A Villainous Slave Trader Who Has Nothing but Destruction Flags Doesn’t Want to Die, so He Trains in Healing Magic

Episode 18 Silent Voice [Side Episode]

Translated By: Niladri

[Akane’s POV]

Since I was little, I admired wizards.

However, it was a dream that was impossible to realize for me.


Whenever I attempted to speak, my throat would constrict, leaving me unable to vocalize. It was a condition I had since birth, preventing me from properly articulating my voice.

Unable to utter a sound, being able chant spells is out of the question.

Furthermore, I had lost my arm in the war.

Without an arm, I am also unable to draw magic circles.

After various circumstances, here I was being traded as a slâve by human traffickers.

The dreams of my childhood had nearly almost slipped away from my memory.

Yet, they persistently lingered in my thoughts, refusing to be forgotten.

(I’m bored----)

While being a captive of slâve traders and being bound by chains, I found myself with an abundance of idle time.

Since there weren’t any buyers, I was forced to constantly remain shackled with chains which was agonizing in itself.

Eventually, I began indulging in fantasies inside my mind.

They were fantasies of becoming a wizard.

In the realm of imagination, I was indeed able to use magic.

I spent a significant amount of time living in that way.

One fine day, the person came and bought me.

His name was Erd Schmarken.

When he took me home, he cast healing magic on me.

[Erd’s POV]

“With this...it’s done.”

I treated Akane, the newly purchased disabled slâve.

Akane was mute and had also lost her arms.

Once I restored her voice, Akane began speaking immediately.

“Uh-Uhm! Master...!”

“What is it……?”

“T-Thank you so much! I’ve always dreamed of being able to speak like this!”

“Well, I'm glad to hear that.”

Now, what should I do next...?

I wonder if this slâve named Akane had any special skills.

Well, if she couldn’t be assigned to any particular role in this household, I would just sell her to someone suitable.

As I pondered that thought...

Akane slowly reached out and proceeded to touch my arm.



Shockingly, Akane had used a healing spell on my arm.

“W-What's the meaning of this...?”

“Well... I noticed a scrape on your arm, Master...”

“I see... Thank you for that. But... I'm surprised. Akane, can you use magic?”

Until just a moment ago, Akane should have been unable to perform any magic due to her physical condition.

In addition, she seemed to have been a slâve for a long time.

Where on earth did she learn such magic...?

“No, I simply imitated what you did just a moment ago, master. Well... the truth is, I have always longed to use magic. Being able to actually use magic like this, it's all thanks to you, master!”

Upon hearing those words, I was astonished.

Simply imitated...?

Indeed, Heal is the simplest form of restorative magic.

While it may be possible to imitate it without using my Extra Heal spell...

But, can someone actually accomplish such a feat without ever having used magic before...?

“Well, you've never used magic before, have you?”


Astonishing. Even though it's just a basic Heal spell, this is an incredible talent.

“Well... I've always admired wizards, so I had always been doing image training.”

“Even so... you're amazing.”

Image training... Heart’s desire huh?

Magic is the act of manifesting one's will.

The aptitude and power in magic are closely related to the strength of one's will.

But how strong of a will does it take...?

What kind of emotions has she experienced all this time...?

“Hey, Akane. Try using another magic spell. This time, an offensive one.”

“Yes...! Gladly! Take this! Fire!”

Following that, Akane effortlessly unleashed the Fire spell.

This... might be an incredible bargain I've stumbled upon.

Akane is a prodigy in magic. Well, when it comes to healing magic, there's no one who can surpass me.

“You... You're amazing.”

“No, it's nothing compared to your healing magic, Master.”

“All right, I'll have you work as an adventurer slâve in our household.”

“Adventurer…is that right…?”


I introduced Akane to Domingo and Otto.

Domingo, the melee fighter, and Otto, the archer. And now there's Akane, the mage.

With this, I believe we have formed a well-balanced adventurer party.

[Akane’s POV]

Master gave me the opportunity to work as an adventurer.

Domingo-san and Otto-san, who work with me as comrades, are both wonderful people.

Moreover, I can freely use magic to my heart's content.

I finally have become the magician I’ve always dreamed of being――.

“Master, thank you very much! Being able to use magic feels like a dream! I feel a great sense of fulfilment every day during our adventures!”

“I see, that's good. I'm glad I bought Akane too.”

The fact that someone truly needs me, brought me so much joy.

[Erd’s POV]

Buying Akane was a great investment.

As an adventurer, she proved to be incredibly talented.

Although my proficiency with healing magic was high as expected... Akane was able to proficiently use various types of magic.

It was undoubtedly due to her unwavering dedication to mastering magic.

Having bought her for a mere 40G, it turned out to be a highly profitable venture.

This adventurer slâve business initially started with Domingo alone.

But now, they had formed a party of three and could efficiently complete quests.

They had already achieved the rank of B-class adventurers and were becoming somewhat well-known in the guild.

I hope they continue to earn a lot for my sake in the future.

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