A Villainous Slave Trader Who Has Nothing but Destruction Flags Doesn’t Want to Die, so He Trains in Healing Magic

Episode 27 Duel (Part 1)

“It's quite noisy, isn't it?”


The one addressed as "Princess" was Claire Granrose. With her pink hair elegantly curled into vertical ringlets, she perfectly embodied the image of a princess.

Mireille explained the situation to Claire. She expressed her doubts that I may have tampered with the level measurement device.

I understood. Something like level 9999 was baffling indeed. Her concern that I might have committed some form of trickery that could tarnish the school's reputation, wasn’t completely unfounded.

“Is that so?”

Damn it, even the princess suspects me? Is it possible that the favourability rating towards game characters applies to me in reverse?

Like instead of a hero’s buff, it’s somewhat like a villain’s debuff. Will I always be subjected to baseless accusations and labelled as the bad guy, no matter what happens?

“In that case, how about settling it with a duel, like students of Heinrich Noble Academy should? Mireille-san and Erd-san can engage in a duel, and the winner will be considered in the right. If he truly possesses a level of 9999, there is no way he could lose.”

And so, the princess arbitrarily made a suggestion like this. Mireille, going along with it, responded...

“Ah! As expected of the princess-sama. You're right. Alright, you! Let's duel right now! Let's move to the dueling arena.”


And so, I found myself in a duel against Mireille.

Fortunately, it seems that Alt was not present in the classroom and hadn't gotten involved in this situation. If that person were to show up now, it would only complicate matters further.

However, a duel with Mireille, huh? If I remember correctly, she didn't have such a high level. If that's the case, I'll have to go easy on her to a certain extent...

That's right, most of the new students should be within the level range of 1 to 100.

On one hand, in order to prove my innocence, I need to win this time... On the other hand, if I make it seem like my level was a mistake, I could avoid further trouble... Yes, I've decided, let’s intentionally lose.

As I pondered over such thoughts, Domingo and Arday kept bombarding me with enthusiastic cheers and encoragement.

“Erd-sama! Please defeat this person! You can do it, Erd-sama!!”

I had already planned to do nothing, aiming to lose intentionally.

Mireille drew her sword and approached me.

“Let's do this! I'll expose your tricks, you insolent bastard!”

For the time being, I held up my sword intending to parry Mireille’s sword.

Mireille’s sword made contact with mine...!


However, at that moment, Mireille let out an audible groan.

“Kuh...! Guaaaaaaaaaa!!!”

“What happened……!?”

“Hand—my haaaaaannnnndddd”

It seems like my sword was too tough, and it caused significant rebound damage to Mireille's hand. Huh? I didn't do anything though...

Is there really that much of a difference between level 7 and level 9999...?

I've never fought anyone before, so I wouldn’t know.

“Damn... it seems like it's true that you have a fairly high level...! But as a noble, I can't afford to lose a duel I initiated...!”

But Mireille still seemed to be motivated, and she boldly came at me again.

It's no good. At this rate, I'll just win.

If I block it with my sword again, this time Mireille's arm will probably break.

I decided to deliberately throw away my sword.

Just before Mireille's sword made contact with mine, I let go of my sword and pretend to drop it on the ground

Phew, with this, the matter should be settled with my defeat. I'll have to bear a slight stain on my reputation, but at least I can stay low-key. If rumours started spreading that the Level 9999 was a mistake, by the second term, everyone will probably forget about me.

That's what I thought—

“Woah...! I dropped it!”


My sword drops to the ground.

And then Mireille's sword pierces my arm.

Well, let's endure some pain for now. I guess I'll have to fix it later...

—Swish! ! !

However, unexpectedly it was Mireille's arm that was actually cut and bleeding.



To my surprise, the sword that hit my arm immediately snapped into two.

And the broken tip of the sword ricocheted and dug into Mireille's arm.

At that moment, my victory was officially declared by the referee.

“That's it! The winner, Erd Schmarken!!!”

Somehow, even though I was planning to lose inconspicuously, I ended up winning...

I didn't do anything, you know?

I never thought that the difference in levels would have such an impact on the battle...

And to think that merely using healing magic could make me this strong, it's truly astonishing.

Is it possible that the current me could use magic other than recovery magic?

As I mulled it over,

“Ugh... You did well... It appears that the level 9999 is indeed real. I'll admit it.”

With a frustrated expression, Mireille said that.

She was holding her bleeding arm, looking pained.

Oh... This looks like quite a deep wound. If it worsens, she might never be able to wield a sword again.

Without hesitation, I rushed over to help Mireille who was in such a precarious state.

“Hey, are you okay? I'm sorry for injuring you. Let me heal you now.”

“Huh...? Eh...?”

I gently placed my hand on Mireille's injured arm and cast a healing spell. Over time, I've treated many grievously injured slâves, so mending a wound like this should be over in a matter of seconds.

When I did that, Mireille looked surprised.

“W-What did you do just now...?”

“What do you mean? I simply healed your wound. As Arday said previously, I’m proficient in healing magic.”

“I-I see... I’m sorry, thank you...”

“No, it's not a big deal. It's an injury caused by my own actions, so this is a minor compensation”

“I... I'm sorry. I shouldn't have doubted your level and the kindness you've shown me. I didn't realize how kind and caring you truly are... Thank you very much. This arm is something I can't afford to lose; it’s really important to me. Now, I can wield a sword again.”

[T/N: Isn’t everyone’s arm important to them? O.O ]

Mireille blushed slightly and thanked me. Wait, why is she blushing in this situation?

What Mireille refers to as 'important' is probably the matter involving her sister, right?

In the game, Mireille’s character setting was that she wielded the sword for the sake of her sister.

Wasn’t it because of these circumstances that led to the flow of events where she teamed up with the protagonist Alt to defeat the Demon Lord?

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