A Villainous Slave Trader Who Has Nothing but Destruction Flags Doesn’t Want to Die, so He Trains in Healing Magic

Episode 10 Let's sell more slâves

Translated by: Niladri

After selling the slâve Hallelujah for a large sum of money, I became hooked on the feeling it gave me.

The more slâves I heal and resell, the more money I could earn.

With this money, I'd be able to secure my future.

So, as you might have guessed, I headed to my usual spot at the slâve market.

Once again, I decided to randomly buy a slâve from among the disabled slâves.

But if possible, I should choose a slâve with severe disabilities.

Someone who has lost only a single arm may still find a buyer.

But the more severe the disability, the less demand there will be.

It's worth noting that if the slâve's disabilities were too severe, the decision to dispose of them would likely be made swiftly.

Slâves with lighter disabilities will end up living longer.

That's why I decided to buy from a severely disabled slâve.

This wasn’t because of my kindness or sympathy towards them.

This was just because the purchase price would be cheaper if the deficiencies were too severe.

「Can I have this one? 」

「Yeah. That’ll be 20G. 」

「Pretty cheap. Is that okay? 」

「This one has particularly severe inadequacies. Even though she's a female slâve, her breasts have been cut off.」

「I see. That's fine. 」

It didn’t matter, since I'll be the one to fix everything anyway.

I brought the slâve Mirko back to the mansion.

At first glance, Mirko looked like a man.

Her hair was short and unkempt.

And her chest had been cut off and wrapped in bandages.

It appeared that she had missing arms and legs, and her vocal cords were damaged as well.

As per usual, I’d provide medical treatment to Mirko.

Mirko initially showed some resistance, likely due to anxiety, but after I promised to help heal her, she calmed down and obediently followed my lead.

Having healed Mirko's arms and legs, now I'd heal her chest.

When I regenerated her breasts, they were surprisingly big.

This would make her to be in great demand as a sex slâve.

Her vocal cords were also healed, and Mirko started to be able to speak.

While treating her injuries seemed to alleviate some of Mirko's initial apprehension towards me, she still showed some signs of rejection.

Unlike the other slâves I've dealt with, Mirko seemed to harbor a strong sense of disgust towards slâve traders.

Well, this might be a normal reaction for a slâve in her situation.

「Ah, what do you want to do by healing me...! 」

Mirko referred to herself as “Ore”. [T/N: A strong version of “I” used typically by men.]

Strangely enough, it didn’t feel out of place for a tomboyish girl to speak like that.

「Nothing really, it’s just healing you to sell you for a high price. That's all.」

「Hmph... Are you trying to show mercy? 」


It seems like Mirko misunderstood my intentions.

She thought I treated her out of sympathy and kindness.

But really, it's simply because it will increase her sale value…

Anyways, I planned to sell Mirko tomorrow.

But the next day―

Something unbelievable happened.

「Uh, Uuuhh…………」

「Mirko...!? What are you doing...!? 」

When I went to her room to take Mirko to the trading house -

There was Mirko moaning in pain after cutting off her own breast.

She was bleeding profusely.

I needed to hurry up and treat her.

「Why did you do such a stupid thing... 」

「Qu-quiet! It's none of your business. I simply dislike having such large breasts.」

「Is that so... 」

Perhaps Milko had originally cut off her own breasts.

With her boyish appearance and manner of speaking, it's likely that she had some complex with her body image.

I could have completely regenerated Mirko’s breasts, but I didn't do that this time.

She might cut off those again.

I successfully stopped the bleeding on Mirko's chest and only treated the injury.

As a result, I was able to safely and neatly suture her chest, while keeping it small.

「Is this okay? 」

「Hmph... I didn't ask for your help」

After treating Milko and calming her down, I asked her about her situation.

「Why did you do this」

「It's because of these breasts of mine. I know I'll be used as a sex slâve. And that's...what I hate the most. No matter what... So, before being put up for sale, I tried to cut off these loathsome, oversized breasts... That's all. 」

「What? Is that all? If that's the case, you should have just told me. 」


「I don't really care as long as I can get the money. If you don't want to be a sex slâve, then you can be sold as a different type of slâve. If you can be used in a different manner, you can still be sold at a high price.」

Milko's physique was good, so she would be a valuable asset as a combat slâve.

I didn’t really care how the slâve was used as long as I got the money.

「Then, I will sell you as a combat slâve, is that okay? 」

「Oh, umm... thank you. That helps.」

「It’s fine, all good」

「And, also, you made my breasts smaller and tidied them up so nicely, for that...」

Mirko thanked him while feeling a little embarrassed.

He couldn’t help but thought she was surprisingly cute.

Soon, Mirko was sold to a nobleman as a combat slâve.

Mirko looked pleasant, had a decent build, and had high physical ability.

She was bought for 20G, but was able to be sold for 8500G.

Mirko could have been sold as a sex slâve, but even this brought enough profit.

I had no complaints.

Mirko also seemed happy that her wish had come true.

Mirko would occasionally accompany her master to the trading house.

Mirko seemed very happy with her present life.

Above all, she seemed fine.

「Um... Erd-sama. I wanted to express my sincere gratitude for your help during that time... 」

Her tone seemed to have softened a lot.

「You made my breasts smaller and, as I requested, did not turn me into a sex slâve. Now I work as a bodyguard for my master. It's a job with great treatment and it’s also fulfilling! It's all thanks to your remarkable expertise in healing magic, Erd-sama! 」

Saying so with a big smile on her face, Mirco departed.

To be honest, whatever happens to the sold slâves wasn’t my concern but...

I didn't feel bad when she said that.

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