe, even though young master is still young, you do have a taste. There are young ones, but they're all about to die soon, you know? Many of them are disfigured or something similar.」

「It’s fine. Show me.」

I was guided by the old man to behind the curtain.

There were rows of šlaves in chains.

「For the time being, the ones tied up here are all virgins. They look pretty bad, so no one has touched them」

「That doesn’t matter... Well, let's use it as a reference.」

「Do you need some recommendations for s*x šlaves? These are lacking in physical strength for that...」

「You’re noisy. Please be quiet.」

I searched for a notable šlave. After all, I want to choose carefully because they were to be my partner who will be my personal šlave.

I met the eyes of a very skinny elf girl.

「Is this child an elf?」

「Yes, it's rare, isn't it? I think her head is good*, but her face is just like this.」

[T/N: intelligent]

The elf had missing limbs and her face was badly burned.

But for some reason, I was strongly attracted to her.

It’s not like I am sympathetic.

It's just that I think I could cure this child.

I wanted to test my power—that's all.

「Let's do this. Give me this child.」

「Yes, thank you for your patronage. It's going to be 50G.」

「Is that okay...!? Isn't it too cheap?」

「Well, we can only go so far with such junk products. As you can see, it's a useless šlave on the verge of being disposed of, so here it is.」

「Right. Well, it's fine if it's cheap. Alright, let's sign a šlave crest contract.」

Šlaves can only be used after making a contract with a šlave crest.

At the time of being sold, the šlaves for sale are placed in a šlave contract with the owner of the store.

After the money is paid, the šlave contract is renewed with the buyer,

By the way, even though it was a šlave contract, it didn't have the binding force of absolute compliance.

What the owner could do with the šlave crest was to punish the šlave.

Apart from that, šlaves will not be able to harm their owners.

Strictly speaking, a šlave can only not cause harm to their master, but they are free to do anything else.

Therefore, a relationship of trust with the šlaves was quite important.

It's different if one was going to subdue them with severe punishment like my father...

The šlave's owner could send a pain signal to the šlave crest at any time.

By adjusting it depending on one’s magical power, it was possible to drive them insane with pain, or even kill them.

In my father's case, he constantly tied them down with a small amount of pain, and the pain disappeared only while they were working.

It's scary to think about how I'll be retaliated against if I do something like that...

That's why I decided.

After purchasing a šlave, let’s go all out and flatter them.

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