A Villainous Slave Trader Who Has Nothing but Destruction Flags Doesn’t Want to Die, so He Trains in Healing Magic

Episode 11 Happy Ending

Translated by: Niladri

I came back to the slâve market again.

Since I’ve only been wandering around the area that sells disabled slâves, by this time the shopkeepers have started to recognize my face.

I’ve become akin to a young brother who, despite his young age has an unusual hobby of only buying defective slâves.

And that's when I received a message from the slâve trader.

He claimed he had received the daughter of a fallen noble.

It didn’t matter to me whether she's really the daughter of a fallen noble or whatever.

However, rumors had it that the daughter of the fallen noble was severely disabled.

Healing the daughter of a fallen noble and selling her will surely bring in a lot.

That's why I went over to buy that slâve.

「Hehehe, young master, you really are curious about things. 」

「No, I'd appreciate it if you didn't make any strange assumptions... 」

I left the shop with the slâve, feeling the shopkeeper's gaze on my back.

It seemed that the slâve's name was Shandy.

Apparently, Shandy's family had fallen into bankruptcy and was forced to disband.

During that time, rumor had it that Shandy was the only one among them who originally didn't have legs to begin with and so was unable to escape.

After all sorts of things happened, it was revealed that only Shandy was caught in the slâve hunt and ended up becoming a slâve like this.

「Well, that's too bad. Don't worry, I'll get your legs fixed and sell you to a decent master.」

I healed Shandy's leg so that she could walk again.

「Kuh... Are you going to treat my legs me like this just make me submit!? Even if I fall into slâvery, my soul won't fall! I will remain a noble until the very end...!」

「Oh, I see」

Former noble slâves like Shandy were generally like this.

Rebellious and proud.

To the extent that I couldn’t get them to work except through forcefully disciplining them with the slâve crest.

But well, Shandy was a slâve I bought for the purpose of selling.

She may have a bad attitude, but I'm not the one who would actually utilize her.

It’s possible that some sort of noble would probably buy Shandy.

So it wasn't much of a problem for me.

Former nobles make for valuable slâves and could fetch a decent price.

However, fortunately, Shandy was a disabled slâve, so I was able to purchase her at a low price of 130G.

If someone fixed her up and sold her, they would make a considerable profit.

My purpose was just that.

I didn’t care what would befall Shandy in the future.

That's why I lightly dismissed her attitude.

「Tch... you filthy slâve trader... what are you planning to do with me...! 」

「What do you mean, I’m just planning to sell you...? 」

「Buying and selling people... its terrible.」

Shandy's words made me feel a little dismayed.

「You know... Since you were originally a noble, you would have kept and utilized slâves, right? 」

「Kuh... that's... 」

Despite everything, Shandy's words made me feel strange. How could one be okay with the oppression of others, but suddenly question the ethics of slâvery when it happens to themselves? Doesn't that seem like hypocrisy?

「Shut up! Human rights of slâves and nobles like me are different...! 」

「Well, now you're that slâve... 」

Well, it's useless to say anything to the ojou-sama. [T/N: Young lady]

Honestly, with that kind of thinking, it's clear that she’ll be experiencing hell in the future.

If one could accept their fate as a slâve and shatter their hearts early on, it was possible to endure life as a slâve.

However, with Shandy's current attitude, it's only a matter of time before she's killed by her master.

Even if she doesn't get killed, it's certain that she'll suffer.

Well, it's not like that’s any of my business...

「Okay, I'll be selling you tomorrow. Until then, let's make the best of our time together. 」

「Ku... kill me... 」

「I'm not gonna kill you, you're to be sold...」

Then, I registered Shandy in the catalogue and put her up for sale.

Then, on the same day, Shandy was sold immediately.

It was as if Shandy had timed her actions to coincide with being put up for sale.

What did it mean……?

The noble who bought Shandy had arrived, and the mystery was finally solved.

「Shandy...! I missed you...! 」

「Oh, otou-sama……!?」 [T/N: Father]


「Finally, we've regained our fortune...! I'm glad you weren't sold to other nobles before we could retrieve you. 」

「Father...! I'm glad, really...! 」

Ah, I understand now. So Shandy's father has managed to revive his fortunes after his downfall.

So you had been making plans to retrieve your lost daughter, no matter what huh?

「I’m so sorry, Shandy... I won't leave you behind ever again, so please don't worry...! 」

「It's all right, Father. I know it couldn't be helped. But I'm just glad we can see each other again...」

Well, for better or for worse, it seems like a happy ending after all.

I don't really care as long as I can make the sale and earn the money.

No matter what happens to Shandy, whether she suffers under corrupt nobles or reunites with her family, the amount of money I receive from her sale will remain the same.

Nonetheless, I must admit that I feel somewhat pleased.

「Shandy...?! You have legs...!? What’s happening...!?」

「That's... this slâve trader... No, Erd-sama saved me. 」

「What...!? Erd-sama, you regenerated Shandy's leg...!? 」

Shandy, that girl, as soon as she found out she wasn't going to be sold as a slâve, she started calling me Erd-sama.

Well, that's fine.

「Ah, yes. I fixed it. Well, it was for the money, so there's no need for thanks.」

「Thank you very much! I will never forget this kindness, and I will be using Erd-sama's shop again...!」 [T/N: Dunno how I feel about this]

「That's, thank you... 」

The number of customers increased somehow.

From what I had heard, Shandy's father had fully recovered from his fall from nobility and was currently even wealthier than before.

I could expect this one to be a potentially good customer in the future.

By the way, Shandy sold for 14000G.

Well, that's a cheap price to get his daughter back.

I also made some profit, so it was a win-win situation.

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