A Villainous Slave Trader Who Has Nothing but Destruction Flags Doesn’t Want to Die, so He Trains in Healing Magic

Episode 25 Entrance Ceremony

Translated By: Niladri

Finally, I turned sixteen. And turning sixteen meant that I was set to enroll in the prestigious Heinrich Academy for Nobles.

Well, I was not particularly interested in attending school. In any case... I could continue earning as much money as I wanted. However, it was customary for nobles to attend this school, and that included slâve trader families like mine. Despite being slâve traders, my family was still considered a part of the nobility.

My father insisted that attending the academy would allow me to make connections with other nobles, so he strongly recommended it. I didn’t particularly want to cross paths with the protagonist, but well, as long as I act normally, everything should be fine.

The main character of the Egoistic Fantasy, Alt Francifon- I must avoid getting involved with him at all costs. For that reason, I needed to live as quietly and inconspicuously as possible.

Since I was going to the academy, I might as well enjoy some playful enjoyment and flirting with female students, but other than that, I have to play the role of an ordinary student to avoid standing out.

However, it's undeniable that I, Erd Schmarken, possessed considerable talent in swordsmanship and magic. This was evident not only from my extraordinary aptitude for healing magic, but also from my overall skills.

After all, Erd was renowned as one of the strongest bosses in the world of Egoistic Fantasy.

As the penultimate boss just before the final boss, Erd stands in the way of the main character Alt.

I was a bit anxious about whether I, being such a prominent figure, could live a low-key school life.

I had to keep this healing magic hidden as much as possible...

However, the issue lay with the sword and magic classes. Heinrich Academy for Nobles offered these classes, although in truth, they ought to be delegated to slâves or the like. For nobles after all they were merely hobbies.

I didn’t know what would happen if I were to reveal my true strength... So it's best to keep my power hidden as much as possible.

However, my plan was shattered at the entrance ceremony――

I decided to bring Arday and Domingo as my escorts to the academy. It's common for noble students to have their slâves accompany them to the academy.

Arday would be responsible for taking care of my personal needs, while Domingo would serve as a bodyguard in case of emergencies.

It was customary for nobles to have at least two slâves accompanying them at all times.

Today was the entrance ceremony for Heinrich Academy for Nobles.

The entrance ceremony continued to proceed smoothly.

The problem arose during a certain event within the entrance ceremony.

“Well, next we will conduct a level measurement for the new students. If your name is called, please come forward.”

The emcee, serving as the facilitator, made that announcement.

It was at that moment that I remembered something.

Now that I think about it, in the world of Egoistic Fantasy, there existed this concept of ‘levels’...

However, I had lived for 16 years without ever giving a thought to something like levels.

It would be different if I had been an adventurer, but all I did was run a slâve trading business at home...

I never had a chance to measure it.

What’s should my level be...? I wonder how high it is...?

“Well, I've only been using healing magic at home, so it shouldn’t be much impressive....”

Levels didn’t typically go up much unless you defeated monsters or engaged in battles, right?

Well, in Egoistic Fantasy, levels could also increase even outside of battles, but the experience gained from battles was generally more significant.

I was quite optimistic about it.

While I was lost in my thoughts, the names of the students were being called one after another.

And finally, that name was called.

“Next! Alt Francifon”

Oh, so that's Alt... I must make sure not to get involved with him.

I confirmed his appearance from a distance.

Alt’s setting was of commoner origin. By happenstance, he ended up attending this Heinrich Academy for Nobles.

It's only natural that Alt's level would be――

“Alt Francifon. Level 1!”

Just like in the game, where the starting level was 1.

Alt's level at the start of the main story was 1 as well. The main story kicks off with this entrance ceremony.

However, if it followed the game’s route, that guy will continue to level up and eventually come to defeat me, the boss. I must avoid that at all costs...

After a while, my name was called.

"Next! Erd Schmarken!"


I stepped forward and touched the crystal orb for the level measurement.


A startling result was displayed there.

“Eh, Erd Schmarken’s... level is... 9999...it seems”


I couldn't believe my ears. It made no sense.

What the hell was going on?

“Ah, umm... Could it be a machine failure...? It's strange... Level 9999 - that's supposed to be an unreachable level... Erd-san, do you have any idea? For example, did you repeatedly use something like advanced healing magic since childhood?”

The elder sister who measured my level asked me something like that.

Uh-oh... There's only one thing that came to mind.

Was it possible that using only healing magic could lead to something like this...????

But, I suppose it's not entirely implausible, right...?

If the incredibly talented Erd completely dedicated himself to mastering healing magic, perhaps this would be the result...?

No, no, no... I didn't want to stand out, but all of a sudden this...

Each and every student’s attention was focused on me. And of course, among them was that Alt. It seemed like I had made quite an impression…

That's right! Come to think of it, in the world of Egoistic Fantasy, the more you used magic, the more your level increased.

So even without engaging in battles, simply mastering healing magic to this extent would lead to such a result I guess….

Damn, the memories of my previous life seemed to be already somewhat fading away.

It's already been ten years since I was reincarnated as six year old Erd. I’ve almost completely forgotten about the games I used to play ten years ago.

What will happen to me from now on...???

I screamed within the depths of my heart, where no one could hear.

“Goodbye... my peaceful school life...”

T/N: That level...WTF

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