A Villainous Slave Trader Who Has Nothing but Destruction Flags Doesn’t Want to Die, so He Trains in Healing Magic

Episode 16 A world of colours

Translated By: Niladri

The slâve I bought this time was born blind.

Until now, I had been healing the body parts they originally possessed.

However, this time I had to create something that was originally nonexistent.

With my healing magic, I wondered if I could really achieve that...?

“No way...?!”

Uttering those words, I removed the blindfold of the slâve――Lumina.

Lumina timidly opened her eyes and exclaimed in awe.

“Wow...! It's incredible, Master! Colors... I can see colors...!”

“I see...That's good...!”

Why I purchased Lumina could be traced back to this morning――

During my usual stroll through the slâve market, I stumbled across a peculiar painting.

There were several strange paintings lined up in the shop.


I asked the shopkeeper about them.

“These paintings were created by one of the slâves. I thought it would be a good idea to display them in front of the shop to attract customers... Well, they are rather unconventional paintings, so I don't expect anyone to be interested in purchasing them.”

Those paintings were quite unorthodox.

They depicted neither landscape sceneries nor portraits of people.

They were more abstract in nature.

They were like ethereal paintings, as if portraying landscapes from within a dream.

Shrouded in an intangible mist, it was unclear what they depicted.

Yet, I found myself inexplicably drawn to those paintings.

“Who is the slâve who drew this?”

“This is her, this slâve is named Lumina. The intriguing part is... she is blind. And yet, she paints. Strange, isn't it?”


“Well, it could be considered a special talent, since painting without eyesight seems unlikely...”

The owner said so, but to me it looked like she had been creating impressive artwork.

This was particularly remarkable considering her blindness.

“Would you like me to take this slâve?”

“Right then! Well, it’s a defective slâve, but... considering her ability to draw... How about 500G?”

500G...that's an abnormally high price for a disabled slâve.

This old man was clearly trying to rip me off just because the slâve had a special skill.


"I don't mind. I'll buy her."

"Thank you very much!"

I saw potential in Lumina.

If I could heal her eyes... perhaps...

And now, let's return to the present.

I healed Lumina's eyes.

Once Lumina could see the world clearly, she started shuffling around overwhelmed with emotion, exploring her surroundings.

"Wow, Master, everything is so colourful...! So this is what colors look like...!"

"Haha, you're too excited. Yeah, everything possesses colours."

“This is... master's face... it's so amazing.”

Lumina was filled with awe at everything she saw, and she was immersed in taking it all in.

“Right now, I think I'm feeling some kind of inspiration...! May I draw a picture for you, Master?”

“Of course. Let’s have the art supplies brought in.”

I decided to have Lumina draw a picture.

Every slâve possessed their unique special talents. Harnessing those skills would be mutually beneficial for both the slâve and their master.

Lumina remained focused in her artwork in front of the drawing board.

And a few hours later, I was surprised when I saw the completed painting.

“This… Did you really draw this Lumina...!?…!?”

“The things I saw were all so new... I painted them on impulse!”

“This is... quite impressive.”

The painting Lumina drew was like nothing I had seen before.

Even before she regained her sight, I believed that Lumina always had a talent for art...

The painting Lumina created after experiencing colors are even more remarkable.

“Alright, Lumina...! Can we put this up for sale?”

“Of course it's fine, but... will it sell...?”

“I have a great idea...”

I decided to display Lumina's painting in the trading house.

When Earl Semond came by, he was utterly captivated by them and promptly purchased them.

“Excellent… This is going to be a very profitable business…!”

The ones who visited the trading post are nothing but wealthy nobles with an excess of gold.

And nobles had a penchant for novelty.

If they see such avant-garde artwork on display, they would swiftly make a purchase.

Let's continue to let Lumina draw.

“So master, as your slâve, what kind of things should I do...?”

Lumina asked me that with tearful eyes.

She seems to be preparing for servicing by shedding her clothes.

Lumina seemed to have resigned herself to fulfil her duties as a slâve.

However, I had no intention of making Lumina do such things.

“Wait, Lumina. I won't assign you the kind of work slâves typically perform.”

“Huh...? Then...”

“Lumina, your task is to create artworks through your painting skills. You are free to focus on drawing as much as you like. And, of course, feel free to enjoy your time as you please when you don’t feel inspired.”

“No way...! That's like being an artist rather than a slâve! To be able to paint all the time... it feels like a dream...! Thank you so much...!”

“That's why I want you to earn your own keep, Lumina. You'll get 20% of the selling price of each painting as your pocket money. With that, you can enjoy yourself however you like. Of course, feel free to buy art supplies as well.”

“Thank you...! This kind of treatment, it’s like a dream...!”

And thus, I found a new source of income.

Interestingly, the first painting I sold to Earl Semond fetched a staggering 27800G.

When considering the price I paid for Lumina, it turned out to be a tremendous profit.

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