A Villainous Slave Trader Who Has Nothing but Destruction Flags Doesn’t Want to Die, so He Trains in Healing Magic

Episode 27 Duel (Part 2)

Translated By: Niladri

Approaching us in at a brisk pace was Princess Claire, the one who had provoked us into a duel just moments ago.

When Claire arrived, she commended our performances during the duel.

“What a magnificent battle that was. Erd-san, I sincerely apologize for any doubts I had about you and I retract them here. You are truly formidable.”

“Ah, ah... well, it's fine if you understand.”

Well, considering I've actually won so the fact that I'm at level 9999 would be undisputed from now onwards.

“The truth is, I was actually testing you a little, Erd-san.”


I felt unsettled. The princess was testing me...?

“Erd-san, whether you're truly strong or not... I wanted to confirm that, which is why I did this. But I'm relieved. Erd-san really is level 9999...”

“That’s... what do you mean...?”

“For the sake of this kingdom, would you consider forming a party of heroes in order to defeat the Demon King?”

“Huh, haa...????”

I couldn’t comprehend this. How did it turn out like this?

“Actually, it's predicted that the Demon Lord will be revived in the near future… This is still a secret known only to the royal family and a select few... However, with Erd-san, especially a level 9999 Erd-san, you would undoubtedly be a force to be reckoned with in the upcoming battle!”

“W-wait a minute...”

Oi oi, what's going on? Far from triggering a death flag, instead you’re telling me to become a hero and defeat the Demon Lord...?

So what about the protagonist?

In the world of Egoistic Fantasy, it was naturally Alt, the protagonist, who defeated the Demon Lord.

It should be the same in this world.

Alt was the Hero of Light.

Um, wait a minute.

I remember a story from Egoistic Fantasy from within the far reaches of my memory.

Come to think of it, there was a reason for Alt being recognized as the Hero of Light...

If I remember correctly, think Claire was somehow involved...?

As my memories began slowly started to come back to me, I started feeling more and more nauseated.

I felt like I was about to throw up.

Ah, that's right. It was Claire.

The one who nominated the Alt as Hero should have been none other than this princess.

What does that mean now? Are you trying to make me into that hero?

Wait wait wait wait wait. I had no intention of replacing Alt, you know?

At this rate, the story will be all jumbled up.

Is there any way to avoid it?

I trace my memory further.

Speaking of which, there was an event where Claire and Alt had a sudden close encounter.

That happened right after the entrance ceremony, didn't it?

That's right, it's just about now...

Then it happened.

Claire suddenly began to cough.

Then, she vomited blood and collapsed on the spot.

Cough Cough... Gwof...!”


I panicked and hurriedly supported Claire. Shit... why now of all times?

I've completely remembered. Yes, this event.

Right after the entrance ceremony, Claire collapses like this. Claire was born with a naturally weak constitution, and it was part of her character setting to frequently collapse like this.

Her condition suddenly worsens, and she collapses at the academy. According to the plot, that's when Alt coincidentally uses his power of light to heal her, if I recall correctly.

With this as a trigger, the bond between the two begins to strengthen.

Following that, Alt gradually awakens to the power of light, and Claire finds herself increasingly attracted to him.

However, Alt isn't present here, and in his place, there's this puzzling scenario where I'm holding Claire in my arms...

Damn it, it’s because I intervened in the early stages of the story, the timing of events has become messed up, hasn't it?

This situation, all of this was due to Mireille's odd remarks.

No, in the first place, it's because I threw out that absurd number, level 9999.

No, to go even further back, the reason I ended up at level 9999 was because I had been trying to master healing magic since I was a child.

Arey……? Is this a dead end?

I practiced healing magic to avoid the destruction flag, and now we're in this predicament because of it.

So, in the end, what should I have done...?


While I was lost in thought, Claire groaned painfully in my arms.

Damn, I can't just leave it like this.

It would be nice if Alt showed up here...

I had always been reluctant to be involved with Alt, but now more than anything else, I wished he was here...

“Erd-sama! Princess Claire looks like she's in pain...! Could you please use your power here to somehow help her...!”

With that, Arday looked at me with eyes filled with expectation.

Yeah, that's right. With how things are moving, it looks like I'll have to be the one to administer treatment.

Damn it, what should I do? Is it really okay for me to be the one to administer treatment...?

However, if I leave things as they are, Claire will end up dying.

If I let the princess die right in front of me, it wouldn't be surprising if I were executed.

Oh well, whatever happens, happens.

I shot my strongest healing magic at Claire.

T/N: Apologies for the abrupt hiatus. Real life got a bit hectic and this double length chapter was kinda demotivating to TL. Hope you all are well.

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