A Villainous Slave Trader Who Has Nothing but Destruction Flags Doesn’t Want to Die, so He Trains in Healing Magic

Episode 17 Loyalty [Side story]

Translated By: Niladri

[Domingo’s POV]

It happened one night.

The bedroom belonging to none other than me- Domingo, was located in a separate building, different from the main mansion where Erd-sama resided.

Apart from me, Otto and a few others also spend their nights here.

Otto and I usually sleep in this detached room and venture out on quests as adventurers during the day.

That night, there was an unusually loud commotion outside.

Waking up abruptly, I wondered what was happening, and it seemed that an intruder had broken in.

The slâves employed as guards were desperately searching for the intruder.

Well, it didn't really concern me.

If an intruder were to come into this room, they would simply be beaten down.

Through my experiences as an adventurer, I have gained confidence in my skills.

“Who's there...!”

I sensed the presence of someone outside the window.

Then, a strangely dressed intruder broke in through the window.

They were clad in black full body suit and looked like a pervert.

When that person saw my face, they made a “shhh” gesture and quietly entered the room..

It appeared that they had no ill intentions towards me.

Who the hell was it...?

It didn't seem like they were a money-hungry thief. If they were, there would be no point in targeting a slâve's bedroom like this.

“Who are you……!”

I prepared myself for battle.

“Wait, I'm not your enemy...!”

“Huh...? If you're not an enemy then...?”

I didn’t think that was likely, given that he was dressed in an obviously suspicious manner, and that he broke in through the window.

However, it appeared that the man had something to say.

Well, if push comes to shove, I'm capable of taking him down without any issue. But I suppose I can lend an ear for a moment, at least to some extent.

“I am from the Liberation Army...!”

“Liberation Army…?”

Saying that, the man revealed the emblem on his arm.

Certainly, it was an ironclad evidence of him being a member of the “Northeast Slâve Liberation Army”.

The Slâve Liberation Army was a secret organization formed by volunteers.

The details of the members were unknown, and their base of operations was also unknown.

However, the organization's mission was clear: to liberate slâves.

It seems they covertly infiltrate various estates at night, carrying out a movement to free the slâves.

I see, they have finally reached this place too.

“I've come to set you free. We don't have time. Hurry up and show me your slâve crest.”

The man said so and urged me to take off my clothes.

Although I was not familiar with the workings of the Slâve Liberation Army, apparently they possessed a method to deactivate the slâve crests.

Rumour was that that the Slâve Liberation Army had been advocating against slâvery and freeing many slâves in this way.

There were many stories of people who had been liberated by them and regained their lives.


“Huh...? Why will I do something like that?”

I firmly refused.

“Huh...? ‘Huh...?’ is something I should say though... I said I would set you free? Didn't you hear me...?”

The man from the Liberation Army looks at me with disbelief.

"Ah, I understand. But I refuse...!!!!"


"Because Erd-sama is an incredible master!"


“He provides great benefits, including three meals a day and a place to sleep. On top of that, the salary is paid on time. Being an adventurer brings its own sense of fulfilment and a reasonable amount of freedom. Safety is guaranteed too. It's not often you come across such a great workplace, is it?”

Even if I were to go along with the Liberation Army and manage to escape by some stroke of luck, I doubt I would be able to find a decent job.

Fugitive slâves don't have Identification, so they can't get decent jobs.

Furthermore, if I were to flee, I would have to constantly be on guard against the relentless pursuit of the Slâve Management Committee.

I'm sorry, but I can't accept such a restrictive and suffocating lifestyle.

Moreover, if a runaway slâve is caught, a tragic fate awaits them.

Considering all that, it's a hundred times better for me to remain here and pledge my loyalty to Erd-sama.

“Ar-Are you out of your mind? You're a slâve!? You're being oppressed as a slâve!? How come you refuse to escape? I'm telling you, I will set you free!”

“Well, I'm not being oppressed or mistreated though...”


“Erd-sama is kind and...”

These kinds of people are the most troublesome. They might think they're doing something good, but it's only forcefully imposing their views on others.

“First of all, what do you plan to do after freeing the slâves? Will you take responsibility for their lives and support them for the rest of their lives?”

“Uh... th-that's...”

“Selfishness like this is what makes it hard to trust the Slâve Liberation Army. Despite the fancy name, they are essentially terrorists. It's quite audacious for them to show their face in front of me like this.


The man from the Slâve Liberation Army, realizing that he couldn't persuade me, tried to escape through the window.

However, I would never allow it.

Being a slâve of the Schumacher family, I could not ignore an intruder in our midst.

"Hold on there."

“Let go...!”

“You will be handed over to Erd-sama...!”

I pinned down the man from the Liberation Army to the floor.

And so, the incident came to a close.

For someone like me who regularly completes quests against monsters, dealing with a frail philosopher like him was a piece of cake.

I was credited with apprehending the intruder.

As a reward, Erd-sama bought me new equipment.

It's true, finding such a kind master is rare.

I couldn't find it in me to leave this mansion.

T/N: Hi all. I’ll be posting the 48 main chapters first (main episodes + side stories). The SS short stories were published by author-sama post-completion so continuity won’t be lost.

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