A Villainous Slave Trader Who Has Nothing but Destruction Flags Doesn’t Want to Die, so He Trains in Healing Magic

Episode 24 Let's further expand our business

Translated by: Niladri

The strategy of giving Arday an orb and allowing her to mass-purchase slâves was a great success.

If I accumulate more wealth in the future, I can entrust reliable slâves with additional responsibilities.

By continuing this cycle, I can rake in a huge profit...!”

Apart from the orbs I provided to Arday, I had purchased some additional orbs.

I proceeded to distribute the remaining orbs among Domingo and Murdoch.

“So, Master, how should I use these?”

“I'll entrust them to you guys. The rest is easy. Purchase individuals from the slâve market who seem to have the potential to be adventurers. Then provide them treatment and raise them as adventurers.”

“I see, so you're expanding your adventurer business.”

“That's how it is”

By increasing the number of slâves who become adventurers, profits generated can be increased.

Domingo and the others have become seasoned adventurers, and the slâves they select are likely to become exceptional adventurers as well. Domingo, in particular, is showing signs of physical exhaustion, so he can't fight much.

I planned to have Domingo and Murdoch manage the adventurer group from now on.

Create several parties, guide and lead them, and send them on hunting expeditions.

By doing so, profits would skyrocket.

[Domingo’s POV]

I visited the slâve market as Erd-sama instructed me.

Together with Murdoch, I started searching for those who seemed suitable to be adventurer slâves.

Among the missing slâves, I decided to choose from the ones whose eyes were not dead. People like them seemed to have more guts.

As a trial, I will buy three slâves and Murdoch will buy three slâves, for a total of six slâves.

The ones I bought included a person with experience in magic, one with a strong physique, and the last one had good eyesight. In other words, it was a composition similar to our party. Otto should be able to teach the sharp-eyed guy how to use the bow.

Murdock bought a former thief, a former dancer, and a guy with experience in swordsmanship. It's a little different from my party, but it looks like his is going to be a well-balanced party as well.

When we returned to the estate and provided them with medical treatment, they were extremely grateful. Each of them regained their zest for life and developed a newfound enthusiasm to tackle any task at hand. It was like looking at the old me.

They mistook me and Murdock as their masters, so we took the opportunity to educate them about the wonderfulness of Master Erd. Through careful instruction, we ensured that each one of them understood and pledged their unwavering loyalty to Erd-sama.

I applied for the party’s name to be [Erd-sama's Sword]. Murdoch had applied for [The Crimson Knights]. It would have been better if he had chosen a name inspired by Erd-sama like I did... Murdoch had the nerve to say that my party name was lame. Unforgivable.

By the way, while Murdoch and I are doing this, Otto and Akane were still adventurers. In my place, a slâve named Gilda had joined the party. Gilda was a dwarf slâve just like me, she's got a good physique, and she's working as a tank.

Thanks to that, I could dedicate myself to training the successors.

The adventurer party that Murdoch and I raised quickly made a name for themselves.

We formed a clan with three parties, including Otto's party, and applied to the guild.

By creating a clan, we could enjoy various benefits and further improve our efficiency.

Now, we had become a considerable force within the Adventurers Guild.

We could now form joint parties and take on incredibly challenging quests together.

“Well, I don’t think Erd-sama will allow that though...”

[Erd’s POV]

Now, with the expansion of my business in various ways, I have amassed great wealth.

From now on, money will continue to flow in without much intervention. I have delegated most of the management and restocking tasks to the slâves, automating the process.

With this, I would be able to attend school with peace of mind.

Yes, the academy where the damned hero Alt awaits―

I have done everything I could. I have played all my cards.

With this, avoiding the destruction flag should be certain... isn't it...?

In any case, I was determined to handle whatever came my way.

However, I never expected it to turn out like this...

―To be continued.


This concludes the first part. From the next chapter, we will begin the second part, the school arc.

Finally, the protagonist from the original story makes an appearance, and the story is about to take a major turn!

T/N: That concludes part 1. Hope you enjoyed it. Now we move on to the main story.

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