A Villainous Slave Trader Who Has Nothing but Destruction Flags Doesn’t Want to Die, so He Trains in Healing Magic

Episode 26 Accusation

Translated by: Niladri


After automating his slave trade business, our MC Erd enters Heinrich Academy of nobles where his level is found to be level 9999, possibly beause of using excessive advanced healing magic for a prolonged period of time. And now…

After the entrance ceremony completed, the class assignments would be announced. I prayed silently, hoping that I wouldn't be placed in the same class as that Alt... Please, let me be in a different class.

Egoistic Fantasy was a game known for its extensive branching storylines, offering players a remarkable level of freedom. That's why there were instances where Erd and Alt end up in the same class, and other times when they don't. Well, it all depended on my luck, I suppose.


The class assignments were announced, and to my dismay, I found myself in the same class as Alt.

To make matters worse, I could see the names of other heroines who would end up standing beside the protagonist scattered throughout the class list.

Farewell, my peaceful school life...

Isn't this just a precursor to the destruction flag...????

No, wait, as long as I don't get involved with Alt in any strange way, it should be fine.

I don't need to avoid buying hatred by messing around with Alto.

In the first place, since I can't use dark magic right now, there's no way I can become a boss character.

I'll just play the role of an ordinary mob character who is skilled in basic healing magic.

Just when I was making plans to stay low-key.

A person showed up and started making strange accusations against me.

“Hey, you. You are Erd Schmarken, right?”

“Eh, what...?”

Looking at the person who called out to me, it was someone I knew pretty well.

A person who appeared as one of the heroines in Egoistic Fantasy.

If I remember correctly, her name was Mireille Ashgold.

Mireille was a strong-willed character, and she's one of the characters who, along with Alt, will hunt me down.

I really don't want to get involved with this person if possible...

“That incident during the entrance ceremony. What's with that level 9999 bullshit! You must have rigged something! I, for one, will never tolerate such a thing!”

“Eehhh... I didn't do anything like that...”

Unbelievable... It's an unfounded accusation.

Well, I must admit it's hard to believe... that Level 9999 stuff.

Even Erd, who appeared as a boss in Egoistic Fantasy, his level should have been around 7000.

My current level far exceeded that... It's difficult to believe, to say the least.

Mireille was a person with a strong sense of justice and would never tolerate any kind of wrongdoing.

No, I hadn’t actually done anything shady, so-

Let's categorically deny this. After all, I was truly innocent.

“I haven't done anything wrong. Please refrain from making baseless accusations.”

“You're lying! Someone from a mere merchant family, how audacious....”

Mireille said that with a condescending tone. So, that's how it was...

Heinrich Noble Academy was a renowned school where many nobles gathered.

The system of nobility was a hierarchical one. Among them, merchant families were regarded with contempt. Although they were undoubtedly nobles, but the fact that they continued to engage in business led to their discrimination.

Knights and royalty were considered to be at the pinnacle of the nobility.

Merchants were referred to as being honorary nobles.

Well, there weren’t many people who discriminated openly like that. But this was a school. There were still young children who haven't developed a proper sense of judgment, and discrimination tended to exist within schools.

“Moreover, that face... that sinister appearance seems to be steeped with evil. You definitely did something!”


It's true; Erd did have a villainous countenance... I didn’t really have a retort for that....

Erd's face has always had this lingering air of villainy since the age of six. But personally, I thought there was a certain allure to it, a kind of rugged handsomeness that I actually quite liked.

As I stood there in silence, totally dumbstruck...

Arday quickly countered with a rebuttal.

“Erd-sama would never engage in any form of misconduct! Please take back your words!”


Taken aback by the unexpected comment from the slâve, Mireille stared at him with an expression of genuine surprise. Then, she cast a condescending gaze towards Arday,

“Hmph, words of a lowly slâve! I can appreciate your loyalty to your master, but you're being impudent!”

“Erd-sama really has enough experience to be worthy of level 9999! Even though he may look like this, Erd-sama is an expert in healing magic! If you still doubt it, would you like me to cut off my own arm here and now to showcase his healing abilities??”

Arday's words were filled with unwavering loyalty as she stood up to defend me. What a loyal slâve...

However, it appeared that Arday's earnest plea had the opposite effect on Mireille.

“What? Are you saying that this wicked-looking person is an expert in healing magic? Give me a break. The more you talk, the more suspicious you seem... We have no place for wicked slâve traders like you in our noble academy!”

I suddenly got labelled as evil... No way, would I raise the destruction flag straight up like this...?

Damn it, I wanted to keep a low profile, but thanks to the entrance ceremony, I've caught the attention of troublesome individuals.

As we were talking to each other in the classroom,

Yet again, another person approached us and addressed me.

“It's kind of noisy. What’s going on here?”


The person Mireille called a princess――She too was one of the heroines that appeared in Egoistic Fantasy.

Her name was Claire Granrose. She was a genuine princess of the Granrose royal family. As a member of the royal family, she was considered a part of the nobility, and like her, there were several others from royal families attending this academy.

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