A Villainous Slave Trader Who Has Nothing but Destruction Flags Doesn’t Want to Die, so He Trains in Healing Magic

Episode 15 Sisters Reunited / Bulk Order

Translated By: Niladri

“This is terrible...”

The slâve I bought with me this time had a severely burned face with blisters.

It was so bad that I couldn’t even tell what their original face looked like anymore.

Also, there were injuries on legs as well.

With this condition, no one would buy them. So, I got also them for about 20G.

“What's your name?”

“Freya... Freya Ardemic.”

“Freya huh...why do I feel that’s somewhat familiar...?”

For some reason, I felt a sense of déjà vu from the sound of that name.

For now, I'll heal Freya's leg, and recover her face.

“Wow... that's amazing Master...! Thank you...!”


To my surprise, when Freya's face was healed, I realized that I was familiar with her face.

She closely resembled Hallelujah, the slâve I had previously sold to the Earl.

Recap (click) 👇

Hallelujah was a young slâve girl who had missing limbs. She was healed by Erd and transferred to a nice noble man named Earl Semond.

Freya was a young girl who was of the same age as Hallelujah, and her surname and face were similar.

This was so remarkable that it's hard to believe they would be complete strangers.

“Hey Freya. Do you have any siblings?”

“Yes, I have a younger sister... But now, since I became a slâve, we were separated... We will probably never see each other again...”

Freya cast her gaze downward with a sorrowful look and spoke those words.

Did this mean that Hallelujah was actually Freya's sister...?

“Freya, what's your sister's name?”

“It’s Hallelujah”

“I knew it……”

On second thoughts……?

“Wait a minute, I know that name.”


I hurriedly sent a letter to Earl Semond.

"I added a note, requesting him to visit our trading establishment again and mentioning that we would also provide a discount.

Earl Semond soon came to the trading house with Hallelujah.

“Thank you for extending your invitation, Erd-sama. Regarding the slâve you mentioned,...”

“Ah, this is her”

I introduced Freya to Earl Semond.

“This... doesn't she look exactly like our Hallelujah”

“That's correct. They seem to be sisters. Um... if it’s alright with you...”

“Certainly. Hallelujah would be overjoyed. Let us take Freya with us.”

“That's good.”

I sold Freya to Earl Semond for 5000G.



When they met each other, both of them burst into tears and hugged each other tightly.

Then, they looked at me and said one after another, with identical tones of voice…

“Erd-sama... Really, what should I say... Thank you very much for bringing us sisters together!”

"I believed we would never see each other again... But the fact that we can work in the same estate, it feels like a dream."

Well, I sold her a little cheaper, but it's fine.

Sisters should remain together.

This is merely my sympathy... No, it's just a whim.

“Just making sure, you guys don’t have any other long-lost siblings or something like that, do you?”

“Ahaha... there aren’t.”

And with that, the matter had been settled.

Hallelujah and Freya were taken in by Earl Semond and went on to live happily together.


“After that, I continued to sell slâves.”

Shandy's father, Marquis Edmond approached with a bulk order.

Recap (click) 👇

Shandy was a noble lady whose family fell into bankruptcy and fell into victim of slâve hunt and was disabled. Erd healed her and returned her back to her father – Marquis Edmond, who had regained his wealth (for a fee of course)

Marquis Edmond, deeply grateful to me for the incident involving Shandy, made a promise to become a patron for my shop.

The Edmond Marquis family, having revived from their fallen status, was facing a significant demand for a large number of slâves.

They had to gather slâves once again from scratch in order to rebuild their new household.

They expressed their desire to buy around ten slâves from a trustworthy establishment like mine.

I hurriedly to the market and bought 13 suitable disabled slâves.

“The problem is that I have to fix all of them at once... it will be quite a challenging task...”

I cast healing magic relentlessly, fully resolved to face death.

“Haa... Haa...”

However, by selling a favour to the Marquis again, I might receive help from him in case of any unforeseen emergency.

Disregarding everything else, I wholeheartedly focused all my concentration on healing the slâves.

Seeing me like this, the slâves started spreading rumors among themselves.

“Look at that serious look on master's face...”

“It's true, to think he’s going to such lengths to heal our injuries...”

“What a kind person our master is... he's like an angel.”

Damn... you're just saying random things.

I'm only doing this solely to save myself and earn their favour...!

“Haa...haa...it's finally over...”

After that, I spent three days and three nights finishing treating everyone.

Honestly, I was in the brink of death, but this too turned out to be a good training opportunity.

When the time comes, it's meaningless if I don't have the stamina to heal.

Even if I'm slightly injured, I needed to be able to heal myself to some extent.

Upon delivering all the slâves, Marquis Edmond was extremely pleased.

Apparently, that all the slâves were overflowing with gratitude towards me and possessed an exceptional sense of loyalty.

“Thank you so much, Erd-sama! I will put my utmost effort into working diligently at the Edmond Marquis's estate, and ensure that I don't bring any disgrace upon your name!”

“Oh, got it...”

All the slâves were like this.

“Oh, Erd-sama’s skill in training slâves is remarkable. All of them are well-behaved and easy to handle.”

Marquis Edmond and praised me saying this.

“No, I just simply treated them.”

“Haha, that's another impressive aspect. I shall come to purchase again.”

“Yes, by all means”

1690G was used to purchase the slâves this time.

The money received from Marquis Edmond is 126,690G.

I made 125,000 G from this transaction.

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