A Villainous Slave Trader Who Has Nothing but Destruction Flags Doesn’t Want to Die, so He Trains in Healing Magic

Episode 3 The Strange Master [Side story]

Translated By: Niladri


[Melda’s POV]

My name is Melda. I am a šlave kept by the Schmarken family.

Since I’m good at healing magic, I’m treated a little better, that doesn't change my life as a šlave.

My job is to treat injured šlaves in the mansion.

Even if you heal the injured day after day, they will soon be injured again.

And instead of being thanked, I'm forced to eat less.

I don't want to do anything about my status as a šlave anymore, but I'm tired of the unchanging and unsatisfying days.

One day, Erd, the son of the Schmarken family, spoke to me.

「I'll give you this bread, so could you teach me healing magic...?」

「I- uh young master wants to see healing magic from me...? I don’t mind, but… Wouldn't it be better to have a šlave do that...?」

I've never heard of someone with a noble status like the masters wanting to use healing magic on their own.

Since healing magic required stamina, and it's hard work, the public perception was that such things were the work of šlaves.

Nevertheless, the young master said to me.

「No, I'm just curious. I am certain that I want to learn it myself.」

「Oh, I understand! If that's the case, let's take it easy.」

I was tired of the unchanging days, so I agreed without a second thought. Well, originally šlaves didn’t have the right to disobey, but...

The job of teaching healing magic to the young master seemed a little more interesting than my usual job.

Besides, if you're going to give me some bread, I have no choice but to teach it to you.

Even so, how can you bow your head and ask a šlave like me to teach...

Young master Erd is a strange person. Is it because he's still young that he just doesn't know how to treat šlaves?

Moreover, he rewards me with extra bread.

Although he is young, Master Erd has an extraordinary personality.

「Okay, let's start with this... let's re-grow arms on a frog.」

「Oh, I see.」

Young master Erd soon managed to re-grow arms of a frog.

I was very surprised by this.

I knew nobles were in better health than us šlaves, and had more magic than us but…

Honestly, Master Erd's healing magic talent was tremendous.

It usually takes years of training even to treat frogs.

The people of the Schmarken family were talented in dark magic and are quite famous as magicians. However, I never thought that young master Erd had such a talent for healing magic...

I can imagine that if we continue to focus our talents and efforts on healing magic...it will be terrifying.

「I want to be able to regenerate human arms... will I be able to?」

「Of course, I think it's possible with young master’s talent... but it will take a considerable amount of time. Even I can't do the technique of growing human arms and legs from scratch. To do that one must be the at level of a royal court magician doctor...」

「I see. Then, I need a lot of training. If possible, I'd like to be able to grow it soon...」

I was surprised when I heard the boy's remarks.

Because something like regenerating a human arm with healing magic could only be done by a professional healing magician.

A realm that a person with great talent can finally reach after desperate efforts...

The words coming out of the young master’s mouth couldn’t be taken seriously.  It's far beyond the level that a noble young master could learn by casually fooling around.

However, I could feel the seriousness from the look in young master Erd’s eyes.

If it was this person, then... Young master Erd had a talent that could make one think in this way.

If you continue your training like this, you'll do great things in the future. That's what I thought when I saw young master Erd.

What surprised me was something that happened a few weeks later.

Shockingly, young master Erd restored the arm of an injured šlave.

I didn't expect him to reach a level that would normally take several years in such a short period of time...

Young master Erd's talent was far ahead of what I thought.

「Young master Erd ……Is that true……!?」

「Oh, I tried it and it worked.」

「That's... wonderful... there's nothing more I can teach you.」

Despite being in the position of a šlave, being given the opportunity to teach healing magic, this should be a great honour for me as a teacher.

But I didn't expect him to master healing magic so quickly...It was worrying.

It was fun for me to give guidance to young master Erd, who was steadily growing steadily like that.

However, the strange thing is, what do you intend to do after learning healing magic so enthusiastically?

There's no way a noble merchant like young master would become an adventurer...

Healing should be done by šlave healers like me.

That alone was incomprehensible.

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