A Villainous Slave Trader Who Has Nothing but Destruction Flags Doesn’t Want to Die, so He Trains in Healing Magic

Episode 14 A Slâve’s Second Strike

Translated By: Niladri

Once again, I found myself here to acquire another slâve.

I always had Arday accompany me when I bought slâves.

I relied on Arday almost entirely for taking care of the slâves’ daily needs .

Also, I had Domingo accompany me as an escort.

The slâve market tended to be fraught with trouble.

In an emergency, I could always count on Domingo.

“Can you give me this slâve?”

As usual, I choose a suitable slâve.

He was a male slâve with no right arm.

And as usual, I proceeded with the transfer of the slâve.

At the moment, when I tried to transfer the ownership of the slâve crest from the slâve trader to me—

Out of nowhere, the male slâve produced a knife and attempted to strike at me.

I see, it made sense that if a slâve intended to rebel, the moment of transferring the slâve crest would be the most opportune timing.

The presence of the slâve crest prevented a slâve from causing harm to their master.

However, during the time when the slâve crest was temporarily without an owner, such as during the transfer process, the slâve had an opportunity to rebel and bare their fangs.

I was about to be stabbed, but Arday managed to intercepted him just in time.

“Dangerous! Master!”


Surprisingly, Arday jumped in front of me without caring about herself.

As a result, the blade intended for me pierced into Arday instead.

“Arday...! Are you okay!?”

“I-I’m okay. Rather are you alright, master? “

“I'm fine”

The male slâve was momentarily in a daze, surprised from having mistakenly stabbed Arday.

Immediately after that, Domingo grabbed the slâve man.

He tackled the man to the ground and restrained him.

“You f**ker! To the master...! What do you think you are doing?!”

“Kuh... you guys are slâves too...! Why are you getting in my way?!”

“Even though we're just slâves, our master treats us with kindness. That's the kind of person he is. I won't let anyone hurt our master!”

Thanks to the slâves, I managed to avoid being killed.

It's a testament to the loyalty and devotion of Arday and Domingo.

“Thank you both, but first... Arday’s wound needs to be treated!”

“This, I'm fine...”

“No, that won't work. Hey, slâve trader, we need to get a bed.”


I borrowed a bed from the slâve trader and carried Arday to the back room.

Arday had been profusely bleeding from the stab wound in her.

“Shit... what the heck? That slâve...!”

I used healing magic on Arday and treated her.

If it's a wound like this, I was sure it'll close up nicely.

“Master, thank you very much. Once again Master saved me...”

“No, I was the one who was saved, Arday. Thank you very much.”

I gently placed a kiss on Arday’s lips.

“Master... I am happy that I can protect you. It is my purpose in life to support and protect you.”

“Indeed, Arday is always there for me, ready to lend a helping hand.”

Arday's loyalty to me was truly remarkable.

This is also thanks to my past acts of treating the slâves kindly and selling flattery to them.

If my slâves didn’t favour me, I would have been stabbed right there.

And if I hadn't trained my healing magic, there would have been a death.

I had triumphed over destiny.

I thought that the destruction flag was absolute, but maybe, just maybe, I can really avoid that destruction flag...

Domingo did an excellent job as an escort, and I might actually be doing well.

“Domingo, you've truly done a great job. There may be more instances like this in the future... Please continue to take care of me.”

“Certainly, Master. As long as the light remains in this Domingo’s eyes, I won't allow any harm to come to you.”

Since Domingo usually trained himself diligently through quests, he wouldn’t lose to those run of the mill slâves.

Earlier, he managed to swiftly apprehend the man..

While we were engaged in our conversation, the slâve trader guy approached us from behind with an apologetic expression.

“Um... I sincerely apologize for the circumstances that have arisen. It is truly regrettable that the slâve's discipline has been inadequate...”

“Well, its okay since nothing serious happened. It's simply a matter of being more cautious in the future.”

“I'm glad you feel that way... As a small gesture of apology, I would like to offer you the service of one slâve.”

“I'm grateful for that. By the way, what happened to the man from earlier?”

“The slâve from earlier has been disposed of.”

“I see……”

Any slâve who dared to show defiance against their master would be put to death.

That was an ironclad rule.

I understood that slâves might be desperate to break free from their position, but there's nothing I could do about it.

I'll count myself lucky for not getting stabbed this time.

I was really grateful to Arday.

*The title uses a phrase which literally translates to “Stabbing twice”. It’s an idiom that refers to a situation where someone has been hurt or betrayed by the same person twice.

The phrase is often used metaphorically to describe situations where someone is given a second chance but ends up making the same mistake again, causing even greater harm than before.

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